API 優先的 SaaS 商務模型API-first SaaS business model


調整、演進和允許更快速的創新,以將商機轉變成策略性的優勢。Adapt, evolve, and allow faster innovation to turn opportunities into strategic advantages.

  • 在短短幾分鐘內建立 API 閘道和開發人員入口網站,並輕鬆地將 Api 發佈給內部或外部使用Create API gateway and developer portal in minutes and publish APIs easily for internal or external use
  • 處理任何資料架構並快速調整以快速變更Handle any data schema and adapt quickly to rapid changes
  • 隨時隨地連線到後端服務,並在單一位置管理、保護及優化所有 ApiConnect to back-end services anywhere and manage, secure, and optimize all APIs in one place


架構圖表 *下載SVG *Architecture Diagram Download an SVG

資料流程Data Flow

整個解決方案的資料流程如下所示:The data flows through the solution as follows:

  1. Api 是由 API 開發人員定義,並透過 API 管理入口網站發佈API is defined by API developers and published via the API Management portal
  2. 應用程式開發人員會定義微服務和相關聯的邏輯,並部署至 KubernetesApplication developers define the microservices and associated logic and deploy to Kubernetes
  3. API 使用者 (內部和/或外部) 使用 API 開發人員入口網站來瞭解 API,並在其應用程式中使用API users (internal and/or external) use the API developer portal to learn about the API and use them in their applications
  4. 應用程式透過 API 閘道存取 ApiApplications access APIs via the API Gateway
  5. API 閘道,在確定 API 要求符合安全性和其他原則(例如節流)之後,將要求轉送至在 Kubernetes 中執行的服務API Gateway, after ensuring the API request meets security and other policies e.g. throttling, forwards the request to service running in Kubernetes


範例案例會使用數個 Azure 元件:The example scenario uses several Azure components:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service:完全受控的 AZURE KUBERNETES SERVICE (AKS) 讓您輕鬆地部署和管理容器化應用程式Azure Kubernetes Service: The fully managed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) makes deploying and managing containerized applications easy
  • AZURE API 管理:選擇性地將資料和服務公開給外界,並管理傳入的 API 呼叫Azure API Management: Selectively expose data and services to the outside world and manage incoming API calls
  • Azure Cosmos DB:完全受控的資料庫服務,具有通行的全球散發與透明的多重主要複寫。Azure Cosmos DB: A fully managed database service with turnkey global distribution and transparent multi-primary replication.
  • Azure SQL Database:具備內建智慧的完全受控關係資料庫。Azure SQL Database: A fully managed relational database with built-in intelligence.
  • Azure 儲存體: Azure 儲存體提供持久、高可用性、可大幅調整的雲端儲存體解決方案,並包括物件、檔案、磁片、佇列和表格儲存體。Azure Storage: Azure Storage offers a durable, highly available, massively scalable cloud storage solution and includes object, file, disk, queue, and table storage.
  • Azure Functions:事件驅動的無伺服器計算平臺,也可解決複雜的協調流程問題。Azure Functions: An event-driven serverless compute platform that can also solve complex orchestration problems.

後續步驟Next Steps