App Service 概觀App Service overview

Azure App Service 是 HTTP 型服務,用來裝載 Web 應用程式、REST API 和行動後端。Azure App Service is an HTTP-based service for hosting web applications, REST APIs, and mobile back ends. 您可以使用您慣用的語言進行開發,不管是 .NET、.NET Core、Java、Ruby、Node.js、PHP 還是 Python 都可以。You can develop in your favorite language, be it .NET, .NET Core, Java, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, or Python. 應用程式在 Windows 和 Linux 環境中都可輕易執行及調整。Applications run and scale with ease on both Windows and Linux-based environments. 若是 Linux 環境,請參閱 Linux 上的 App ServiceFor Linux-based environments, see App Service on Linux.

App Service 不只能將 Microsoft Azure 的功能新增到您的應用程式,例如安全性、負載平衡、自動調整和自動化管理。App Service not only adds the power of Microsoft Azure to your application, such as security, load balancing, autoscaling, and automated management. 您也可以利用它的 DevOps 功能,例如從 Azure DevOps、GitHub、Docker Hub 和其他來源進行持續部署、套件管理、預備環境、自訂網域和 SSL 憑證。You can also take advantage of its DevOps capabilities, such as continuous deployment from Azure DevOps, GitHub, Docker Hub, and other sources, package management, staging environments, custom domain, and SSL certificates.

在使用 App Service 時,您只需就您所使用的 Azure 計算資源支付費用。With App Service, you pay for the Azure compute resources you use. 您所使用的計算資源取決於您用來執行應用程式的 App Service 方案The compute resources you use is determined by the App Service plan that you run your apps on. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure App Service 方案概觀For more information, see Azure App Service plans overview.

為何要使用 App Service?Why use App Service?

以下是 App Service 的一些主要功能︰Here are some key features of App Service:

  • 多種語言和架構 - App Service 具有 ASP.NET、ASP.NET Core、Java、Ruby、Node.js、PHP 或 Python 的第一級支援。Multiple languages and frameworks - App Service has first-class support for ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Java, Ruby, Node.js, PHP, or Python. 您也可以將 PowerShell 和其他指令碼或可執行檔 做為背景服務來執行。You can also run PowerShell and other scripts or executables as background services.
  • DevOps 最佳化 - 使用 Azure DevOps、GitHub、BitBucket、Docker Hub 或 Azure Container Registry 設定持續整合和部署DevOps optimization - Set up continuous integration and deployment with Azure DevOps, GitHub, BitBucket, Docker Hub, or Azure Container Registry. 透過 測試和預備環境升級更新。Promote updates through test and staging environments. 使用 Azure PowerShell跨平台命令列介面 (CLI),在 App Service 中管理您的應用程式。Manage your apps in App Service by using Azure PowerShell or the cross-platform command-line interface (CLI).
  • 具高可用性的全域調整 - 以手動或自動方式相應增加放大Global scale with high availability - Scale up or out manually or automatically. 在 Microsoft 的通用資料中心基礎結構中隨處裝載您的應用程式,而 App Service SLA 會承諾高可用性。Host your apps anywhere in Microsoft's global datacenter infrastructure, and the App Service SLA promises high availability.
  • SaaS 平台和內部部署資料的連線 - 有超過 50 種適用於企業系統 (例如 SAP)、SaaS 服務 (例如 Salesforce) 和網際網路服務 (例如 Facebook) 的連接器可供選擇。Connections to SaaS platforms and on-premises data - Choose from more than 50 connectors for enterprise systems (such as SAP), SaaS services (such as Salesforce), and internet services (such as Facebook). 使用混合式連線Azure 虛擬網路存取內部部署資料。Access on-premises data using Hybrid Connections and Azure Virtual Networks.
  • 安全性和法規遵循 - App Service 為 ISO、SOC 和 PCI 相容Security and compliance - App Service is ISO, SOC, and PCI compliant. 可使用 Azure Active Directory 或社交登入 (GoogleFacebookTwitterMicrosoft) 驗證使用者。Authenticate users with Azure Active Directory or with social login (Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Microsoft). 建立 IP 位址限制管理服務身分識別Create IP address restrictions and manage service identities.
  • 應用程式範本 - 從 Azure Marketplace 中的廣泛應用程式範本清單中進行選擇,例如 WordPress、Joomla 和 Drupal。Application templates - Choose from an extensive list of application templates in the Azure Marketplace, such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.
  • Visual Studio 整合 - Visual Studio 中的專用工具可簡化建立、部署和偵錯的工作。Visual Studio integration - Dedicated tools in Visual Studio streamline the work of creating, deploying, and debugging.
  • API 和行動功能 - App Service 可提供適用於 RESTful API 案例的現成 CORS 支援,並可藉由啟用驗證、離線資料同步和推播通知等功能,簡化行動應用程式案例。API and mobile features - App Service provides turn-key CORS support for RESTful API scenarios, and simplifies mobile app scenarios by enabling authentication, offline data sync, push notifications, and more.
  • 無伺服器程式碼 - 可隨需執行程式碼片段或指令碼,而不必明確佈建或管理基礎結構,而且只須就程式碼實際使用的計算時間支付費用 (請參閱 Azure Functions)。Serverless code - Run a code snippet or script on-demand without having to explicitly provision or manage infrastructure, and pay only for the compute time your code actually uses (see Azure Functions).

除了 App Service,Azure 還提供可用來裝載網站和 Web 應用程式的其他服務。Besides App Service, Azure offers other services that can be used for hosting websites and web applications. 在大部分的情況下,App Service 是最佳選擇。For most scenarios, App Service is the best choice. 若是微服務架構,請考慮使用 Service FabricFor microservice architecture, consider Service Fabric. 如果您需要能更加充分地掌控程式碼執行所在的 VM,則請考慮使用 Azure 虛擬機器If you need more control over the VMs that your code runs on, consider Azure Virtual Machines. 如需如何在這些 Azure 服務之間做選擇的詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure App Service、虛擬機器、Service Fabric 及雲端服務的比較For more information about how to choose between these Azure services, see Azure App Service, Virtual Machines, Service Fabric, and Cloud Services comparison.

後續步驟Next steps

建立您的第一個 Web 應用程式。Create your first web app.