Azure Analysis Services 範例Azure Analysis Services samples

使用下列範例資源可協助您了解和測試環境的 Analysis Services。Use the following sample resources to help you learn about and test Analysis Services for your environment.

程式碼範例Code samples

GitHub 上的 Analysis Services 存放庫包括開放原始碼程式碼範例和社群專案。The Analysis Services repository on GitHub includes open source code samples and community projects.

表格式模型專案和資料庫範例Tabular model project and database samples

GitHub 上的 Adventure Works Analysis Services 是最常使用的範例表格式模型專案。Adventure Works for Analysis Services on GitHub is the most commonly used sample tabular model project. 您可以下載 VS 專案或完整的範例表格式模型資料庫。You can download a VS project or a completed sample tabular model database.

GitHub 上的範例資料庫Sample databases on GitHub

GitHub 上的這些範例資料庫可用來建立和測試您自己的模型。These sample databases on GitHub can be used for creating and testing your own models.

Adventure Works 範例資料庫Adventure Works sample databases

Wide World Importers 範例資料庫Wide World Importers sample databases

Azure 入口網站中的 Adventure Works Internet Sales 範例模型Adventure Works Internet Sales sample model in Azure portal

如果 Azure 入口網站中有 Analysis Services 伺服器,您可以快速且輕鬆地建立範例模型。If you have an Analysis Services server in Azure portal, you can quickly and easily create a sample model. 在 Azure 入口網站中伺服器的概觀頁面上,按一下 [新增模型],然後在 [選擇資料來源] 中,選取 [範例資料]。In your server's overview page in Azure portal, click New model, and then in Choose a data source, select Sample data.

後續步驟Next steps

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