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AI + 機器學習服務

  • 透過 Azure Stack Hub 讓 AI 位於邊緣 - 中斷連線AI at the Edge with Azure Stack Hub - disconnected

    使用包含 Azure Stack 的方案架構,將 AI 模型移至邊緣。Move AI models to the edge with a solution architecture that includes Azure Stack. 從網際網路中斷連線時,逐步工作流程可協助您掌控邊線 AI 的威力。A step-by-step workflow will help you harness the power of edge AI when disconnected from the internet.

  • 具有 Azure 認知搜尋的 AI 擴充AI enrichment with Azure Cognitive Search

    了解如何使用 Azure 認知搜尋預先建立的技能和自訂擴充性,將大型非結構化資料集擴充到可索引的結構化資料中。Learn how to use Azure Cognitive Search pre-built skills and custom extensibility to enrich large unstructured data sets into indexable structured data.

  • AI for EarthAI for Earth

    了解如何使用 AI for Earth API 來協助建置環境問題的解決方案。Learn how to use the AI for Earth APIs to help build solutions for environmental problems. 請參閱其他 AI for Earth 專案和開發案。See other AI for Earth projects and initiatives.

  • 稽核、風險和合規性管理Auditing, risk, and compliance management

    開發人員可以使用知識挖掘,協助律師從探索文件中快速找出重要實體,並為文件中的重要想法加上旗標Developers could use knowledge mining to help attorneys quickly identify entities of importance from discovery documents and flag important ideas across documents

  • 在 Azure 上建置即時建議 APIBuild a Real-time Recommendation API on Azure

    透過 Azure Databricks 和 Azure 資料科學虛擬機器 (DSVM) 使用機器學習來自動化建議,進而定型 Azure 上的模型。Use machine learning to automate recommendations using Azure Databricks and Azure Data Science Virtual Machines (DSVM) to train a model on Azure.

  • 商務程序管理Business Process Management

    在投標競爭相當激烈的產業中,或是當問題的診斷必須快速或近乎即時的時候,公司可以使用知識挖掘來避免代價高昂的錯誤In industries where bidding competition is fierce, or when the diagnosis of a problem must be quick or in near real-time, companies can use knowledge mining to avoid costly mistakes

  • 商務聊天機器人Commerce Chatbot

    Azure Bot Service 和 Language Understanding 服務可一同讓開發人員針對各種案例 (例如銀行、旅遊和娛樂) 建立對話式介面。Together, the Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding service enable developers to create conversational interfaces for various scenarios like banking, travel, and entertainment. 例如,飯店的服務台可以使用聊天機器人透過 Azure Active Directory 來驗證客戶,藉此強化傳統電子郵件和來電互動,並使用認知服務透過文字和語音更有效地處理客戶要求內容。For example, a hotel's concierge can use a bot to enhance traditional e-mail and phone call interactions by validating a customer via Azure Active Directory and using Cognitive Services to better contextually process customer requests using text and voice. 您可以新增語音辨識服務來支援語音命令。The Speech recognition service can be added to support voice commands.

  • 商務聊天機器人Commerce Chatbot

    Azure Bot Service 和 Language Understanding 服務可一同讓開發人員針對各種案例 (例如銀行、旅遊和娛樂) 建立對話式介面。Together, the Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding service enable developers to create conversational interfaces for various scenarios like banking, travel, and entertainment. 例如,飯店的服務台可以使用聊天機器人透過 Azure Active Directory 來驗證客戶,藉此強化傳統電子郵件和來電互動,並使用認知服務透過文字和語音更有效地處理客戶要求內容。For example, a hotel's concierge can use a bot to enhance traditional e-mail and phone call interactions by validating a customer via Azure Active Directory and using Cognitive Services to better contextually process customer requests using text and voice. 您可以新增語音辨識服務來支援語音命令。The Speech recognition service can be added to support voice commands.

  • 內容研究Content Research

    使用搜尋索引的知識挖掘可讓客戶和員工輕鬆快速地找出所需的資訊。Knowledge mining with a search index makes it easy for customers and employees to locate what they are looking for faster.

  • 合約管理Contract Management

    知識挖掘可協助組織翻找數千頁的來源,以建立精確的出價。Knowledge mining can help organizations to scour thousands of pages of sources to create an accurate bid.

  • 客戶流失預測Customer Churn Prediction

    客戶流失預測會使用 Cortana Intelligence Suite 元件來預測流失的可能性,並協助在現有資料中尋找與預測流失率相關聯的模式。Customer Churn Prediction uses Cortana Intelligence Suite components to predict churn probability and helps find patterns in existing data associated with the predicted churn rate.

  • 客戶意見反應與分析Customer Feedback and Analytics

    知識挖掘可協助客戶支援小組快速找出適合客戶查詢的正確答案,或大規模評估客戶的情緒。Knowledge mining can help customer support teams quickly find the right answer for a customer inquiry or assess customer sentiment at scale.

  • 數位資產管理Digital Asset Management

    透過搜尋索引進行知識挖掘,可讓終端客戶和員工輕鬆快速地找出所需的資訊。Knowledge mining through a search index makes it easy for end customers and employees to locate what they are looking for faster.

  • 能源供應最佳化Energy Supply Optimization

    此解決方案提供以 Azure 為基礎的智慧型解決方案,利用外部開放原始碼工具,從能源網的各種能源資源類型決定最佳能源單位承諾。This solution provides an Azure-based smart solution, leveraging external open-source tools, that determines the optimal energy unit commitments from various types of energy resources for an energy grid.

  • 企業生產力聊天機器人Enterprise Productivity Chatbot

    Azure Bot Service 可輕鬆地與 Language Understanding 結合,以建置功能強大的企業生產力機器人,讓組織能夠藉由在 Dynamics CRM 中整合外部系統 (例如 Microsoft 365 行事曆、客戶案例) 來簡化一般工作活動等。Azure Bot Service can be easily combined with Language Understanding to build powerful enterprise productivity bots, allowing organizations to streamline common work activities by integrating external systems, such as Microsoft 365 calendar, customer cases stored in Dynamics CRM and much more.

  • 企業聊天機器人災害復原Enterprise chatbot disaster recovery

    了解如何在企業級的交談式聊天機器人中,設定 Azure 服務的災害復原和高可用性。Learn how to set up disaster recovery and high availability for Azure services in an enterprise-grade conversational bot.

  • 常見問題集聊天機器人與資料專家模型FAQ Chatbot with data champion model

    QnA Maker 工具讓內容擁有者可非常輕鬆地維護其 QnA 知識庫。The QnA Maker tool makes it super easy for the content owners to maintain their knowledge base of QnAs. 結合 Bot 服務和 LUIS,您可以輕鬆地設定常見問題聊天機器人,以根據查詢意圖依不同知識庫內容進行回應。Combined with Bot Service and LUIS, it's easy to setup an FAQ chatbot which responds from differnet knowledge bases depending on the intent of the query.

  • 預測能源及電力需求Forecast Energy and Power Demand

    了解 Microsoft Azure 如何協助精確預測能源產品和服務需求的尖峰,讓公司具備競爭優勢。Learn how Microsoft Azure can help accurately forecast spikes in demand for energy products and services to give your company a competitive advantage.

  • Azure 上的映像分類Image classification on Azure

    了解如何使用 Azure 服務 (例如電腦視覺 API 和 Azure Functions),在您的應用程式中建置映像處理。Learn how to build image processing into your applications by using Azure services such as the Computer Vision API and Azure Functions.

  • 互動語音回應系統聊天機器人Interactive Voice Response Bot

    此解決方案會建立智慧型互動式語音回應 (IVR) 應用程式,以處理自行車和自行車配件的客戶訂單要求。This solution creates an intelligent interactive voice response (IVR) application that processes customer order requests for bicycles and bicycle accessories. 目前沒有 IVR 解決方案的企業可以輕鬆地開始將要求自動化;也可在既有的人工作業系統中擴充此解決方案,以納入現有的功能和工作流程。Businesses with no existing IVR solution can easily get started automating requests, or, where existing human-operated systems exist, this solution can be extended to incorporate existing functionality and workflows.

  • 關鍵字搜尋/語音轉文字/OCR 數位媒體Keyword search/speech-to-text/OCR digital media

    語音轉換文字解決方案可讓您識別靜態影片檔案中的語音並當成標準內容來管理;例如允許員工在訓練影片中搜尋說出口的話或片語,然後讓他們快速瀏覽至這些內容在特定影片中出現的時間。A speech-to-text solution allows you to identify speech in static video files so you can manage it as standard content, such as allowing employees to search within training videos for spoken words or phrases, and then enabling them to quickly navigate to the specific moment in the video.

  • 機器教學Machine teaching

    了解機器學習如何結合人工智慧、機器學習、深度增強式學習,以及主題專家的專業知識。Learn how machine teaching incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep reinforcement learning, and subject matter expertise.

  • Azure 上的電影推薦Movie recommendations on Azure

    透過機器學習和 Azure 資料科學虛擬機器 (DSVM) 使用機器學習來自動推薦電影、產品和其他建議,以在 Azure 上訓練模型。Use machine learning to automate movie, product, and other recommendations using machine learning and an Azure Data Science Virtual Machine (DSVM) to train a model on Azure.

  • 個人化的供應項目Personalized Offers

    在現今高度競爭和彼此影響的環境中,現代化企業無法只靠著使用一般的靜態線上內容存活。In today's highly competitive and connected environment, modern businesses can no longer survive with generic, static online content. 此外,使用傳統工具的行銷策略通常昂貴且難以實行,而且無法產生所需的投資報酬率。Furthermore, marketing strategies using traditional tools are often expensive, hard to implement, and do not produce the desired return on investment. 這些系統通常無法充分利用所收集的資料,為使用者建立更個人化的體驗。These systems often fail to take full advantage of the data collected to create a more personalized experience for the user.

  • 個人化行銷解決方案Personalized marketing solutions

    透過個人化的供應項目,尋找行銷產品的基本技術。Find essential technology to market your products with personalized offers. 使用巨量資料見解進行個人化行銷,以獲得更多的客戶回應。Individualize your marketing for greater customer response using big-data insights.

  • 醫療保健的人口健康管理Population Health Management for Healthcare

    人口健康狀態管理這項重要的工具逐漸受到醫療保健供應商廣泛運用,以管理和控制不斷上升的成本。Population Health Management is an important tool that is increasingly being used by health care providers to manage and control the escalating costs. 人口健康狀態管理的關鍵在於使用資料來改善健康情況結果。The crux of Population Health Management is to use data to improve health outcomes. 追蹤、監視和設定基準是人口健康狀態管理的三項要素,其目標在於改善臨床和健康成果,同時管理和降低成本。Tracking, monitoring, and bench marking are the three bastions of Population Health Management, aimed at improving clinical and health outcomes while managing and reducing cost.

  • 預測住院天數及病患流動Predict Length of Stay and Patient Flow

    了解如何為醫院或醫療保健設施預測病房數和患者流動數,以加強護理品質並改善營運效率。Learn how to predict capacity and patient flow for your hospital or healthcare facility to enhance the quality of care and improve operational efficiency.

  • 預測性維護Predictive Maintenance

    此預測性維護解決方案可監視飛機,並預測飛機引擎元件的剩餘使用年限。This Predictive Maintenance solution monitors aircraft and predicts the remaining useful life of aircraft engine components.

  • 利用機器學習進行預測性行銷Predictive Marketing with Machine Learning

    了解如何在 Azure HDInsight Spark 叢集上使用 Microsoft R Server 建置機器學習模型,並建議可採取的動作,大量提高購買率。Learn how to build a machine-learning model with Microsoft R Server on Azure HDInsight Spark clusters to recommend actions to maximize the purchase rate.

  • 品質保證Quality Assurance

    品質保證系統可讓企業防止在將貨物或服務交付給客戶的整個過程中發生瑕疵。Quality assurance systems allow businesses to prevent defects throughout their processes of delivering goods or services to customers. 建置這類系統來收集資料並識別管線中的潛在問題,可以提供巨大的優勢。Building such a system that collects data and identifies potential problems along a pipeline can provide enormous advantages. 例如,在數位製造中,必須保證跨生產線的品質。For example, in digital manufacturing, quality assurance across the assembly line is imperative. 比起事先偵測,在事件發生之前找出速度變慢的原因和可能的失敗情況,可以協助公司降低廢料和返工成本,同時提升生產力。Identifying slowdowns and potential failures before they occur rather than after they are detected can help companies reduce costs for scrap and rework while improving productivity.

  • Python 模型的即時評分Real-time scoring of Python models

    此參考架構會示範如何在 Azure 上將 Python 模型部署為 Web 服務,以進行即時預測。This reference architecture shows how to deploy Python models as web services on Azure to make real-time predictions.

  • 遠端患者監視解決方案Remote Patient Monitoring Solutions

    透過 Azure 的遠端患者監視,提供高階預防性醫療護理。Provide a high level of preventative medical care with remote patient monitoring from Azure. 在安全的環境中分析大量的醫療資料。Analyze large amounts of medical data in a secure environment.

  • 具有視覺功能的零售助理Retail Assistant with Visual Capabilities

    零售助理或假期規劃工具可協助客戶與商務聊天機器人互動,並根據視覺資訊提供建議。The retail assistant or vacation planner can help your customers have interactions with your business bot and provide suggestions based on the visual information.

  • 語音服務Speech Services

    自訂聲場模型可協助語音服務了解說話者的內容,即使有背景雜音或電話連線訊號不佳也不成問題。A custom acoustic model helps Speech Services understand speakers even with background noise or poor phone connections.

  • 語音轉文字轉換Speech-to-text conversion

    本文說明上傳音訊檔案並且處理語音內容轉文字的建議方式。This article describes the recommended way to upload audio files and process the speech content to text.

  • 在 Azure 上訓練 Python 模型Training Python models on Azure

    此參考架構會顯示微調 scikit-learn Python 模型超參數 (訓練參數) 的建議做法。This reference architecture shows recommended practices for tuning the hyperparameters (training parameters) of a scikit-learn Python model.

  • 圖像助理Visual Assistant

    視覺效果小幫手可根據影像內容提供豐富的資訊,功能包括讀取名片、識別條碼,以及辨識名人、地點、標的物、藝術品和歷史遺跡。Visual assistant provides rich information based on content of the image with capabilities such as reading business card, identifying barcode, and recognizing popular people, places, objects, artworks, and monuments.



  • 進階分析架構Advanced Analytics Architecture

    取得近即時的串流服務資料分析。Get near real-time data analytics on streaming services. 此巨量資料架構可讓您透過自訂機器學習結合任何規模的資料。This big data architecture allows you to combine any data at any scale with custom machine learning.

  • 異常偵測器流程Anomaly Detector Process

    透過逐步流程圖深入了解異常偵測器的詳細流程。Learn more about Anomaly Detector with a step-by-step flowchart that details the process. 了解如何使用時間序列資料來選取異常偵測模型。See how anomaly detection models are selected with time-series data.

  • 使用事件格線整合應用程式Application integration using Event Grid

    Event Grid 可連線您的應用程式與其他服務。Event Grid connects your app with other services. 例如,建立應用程式主題,將應用程式的事件資料傳送至 Event Grid,並利用其可靠的傳遞、進階路由以及與 Azure 的直接整合。For example, create an application topic to send your app's event data to Event Grid and take advantage of its reliable delivery, advanced routing, and direct integration with Azure. 或者,您可以使用 Event Grid 搭配 Logic Apps 隨處處理資料,而不需撰寫程式碼。Alternatively, you can use Event Grid with Logic Apps to process data anywhere, without writing code.

  • 自動化企業 BIAutomated enterprise BI

    使用 Azure Data Factory 與 Azure Synapse Analytics 來自動化 Azure 中的擷取、載入和轉換 (ELT) 工作流程。Automate an extract, load, and transform (ELT) workflow in Azure using Azure Data Factory with Azure Synapse Analytics.

  • 資料倉儲和分析Data warehousing and analytics

    此範例示範的資料管線可將多個來源的大量資料整合成 Azure 中的統一分析平台。This example demonstrates a data pipeline that integrates large amounts of data from multiple sources into a unified analytics platform in Azure.

  • 需求預測Demand Forecasting

    準確預測產品和服務需求的尖峰,可為公司提供競爭優勢。Accurately forecasting spikes in demand for products and services can give a company a competitive advantage. 此解決方案著重於能源部門內的需求預測。This solution focuses on demand forecasting within the energy sector.

  • 需求預測 + 價格最佳化Demand Forecasting + Price Optimization

    使用 Microsoft Azure 的巨量資料和進階分析服務預測未來的客戶需求,並將定價最佳化,充分實現高獲利的期望。Predict future customer demand and optimize pricing to maximize profitability using big-data and advanced-analytics services from Microsoft Azure.

  • 需求預測和價格最佳化Demand Forecasting and Price Optimization

    在許多產業中,價格是成功與否的決定性關鍵因素,而且可能是最具挑戰性的工作之一。Pricing is recognized as a pivotal determinant of success in many industries and can be one of the most challenging tasks. 公司通常會擔心價格流程的數個層面,包括準確預測潛在策略對財務造成的影響、合理考慮核心業務限制,以及公平地驗證已執行的價格決策。Companies often struggle with several aspects of the pricing process, including accurately forecasting the financial impact of potential tactics, taking reasonable consideration of core business constraints, and fairly validating the executed pricing decisions. 擴充產品供應項目意味著更進一步增加了計算需求,以進行即時定價決策,同時也增加了這項工作的困難度。Expanding product offerings add further computational requirements to make real-time pricing decisions, compounding the difficulty of this already overwhelming task.

  • 互動式價格分析Interactive Price Analytics

    價格分析解決方案會使用您的交易歷程記錄資料,說明產品的需求如何受到您所提供的價格影響,並建議變更價格,讓您模擬價格變更如何更細微地影響您的需求。The Pricing Analytics solution uses your transactional history data to show you how the demand for your products responds to the prices you offer, to recommend pricing changes, and allow you to simulate how changes in price would affect your demand, at a fine granularity.

  • 大量擷取和分析 Azure 上的新聞摘要Mass ingestion and analysis of news feeds on Azure

    建立一個僅使用 Azure 服務 (包括 Azure Cosmos DB 和 Azure 認知服務) 從 RSS 新聞摘要擷取和分析文字、影像、人氣和其他資料的管道。Create a pipeline for ingesting and analyzing text, images, sentiment, and other data from RSS news feeds using only Azure services, including Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Cognitive Services.

  • 石油與天然氣油槽液位預測Oil and Gas Tank Level Forecasting

    現今,大部分的設備只會在油槽液位發生問題時消極地反應。Today, most facilities operate reactively to problems in tank levels. 這通常會導致原油外溢、緊急關機、昂貴的補救成本、法規問題、代價高昂的維修和巨額罰款等後果。This often leads to spills, emergency shutdowns, expensive remediation costs, regulatory issues, costly repairs and fines. 油槽液位預測有助於管理和消除這些和其他可能發生的問題。Tank level forecasting helps manage and abate these and other problems.

  • 事件中樞和 Kafka 中的資料分割Partitioning in Event Hubs and Kafka

    了解 Kafka 中的資料分割和使用 Kafka 的事件中樞。Learn about partitioning in Kafka and Event Hubs with Kafka. 了解要在內嵌管線中使用多少分割區,以及如何將事件指派給分割區。See how many partitions to use in ingestion pipelines and how to assign events to partitions.

  • 預測住院時間Predicting Length of Stay in Hospitals

    此解決方案會針對醫院許可的住院時間啟用預測性模型。This solution enables a predictive model for Length of Stay for in-hospital admissions. 「可停留的天數 (LOS)」會定義為從一開始的入院日期,到從任何指定的醫院設施出院的日期起算的天數。Length of Stay (LOS) is defined in number of days from the initial admit date to the date that the patient is discharged from any given hospital facility.

  • 預測性飛機引擎監視Predictive Aircraft Engine Monitoring

    Microsoft Azure 的預測性維護解決方案示範如何結合即時飛機資料與分析來監視飛安情況。Microsoft Azure's Predictive Maintenance solution demonstrates how to combine real-time aircraft data with analytics to monitor aircraft health.

  • 使用 Azure 用於零售的產品建議Product recommendations for retail using Azure

    此解決方案會實作將客戶資料匯總完整的設定檔流程,並使用由 Azure 的可靠性和處理能力所支援的進階機器學習模型,為模擬的客戶提供預測性見解。This solution implements a process of aggregating customer data into a complete profile, and uses advanced machine learning models backed by the reliability and processing power of Azure to provide predictive insights on simulated customers.

  • 巨量資料架構上的即時分析Real Time Analytics on Big Data Architecture

    從資料串流即時取得深度學習分析和見解。Get deep learning analytics and insights live from streaming data. 近即時檢閱網站點選流記錄以進行進階分析處理。Review logs from website clickstream in near real-time for advanced analytics processing.

  • 串流處理搭配 Azure 串流分析Stream processing with Azure Stream Analytics

    此參考架構顯示端對端串流處理管線,此管線會內嵌資料、將記錄相互關聯,以及計算移動平均。This reference architecture shows an end-to-end stream processing pipeline, which ingests data, correlates records, and calculates a rolling average.

  • 將應用程式與資料分層以進行分析Tier Applications & Data for Analytics

    使用包含 Azure Stack 的方案架構,將應用程式和資料分層處理。Tier applications and data with a solution architecture that includes Azure Stack. 透過逐步流程圖和詳細指示,將資料分析最佳化。Optimize data analytics with a step-by-step flowchart and detailed instructions.



  • 區塊鏈工作流程應用程式Blockchain Workflow Application

    探索如何使用區塊鏈將工作流程數位化,並使用 Microsoft Azure 的區塊鏈工作流程應用程式,在組織之間提供鏈結。Explore how blockchain is used to digitize workflows and supply chains across organizations with the Blockchain Workflow Application from Microsoft Azure.

  • 銀行間的分散式信任Decentralized trust between banks

    建立適用於通訊和資訊共用的受信任環境,不需要重新排序至集中式資料庫。Establish a trusted environment for communication and information sharing without resorting to a centralized database.

  • 供應鏈追蹤Supply Chain Track and Trace

    了解如何使用 Azure Blockchain Workbench。Learn how to use the Azure Blockchain Workbench. 使用逐步流程圖,建置供應鏈的資產追蹤應用程式。Build an asset tracking application for supply chain with a step-by-step flowchart.



  • 3D 影片轉譯3D video rendering

    使用 Azure Batch 管理現有的 Windows 或 Linux 應用程式 (包括 AutoDesk Maya 和 Blender),以在 Azure 中執行大規模的 3D 影片轉譯作業。Use Azure Batch to manage existing Windows or Linux applications, including AutoDesk Maya and Blender, to run large-scale 3D video render jobs in Azure.

  • 在雲端中部署的 HPC 叢集HPC cluster deployed in the cloud

    高效能運算 (HPC) 應用程式可擴展成上千個計算核心,以擴充內部部署大量計算或以 100% 雲端原生解決方案的方式執行。High performance computing (HPC) applications can scale to thousands of compute cores, extend on-premises big compute, or run as a 100% cloud native solution. 此 HPC 解決方案包括前端節點、計算節點和儲存體節點並在 Azure 中執行,不需要維護硬體基礎結構。This HPC solution including the head node, compute nodes, and storage nodes, runs in Azure with no hardware infrastructure to maintain.

  • Azure 中的混合式 HPC (具備 HPC Pack)Hybrid HPC in Azure with HPC Pack

    取得以 Windows Server 技術為基礎所建置的混合式高效能運算解決方案。Get a hybrid high performance computing solution built with Windows Server technology. 使用 Azure HPC Pack 建立混合式 HPC 環境。Use Azure HPC Pack to create a hybrid HPC environment.

  • 使用 Citrix 的 Linux 虛擬桌面Linux virtual desktops with Citrix

    了解虛擬桌面基礎結構。Learn about Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. 此範例會對 Azure 上的 Linux 桌上型電腦使用以 Citrix 為基礎的解決方案。This example uses a Citrix-based solution for Linux desktops on Azure.

  • 在 Azure 上執行 Linux VMRun a Linux VM on Azure

    了解在 Azure 上執行 Linux 虛擬機器的最佳做法,這需要一些額外的元件,包括網路和儲存體資源。Learn the best practices for running a Linux virtual machine on Azure, which requires some additional components, including networking and storage resources.

  • 在 Azure 上執行 Windows VMRun a Windows VM on Azure

    了解在 Azure 上執行 Windows 虛擬機器的最佳做法,這需要一些額外的元件,包括網路和儲存體資源。Learn the best practices for running a Windows virtual machine on Azure, which requires some additional components, including networking and storage resources.

  • 執行 CFD 模擬Running CFD simulations

    了解如何使用 Azure 執行計算流體力學模擬。Learn about running Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations using Azure. 使用 Azure CycleCloud 建立、管理和最佳化叢集。Create, manage, and optimize clusters using Azure CycleCloud.

  • 在 Azure 容器執行個體中使用 Durable Functions 的無伺服器批次處理Serverless batch processing with Durable Functions in Azure Container Instances

    使用 Azure Functions Durable Functions 在 Azure 容器執行個體 (ACI) 容器中協調、部署和執行無伺服器批次處理作業。Use Azure Functions Durable Functions to orchestrate, deploy, and run serverless batch processing jobs in Azure Container Instances (ACI) containers.







  • Azure VM 的 CI/CDCI/CD for Azure VMs

    Azure 是世界級的雲端服務,可裝載執行 Windows 或 Linux 的虛擬機器。Azure is a world-class cloud for hosting virtual machines running Windows or Linux. 無論使用 ASP.NET、JAVA、Node.js 或 PHP 開發應用程式,都需要持續整合與持續部署 (CI/CD) 管線,將變更自動推送到這些虛擬機器。Whether you use ASP.NET, Java, Node.js, or PHP to develop applications, you'll need a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to push changes to these virtual machines automatically.

  • Azure Web Apps 的 CI/CDCI/CD for Azure Web Apps

    Azure Web Apps 可使用 ASP.NET、JAVA、Node.js 或 PHP,輕鬆快速地建立 Web 應用程式。Azure Web Apps is a fast and simple way to create web apps using ASP.NET, Java, Node.js, or PHP. 透過持續整合和持續部署 (CI/CD) 管線,將您的每項變更自動推送至 Web Apps,讓客戶更快速實現價值。Deliver value faster to your customers with a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline that pushes each of your changes automatically to Web Apps.

  • 容器的 CI/CDCI/CD for Containers

    容器可讓您輕鬆地持續建置及部署應用程式。Containers make it easy for you to continuously build and deploy your applications. 藉由使用 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 中的 Kubernetes 來協調這些容器的部署,您可以獲得可複製、管理的容器叢集。By orchestrating deployment of those containers using Kubernetes in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), you can achieve replicable, manageable clusters of containers.

  • 在 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 上使用 Jenkins 和 Kubernetes 的容器 CI/CDContainer CI/CD using Jenkins and Kubernetes on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

    容器可讓您輕鬆地持續建置及部署應用程式。Containers make it easy for you to continuously build and deploy applications. 藉由使用 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 來協調這些容器的部署,您可以獲得可複製、管理的容器叢集。By orchestrating the deployment of those containers using Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), you can achieve replicable, manageable clusters of containers.

  • 混合式環境中的 DevOpsDevOps in a hybrid environment

    Azure 中提供的工具可讓您實作 DevOps 策略,讓您能夠串聯管理雲端和內部部署環境。The tools provided in Azure allow for the implementation of a DevOps strategy that capably manages both cloud and on-premises environments in tandem.

  • Azure 中的 DevSecOpsDevSecOps in Azure

    DevSecOps 牽涉到從開發開始就使用安全性最佳做法,將焦點從最終的稽核轉移到最初的開發DevSecOps involves utilizing security best practices from the beginning of development, shifting the focus on security away from auditing at the end and towards development in the beginning

  • GitHub 中的 DevSecOpsDevSecOps in GitHub

    了解 GitHub 工具如何在保持效率的同時,讓安全性實務成為 DevOps 不可或缺的一部分。Learn how GitHub tools make security practices an integral part of DevOps while maintaining efficiency. 了解如何在 Azure 架構中使用這些工具。See how to use these tools within an Azure framework.

  • DevTest 映像處理站DevTest Image Factory

    使用 DevTest Image Factory 來建立、維護和散發自訂映像,這是來自 Azure DevTest Labs 的自動化映像開發和管理解決方案。Create, maintain, and distribute custom images with the DevTest Image Factory, an automated image development and management solution from Azure DevTest Labs.

  • 在 Azure 虛擬架構上使用 Jenkins 和 Terraform 的固定基礎結構 CI/CD 概觀Immutable Infrastructure CI/CD using Jenkins and Terraform on Azure Virtual Architecture overview

    Azure 是世界級的雲端服務,可裝載執行 Windows 或 Linux 的虛擬機器。Azure is a world-class cloud for hosting virtual machines running Windows or Linux. 無論使用 JAVA、Node.js、Go 或 PHP 開發應用程式,都需要持續整合與持續部署 (CI/CD) 管線,將變更自動推送到這些虛擬機器。Whether you use Java, Node.js, Go, or PHP to develop your applications, you'll need a continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline to push changes to these virtual machines automatically.

  • 使用 Jenkins 和 Azure Web Apps 的 Java CI/CDJava CI/CD using Jenkins and Azure Web Apps

    透過 Azure App Service,您可以快速且簡單地使用 JAVA、Node、PHP 或 ASP.NET 建立 Web 應用程式,並支援使用 Docker 自訂語言執行階段。Azure App Service is a fast and simple way to create web apps using Java, Node, PHP or ASP.NET, as well as support for custom language runtimes using Docker. 持續整合和持續部署 (CI/CD) 管線可將您的每項變更自動推送至 Azure 應用程式服務,讓客戶更快速實現價值。A continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipeline that pushes each of your changes automatically to Azure app services allows you to deliver value faster to your customers.

  • 在 Azure 上執行 Jenkins 伺服器Run a Jenkins server on Azure

    建議的架構顯示如何在受到單一登入 (SSO) 保護的 Azure 上,部署和操作可調整的企業級 Jenkins 伺服器。Recommended architecture that shows how to deploy and operate a scalable, enterprise-grade Jenkins server on Azure secured with single sign-on (SSO).

  • 使用低成本的無伺服器 Azure 服務即時共用位置Sharing location in real time using low-cost serverless Azure services

    SignalR 會在無伺服器模式下設定,以搭配使用由服務匯流排觸發的 Azure 函式。SignalR configured in server-less mode to work with Azure Function triggered by Service Bus. 所有這些項目都會使用 .NET Core。All of it using .NET Core. 此案例最適合用於即時傳訊應用程式,因為使用者需要低成本但健全的訊息服務。This scenario is best used for real time messaging applications where users require a low-cost but robust messaging service.





  • 混合式身分識別Hybrid Identity

    混合式身分識別藍圖可讓小組利用 Azure Stack Hub,在雲端間一致地管理應用程式和使用者身分識別The Hybrid Identity blueprint enables teams to manage applications and user identity consistently across clouds with the utilization of Azure Stack Hub

  • Azure 上的多租用戶 SaaSMultitenant SaaS on Azure

    在 Azure 上建立多租用戶 SaaS 解決方案,這是專為使用 App Service、Azure Kubernetes Service 和 SQL 彈性集區的高可用性、可擴縮性、資料安全性和隔離而設計的解決方案。Build a multitenant SaaS solution on Azure, designed for high availability, scalability, data security and isolation using App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service, and SQL Elastic Pools.



  • Azure 上的基本企業整合Basic enterprise integration on Azure

    使用 Azure Logic Apps 和 Azure APIM 來實作簡單企業整合模式的建議架構。Recommended architecture for implementing a simple enterprise integration pattern using Azure Logic Apps and Azure API Management.

  • 企業商業智慧Enterprise business intelligence

    了解擷取、載入和轉換管線如何將資料從內部部署 SQL Server 資料庫移至 Azure Synapse 中,並轉換資料以供分析。See an extract, load, and transform pipeline that moves data from an on-premises SQL Server database into Azure Synapse and transforms the data for analysis.

  • 使用佇列和事件的企業整合Enterprise integration using queues and events

    使用 Azure Logic Apps、Azure APIM、Azure 服務匯流排和 Azure 事件方格來實作企業整合模式的建議架構。Recommended architecture for implementing an enterprise integration pattern with Azure Logic Apps, Azure API Management, Azure Service Bus, and Azure Event Grid.

  • 模式和實作Patterns and implementations

    商用軟體工程師小組建立銀行系統雲端轉換解決方案時所使用之模式與實作方式的詳細資料。Details about the patterns and implementations used when the commercial software engineer team created the banking system cloud transformation solution.







  • 即時視訊串流數位媒體Live streaming digital media

    即時串流解決方案可讓您即時擷影片並放送給取用者,例如線上串流訪談、會議和體育活動。A live streaming solution allows you to capture video in real-time and broadcast it to consumers in real time, such as streaming interviews, conferences, and sporting events online.

  • 點播視訊數位媒體Video-on-demand digital media

    基本的隨選影片解決方案,可讓您將錄製的影片內容 (例如電影、新聞剪輯、賽事精華、訓練影片和客戶支援教學課程) 串流至任何支援影片的端點裝置、行動應用程式或桌上型電腦瀏覽器。A basic video-on-demand solution that gives you the capability to stream recorded video content such as movies, news clips, sports segments, training videos, and customer support tutorials to any video-capable endpoint device, mobile application, or desktop browser. 影片檔案會上傳至 Azure Blob 儲存體,編碼成多位元速率標準格式,然後透過所有主要的自適性串流通訊協定 (HLS、MPEG-DASH、Smooth) 散發至 Azure 媒體播放器用戶端。Video files are uploaded to Azure Blob storage, encoded to a multi-bitrate standard format, and then distributed via all major adaptive bit-rate streaming protocols (HLS, MPEG-DASH, Smooth) to the Azure Media Player client.



  • 將行動前端新增至舊版應用程式Adding a mobile front-end to a legacy app

    此解決方案示範如何將多個商務系統的資料合併到同一個位置,然後透過網路和行動裝置前端加以呈現,以將現有的應用程式現代化。The solution demonstrates modernizing an existing application by consolidating data from multiple business systems into one place and surfacing it through web and mobile frontends. 目標是要提升員工生產力,並能夠更快地做出決策。This is targeted at improving employee productivity and to enable faster decision making.

  • 使用 TmaxSoft OpenFrame 將 IBM 大型主機應用程式遷移至 AzureMigrate IBM mainframe applications to Azure with TmaxSoft OpenFrame

    了解如何將 IBM zSeries 大型主機應用程式遷移至 Azure。Find out how to migrate IBM zSeries mainframe applications to Azure. 學習如何使用 TmaxSoft OpenFrame 進行這項工作。Learn how to use TmaxSoft OpenFrame for this task. 了解隨即轉移方法。Understand the lift and shift approach.

  • 現代化大型與中型主機資料Modernize mainframe & midrange data

    了解如何現代化 IBM 大型和中型主機資料。Learn how to modernize IBM mainframe and midrange data. 查看如何使用資料優先方法將此資料遷移至 Azure。See how to use a data-first approach to migrate this data to Azure.

  • LOB 應用程式的無伺服器計算解決方案Serverless Computing Solution for LOB Apps

    此解決方案示範客戶上線的商務流程。The solution demonstrates a business process for customer onboarding. 這個無伺服器架構可讓您建置及執行應用程式,而不必擔心基礎結構和管理和維護等相關問題。This serverless architecture enables you to build and run applications without having to worry about the underlying infrastructure and the associated management and maintenance. 您可以透過此架構大幅提升開發人員的生產力。By using it, you can dramatically improve developer productivity.



  • 由混合實境提供的設計檢閱Design Review Powered by Mixed Reality

    產品設計人員往往會浪費時間和金錢,以沒有效率的方式檢閱設計;2D 影像無法提供基本的詳細資料和內容,而實體原型則所費不貲。Too often, product designers waste time and money with inefficient design review-2D images lose essential detail and context, and physical prototypes are extremely expensive. 在此混合現實案例中,用戶端、設計師和現場工程師可以輕鬆地在其環境內容中以 3D 全像投影的方式共用並檢閱設計,以加速設計決策並縮短上市時間。With this mixed reality scenario, clients, designers, and on-site engineers can easily share and review designs as 3D holograms in the context of their environment, accelerating design decisions and reducing time to market.

  • 採用混合實境和 IoT 技術的設施管理Facilities management powered by mixed reality and IoT

    透過混合實境和 IoT,改善旅遊、製造、零售等產業的執行時間和營運。Improve uptime and operations in hospitality, manufacturing, retail, and more with mixed reality and IoT. 此案例會示範如何在您的環境內容中,以即時資料將實體空間的虛擬複本視覺化。This scenario shows how you can visualize a virtual replica of your physical space with real-time data in the context of your environment. 其建置於 Azure Spatial Anchors 和 Azure Digital Twins 上。It is built on Azure Spatial Anchors and Azure Digital Twins. 檢閱此方案架構之後,請直接深入探索我們的參考範例。After reviewing this solution architecture, dive right in and explore our reference sample.

  • 採用混合實境技術的訓練和程序性指引Training and procedural guidance powered by mixed reality

    提供可對應至實體工作區中精確位置的持續性全像投影指示,讓小組和員工能更快速地學習新的流程和內容,同時減少錯誤並增強自信。Enable your team and employees to learn new processes and materials faster, with fewer errors, and greater confidence by providing persistent holographic instructions mapped to precise locations in their physical workspace.



  • 自訂商務程序Custom Business Processes

    此範例示範如何部署可將手動或以紙張為基礎的程序自動化,以及呈現多種使用者體驗的入口網站。This example demonstrates how you can deploy portals that automate manual or paper-based processes and surface rich user experience. 使用 Azure API 管理和 Azure Functions 連接自訂 API,以利用您的舊版系統。Leverage Azure API management and Azure Functions to connect custom APIs which tap into your legacy systems.

  • 自訂行動員工應用程式Custom Mobile Workforce App

    透過逐步解說的圖表,說明如何整合 Active Directory、SAP 和 Azure App Service,了解如何建置和實作自訂行動裝置工作力管理應用程式架構。Learn how the custom mobile workforce management app architecture is built and implemented with a step-by-step diagram that illustrates the integration of Active Directory, SAP, and Azure App Service.

  • 商務營運系統延伸模組Line of Business Extension

    此範例說明如何將無法支援新程序的舊版系統現代化,並提供更理想的使用者體驗。This example shows how you can modernize your legacy systems that cannot support new processes and provide better user experience.

  • 使用適用於 MySQL 的 Azure 資料庫之可調整 Web 及行動應用程式Scalable web and mobile applications using Azure Database for MySQL

    使用適用於 MySQL 的 Azure 資料庫,為 iOS、Android、Windows 或 Mac 快速建置有吸引力、高效能且可調整的跨平台和原生應用程式。Use Azure Database for MySQL to rapidly build engaging, performant, and scalable cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

  • 使用適用於 PostgreSQL 的 Azure 資料庫之可調整 Web 及行動應用程式Scalable web and mobile applications using Azure Database for PostgreSQL

    使用適用於 PostgreSQL 的 Azure 資料庫,為 iOS、Android、Windows 或 Mac 快速建置有吸引力、高效能且可調整的跨平台和原生應用程式。Use Azure Database for PostgreSQL to rapidly build engaging, performant, and scalable cross-platform and native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac.

  • 提供驗證功能的行動裝置及 Web 社交應用程式Social App for Mobile and Web with Authentication

    檢視詳細的逐步解說圖表,其中說明行動裝置用戶端應用程式架構的建置流程和實作,該架構即使在離線狀態下,也可提供隨附 Web 應用程式的和驗證功能的社交映像共用。View a detailed, step-by-step diagram depicting the build process and implementation of the mobile client app architecture that offers social image sharing with a companion web app and authentication abilities, even while offline.

  • 以工作為基礎的取用者行動應用程式Task-Based Consumer Mobile App

    了解如何透過顯示與 Azure App Service Mobile Apps、Visual Studio 和 Xamarin 整合的逐步流程圖,建立以工作為基礎的取用者行動應用程式架構,以簡化建置流程。Learn how the task-based consumer mobile app architecture is created with a step-by-step flow chart that shows the integration with Azure App Service Mobile Apps, Visual Studio, and Xamarin to simplify the build process.

  • Web 和行動前端Web and Mobile Front Ends

    此範例案例示範如何使用拖放視覺化設計工具,加速進行前端和商務程序開發。This example scenario demonstrates how you can accelerate frontend and business process development with drag and drop visual designer.







  • Azure 企業雲端檔案共用Azure enterprise cloud file share

    了解使用 Azure 檔案儲存體、Azure 檔案同步、Azure 私人 DNS 和 Azure 私人端點的企業層級雲端檔案共用解決方案。Learn about an enterprise-level cloud file sharing solution that uses Azure Files, Azure File Sync, Azure Private DNS, and Azure Private Endpoint.

  • HPC 媒體轉譯HPC Media Rendering

    使用結合 Azure CycleCloud 和 HPC Cache 的 Azure 逐步 HPC 方案架構,將媒體轉譯流程最佳化。Optimize the media rendering process with a step-by-step HPC solution architecture from Azure that combines Azure CycleCloud and HPC Cache.

  • 混合式檔案服務Hybrid file services

    使用 Azure 檔案同步和 Azure 檔案儲存體,可以跨雲端和內部部署檔案共用資源擴充檔案服務裝載功能。Use Azure File Sync and Azure Files to extend file services hosting capabilities across cloud and on-premises file share resources.

  • 醫學資料儲存解決方案Medical Data Storage Solutions

    使用 Azure 的雲端式解決方案,有效且經濟實惠地儲存醫療保健資料。Store healthcare data effectively and affordably with cloud-based solutions from Azure. 以最高層級的內建安全性來管理醫療記錄。Manage medical records with the highest level of built-in security.

  • 在混合式環境中使用 Azure 檔案共用Using Azure file shares in a hybrid environment

    Azure 檔案共用可以取代傳統檔案伺服器。Azure file shares can replace traditional file servers. 使用以身分識別為基礎的驗證,您可以透過使用 AD DS 使用者和群組來控制對 Azure 檔案共用的存取。With identity-based authentication you can control access to Azure file shares by using AD DS users and groups.



  • 打造可擴充的電子商務 Web 應用程式架構Architect scalable e-commerce web app

    電子商務網站包含簡單的訂單處理工作流程,並提供 Azure 服務的協助。The e-commerce website includes simple order processing workflows with the help of Azure services. 使用 Azure Functions 和 Web Apps,開發人員可以專注於建置個人化的體驗,讓 Azure 負責處理基礎結構。Using Azure Functions and Web Apps, developers can focus on building personalized experiences and let Azure take care of the infrastructure.

  • 基本 Web 應用程式Basic web application

    使用此參考架構,了解使用 Azure App Service 和 Azure SQL Database 的 Web 應用程式有哪些經過證實的做法。Learn about proven practices for a web application that uses Azure App Service and Azure SQL Database by using this reference architecture.

  • 跨雲端縮放的架構Cross Cloud Scaling Architecture

    了解如何使用包含 Azure Stack 的方案架構來改善跨雲端延展性。Learn how to improve cross cloud scalability with solution architecture that includes Azure Stack. 提供逐步流程圖以詳細說明實作的指示。A step-by-step flowchart details instructions for implementation.

  • 跨平台聊天Cross-platform Chat

    加速開發可靠且高效能的聊天應用程式Accelerate development of reliable, high-performing chat applications

  • 電子商務前端E-commerce front end

    此範例案例會使用 Azure 平台即服務工具實作電子商務前端,讓您能夠處理增加的交易。This example scenario implements an e-commerce front end using Azure platform as a service tools, which allow you to handle increases in transactions.

  • 高可用性 SharePoint 伺服器陣列Highly available SharePoint farm

    了解如何使用 Azure 的逐步方案架構範本,部署適用於內部網路功能的高可用性 SharePoint 伺服器陣列。Learn how to deploy a highly available SharePoint farm for intranet capabilities with a step-by-step solution architecture template from Azure.

  • 混合式 SharePoint 伺服器陣列與 Microsoft 365Hybrid SharePoint Farm with Microsoft 365

    使用 Microsoft 365 部署 SharePoint 和共用混合式工作負載,提供高度可用的內部網路功能。Deliver highly available intranet capability by deploying SharePoint and sharing hybrid workloads with Microsoft 365. 透過逐步指示設定問題解決方案。Setup this solution with step-by-step instructions.

  • 針對 HA/DR 所建置的多層式 Web 應用程式Multi-tier web application built for HA/DR

    使用 Azure 虛擬機器、可用性集合、可用性區域、Azure Site Recovery 和 Azure 流量管理員,在 Azure 上建立為高可用性和災害復原而建置的多層式 Web 應用程式。Create a multitier web application built for high availability and disaster recovery on Azure using Azure virtual machines, availability sets, availability zones, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Traffic Manager.

  • 適用於大型執行個體的 SAP S/4 HANASAP S/4 HANA for Large Instances

    深入了解 Azure 上的 SAP Hana,其用於包含高可靠性和災害復原的大型執行個體。Learn more about SAP HANA on Azure for large instances that includes high reliability and disaster recovery. 了解如何在 SAP Hana 的大型執行個體中使用 NFS 儲存體。Find out how NFS storage is used for large instances of SAP HANA.

  • 可擴充的 Episerver 行銷網站Scalable Episerver marketing website

    讓您的業務在一個平台上經營多通路數位行銷網站,並依需求增加和減少行銷活動。Let your business run multi-channel digital marketing websites on one platform and spin up and spin down campaigns on demand. 利用 Episerver 的完整功能來管理網站的每個層面和行銷活動效能。Take advantage of the comprehensive capabilities of Episerver to manage every aspect of your site and campaign performance.

  • 可擴充的 Sitecore 行銷網站Scalable Sitecore marketing website

    Sitecore Experience Platform (xP) 提供觸手可及的完整資料、整合工具及自動化功能,可讓您的客戶參與反覆式生命週期,這是一種贏得終生客戶所必備的技術基礎。With the Sitecore Experience Platform (xP), you have at your fingertips the complete data, integrated tools, and automation capabilities to engage your customers throughout an iterative life cycle-the technology foundation necessary to win customers for life.

  • 可調整的 Umbraco CMS Web 應用程式Scalable Umbraco CMS web app

    中型 Umbraco CMS Web 應用程式設定為針對高流量網站進行調整和最佳化;Medium Umbraco CMS web app configured to scale and optimal for high-traffic sites. 其使用兩個 Web 應用程式,一個用於前端應用程式,另一個則用於後端辦公室應用程式,並已啟用自動調整功能且部署在單一區域中。It uses two web apps, one for your front-end app and the other for your back-office app, deployed in a single region with autoscaling enabled.

  • 可調整的 Web 應用程式Scalable Web Apps

    可擴充的 Web 應用程式, azure redis cache, 工作階段資料快取, 使用者 cookie 快取, azure cache for redisscalable web apps, azure redis cache, session data cache, user cookie cache, azure cache for redis

  • Azure 上可調整且安全的 WordPressScalable and secure WordPress on Azure

    此範例顯示 WordPress 具備高度調整性和安全性的安裝。This example shows a highly scalable and secure installation of WordPress. 此案例用於大型慣例,且已調整為符合尖峰流量。The scenario was used for a large convention and scaled to meet spike traffic.

  • 可調整的訂單處理Scalable order processing

    此範例使用受控 Azure 服務 (例如 Cosmos DB 和 HDInsight),示範具高度調整性和彈性的線上訂單處理架構。This example demonstrates a highly scalable, resilient architecture for online order processing, using managed Azure services such as Cosmos DB and HDInsight.

  • 可調整規模的 Web 應用程式Scalable web application

    使用此參考架構中經過證實的做法,改善 Azure App Service Web 應用程式中的可擴縮性和效能。Use the proven practices in this reference architecture to improve scalability and performance in an Azure App Service web application..

  • 無伺服器 Web 應用程式Serverless web application

    此參考架構顯示無伺服器 Web 應用程式是用於為 Azure Blob 儲存體的靜態內容提供服務,並使用 Azure Functions 來實作 API。This reference architecture shows a serverless web application, which serves static content from Azure Blob Storage and implements an API using Azure Functions.

  • 簡易品牌網站Simple branded website

    快速建置並啟動可根據客戶需求自動調整的數位行銷活動。Quickly build and launch digital campaigns that automatically scale based on customer demand.

  • 簡易數位行銷網站Simple digital marketing website

    無需撰寫程式碼的技能,也能簡單使用內容管理系統,輕鬆地從瀏覽器即時維護網站上的訊息。Start simple with the content management system that enables you to easily maintain the messaging on your website in real-time, from a browser, with no coding skills.

  • Azure 上的 Web 應用程式監視Web application monitoring on Azure

    了解與多個資料來源搭配使用的監視服務和資料流程模型。Learn about the monitoring services and a dataflow model for use with multiple data sources. 許多監視工具和服務都可用於 Azure 部署。Many monitoring tools and services work with Azure deployments.


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