Azure Kubernetes Service 解決方案旅程Azure Kubernetes Service solution journey

Kubernetes 是一個開放原始碼系統,可自動化部署、調整及管理容器化應用程式。Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) 可讓您輕鬆地在 Azure 中部署受控 Kubernetes 叢集。Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) makes it simple to deploy a managed Kubernetes cluster in Azure.

組織會在 Azure 上瞭解、合理化和採用 Kubernetes 的不同點。Organizations are at various points in their understanding, rationalizing, and adoption of Kubernetes on Azure. 您組織的旅程可能會遵循您採用的許多其他技術的類似路徑;學習、讓組織與角色保持一致 & 職責,以及部署已準備好用於生產環境的工作負載。Your organization's journey will likely follow a similar path to many other technologies you've adopted; learning, aligning your organization around roles & responsibilities, and deploying production-ready workloads. 從該處,您將會逐一查看;隨著客戶和業務需求的改變,擴大您的產品。From there, you'll iterate; growing your product as your customer and business demands change.


瞭解 Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) Learn about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

如果您不熟悉 Kubernetes 或 AKS,最適合用來瞭解服務的地方是 Microsoft Learn。If you're new to Kubernetes or AKS, the best place to learn about the service is with Microsoft Learn. Microsoft Learn 是免費的線上訓練平台,提供 Microsoft 產品等各種項目的互動式學習。Microsoft Learn is a free, online training platform that provides interactive learning for Microsoft products and more. Azure 學習路徑 上的 Kubernetes 簡介 將提供基礎知識,將引導您瞭解容器的核心概念、AKS 叢集管理和工作負載部署。The Introduction to Kubernetes on Azure learning path will provide you with foundational knowledge that will take you through core concepts of containers, AKS cluster management, and workload deployment.

組織整備程度Organizational readiness

當組織(例如您的組織)採用 Azure 時, 雲端採用架構 會在雲端採用生命週期的階段之間移動時,為他們提供規範性指導方針。As organizations such as yours have adopted Azure, the Cloud Adoption Framework provides them prescriptive guidance as they move between the phases of the cloud adoption lifecycle. 雲端採用架構包含工具、程式和內容,以簡化大規模採用 Kubernetes 和相關的雲端原生實務。The Cloud Adoption Framework includes tools, programs, and content to simplify adoption of Kubernetes and related cloud-native practices at scale.

生產的路徑Path to production

您瞭解 Kubernetes 的優點和取捨,並決定 AKS 是適用于您工作負載的最佳 Azure 計算平臺。You understand the benefits and trade-offs of Kubernetes, and have decided that AKS is the best Azure compute platform for your workload. 您的組織控制項已放在原處;您已經準備好瞭解如何為您的工作負載部署可供生產環境的叢集。Your organizational controls have been put into place; you're ready to learn how to deploy production-ready clusters for your workload.

Microsoft 的 AKS 基準 叢集是協助您建立可供生產環境 AKS 叢集的起點。Microsoft's AKS Baseline Cluster is the starting point to help you build production-ready AKS clusters. 我們建議您從這個基準實作為開始,並加以修改,以符合您工作負載的特定需求,以及架構的 架構 優先順序。We recommend you start from this baseline implementation and modify it to align to your workload's specific needs and Well-Architected Framework priorities.

最佳作法Best practices

在進行操作的過程中,您可能會想要根據目前建議的最佳作法來檢查您的叢集。As part of on going operations, you may wish to spot check your cluster against current recommended best practices. 最好的起點是確保您的叢集與 Microsoft 的 AKS 基準叢集一致。The best place to start is to ensure your cluster is aligned with Microsoft's AKS Baseline Cluster.

請參閱叢集 作業的最佳做法AKS 工作負載的最佳做法See Best Practices for Cluster Operations and Best Practices for AKS Workloads.

您也可以考慮評估 AKS 檢查清單 之類的社區驅動公用程式,以組織和追蹤這些最佳作法的對齊方式。You may also consider evaluating a community-driven utility like The AKS Checklist as a way of organizing and tracking your alignment to these best practices.

操作指南Operations Guide

將您的工作負載部署在 AKS 上是很棒的里程碑,而這是在 第2天的作業 即將開始時。Getting your workload deployed on AKS is a great milestone and this is when day-2 operations are going to be top-of-mind. Microsoft 的 AKS Day 2 操作指南 是為了方便您參考而打造。Microsoft's AKS Day 2 Operations Guide was built for your ease of reference. 這將有助於確保您準備好符合客戶的需求,並確保您已透過優化的分級程式準備好進行協助修正的情況。This will help ensure you are ready to meet the demands of your customers and ensure you are prepared for break-fix situations via optimized triage processes.

隨時掌握最新的 AKSStay current with AKS

Kubernetes 和 AKS 都是快速移動的。Kubernetes and AKS are both moving fast. 這個平臺不斷演進,只要知道藍圖上的內容,就可以協助您制定架構決策,並瞭解計畫的棄用功能;考慮將其加上書簽。The platform is evolving and just knowing what's on the roadmap might help you make architectural decisions and understand planned deprecations; consider bookmarking it.

其他資源Additional resources

上述的一般 AKS 解決方案旅程範圍從學習 AKS 到成長現有的叢集,以符合新的產品和客戶需求。The typical AKS solution journey depicted above ranges from learning about AKS to growing your existing clusters to meet new product and customer demands. 不過,您也可以尋找其他參考資料和支援的材質,以在特定情況下提供協助。However, you might also just be looking for additional reference and supporting material to help along the way for your specific situation.

範例解決方案Example solutions

如果您想要尋找使用 AKS 作為其基礎的其他參考資料,請考慮以下幾個。If you're seeking additional reference material that use AKS as their foundation, here are a few to consider.

Azure ArcAzure Arc

Azure Kubernetes Service 在 Azure 上提供您受控的 Kubernetes 體驗,但是有工作負載或狀況可能最適合用來將您自己的 Kubernetes 叢集放在 Azure Arc 管理之下。Azure Kubernetes Service offers you a managed Kubernetes experience on Azure, however there are workloads or situations that might be best suited for placing your own Kubernetes clusters under Azure Arc management. 這包括您的叢集,例如 RedHat OpenShift、RedHat RKE 和標準 Charmed Kubernetes。This includes your clusters such as RedHat OpenShift, RedHat RKE, and Canonical Charmed Kubernetes. Azure Arc 管理也應該用於您的資料中心、另一個雲端或Azure Stack Hub上執行的AKS 引擎叢集。Azure Arc management should also be used for AKS Engine clusters running in your datacenter, in another cloud, or on Azure Stack Hub.

受控服務提供者Managed service provider

如果您是受控服務提供者,您已經使用 Azure Lighthouse 來管理多個客戶的資源。If you're a managed service provider, you already use Azure Lighthouse to manage resources for multiple customers. Azure Kubernetes Service 支援 Azure Lighthouse,讓您可以管理裝載的 Kubernetes 環境,並在客戶的租使用者內部署容器化應用程式。Azure Kubernetes Service supports Azure Lighthouse so that you can manage hosted Kubernetes environments and deploy containerized applications within your customers' tenants.

AWS 或 GCP 專業人員AWS or GCP professionals

這些文章提供 Azure 與其他雲端服務之間的服務對應和比較。These articles provide service mapping and comparison between Azure and other cloud services. 此參考可協助您快速地在 Azure 上快速增加。This reference can help you ramp up quickly on Azure.