什麼是 Azure 地圖服務?What is Azure Maps?

Azure 地圖服務是地理空間服務和 SDK 的集合,採用最新的地圖資料為 Web 和行動裝置應用程式提供地理內容。Azure Maps is a collection of geospatial services and SDKs that use fresh mapping data to provide geographic context to web and mobile applications. Azure 地圖服務提供以下功能與服務:Azure Maps provides:

  • 用於以多種樣式和衛星影像呈現向量和點陣地圖的 REST API。REST APIs to render vector and raster maps in multiple styles and satellite imagery.
  • 根據私人的室內地圖資料來建立和呈現地圖的建立者服務。Creator services to create and render maps based on private indoor map data.
  • 尋找全世界地址、地點及熱門景點的搜尋服務。Search services to locate addresses, places, and points of interest around the world.
  • 各種路線規劃選項:例如點對點、多點、多點最佳化、等時線、電動車、商用車輛、交通影響,以及矩陣路線規劃。Various routing options; such as point-to-point, multipoint, multipoint optimization, isochrone, electric vehicle, commercial vehicle, traffic influenced, and matrix routing.
  • 交通流量檢視和事件檢視,適用於需要即時交通資訊的應用程式。Traffic flow view and incidents view, for applications that require real-time traffic information.
  • 用來要求大眾運輸資訊的行動服務,藉由混合不同的行進模式和即時抵達來規劃路線。Mobility service to request public transit information, plan routes by blending different travel modes and real-time arrivals.
  • 時區和地理位置服務。Time zone and geolocation services.
  • 建立地理圍欄服務及儲存地圖資料,位置資訊則由 Azure 代管。Geofencing service and mapping data storage, with location information hosted in Azure.
  • 能夠分析地理空間的高智慧定位能力。Location intelligence through geospatial analytics.

此外,也可以透過 Web SDK 和 Android SDK 來使用 Azure 地圖服務。Additionally, Azure Maps services are available through the Web SDK and the Android SDK. 這些工具可協助讓開發人員快速開發和調整解決方案,以將位置資訊整合到 Azure 解決方案中。These tools help developers quickly develop and scale solutions that integrate location information into Azure solutions.

您可以註冊免費的 Azure 地圖服務帳戶,開始進行開發!You can sign up for a free Azure Maps account and start developing.

以下影片會深入說明 Azure 地圖服務:The following video explains Azure Maps in depth:

地圖控制項Map controls


Azure 地圖服務 Web SDK 可讓您以自己的內容和圖像自訂互動式地圖。The Azure Maps Web SDK lets you customize interactive maps with your own content and imagery. 您可以針對 Web 或行動應用程式使用此互動式地圖。You can use this interactive map for both your web or mobile applications. 此地圖控制項使用 WebGL,因此您能夠以高效能轉譯大型資料集。The map control makes use of WebGL, so you can render large data sets with high performance. 您可以使用 JavaScript 或 TypeScript 搭配 SDK 進行開發。You can develop with the SDK by using JavaScript or TypeScript.

使用 Azure 地圖服務 Web SDK 所建立的人口變化範例地圖

Android SDKAndroid SDK

Azure 地圖服務 Android SDK 可讓您建立功能強大的行動地圖應用程式。Use the Azure Maps Android SDK to create mobile mapping applications.

使用 Azure 地圖服務 Web SDK 所建立的人口變化範例地圖

Azure 地圖服務中的服務Services in Azure Maps

Azure 地圖服務由下列服務組成,可以為 Azure 應用程式提供地理內容。Azure Maps consists of the following services that can provide geographic context to your Azure applications.

資料服務Data service

對地圖而言,資料是不可或缺的。Data is imperative for maps. 請使用資料服務上傳及儲存地理空間資料供空間作業或影像構圖使用。Use the Data service to upload and store geospatial data for use with spatial operations or image composition. 讓客戶資料更貼近 Azure 地圖服務可減少您應用程式的延遲、提高應用程式生產力,以及在您的應用程式中建立全新的案例。Bringing customer data closer to the Azure Maps service will reduce latency, increase productivity, and create new scenarios in your applications. 如需這項服務的詳細資訊,請瀏覽資料服務文件 (英文)。For details on this service, see the Data service documentation.

地理位置服務Geolocation service

可使用地理位置服務預覽從 IP 位址擷取的兩個字母國碼/區域碼。Use the Geolocation service to preview the retrieved two-letter country/region code for an IP address. 此服務可協助您藉由根據地理位置提供自訂應用程式內容,來加強使用者體驗。This service can help you enhance user experience by providing customized application content based on geographic location.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱地理位置服務文件For more details, read the Geolocation service documentation.

行動服務Mobility service

Azure 地圖服務行動服務可加速開發出具有大眾運輸功能的應用程式,例如運輸路線和搜尋附近的大眾運輸站點。The Azure Maps Mobility service improves the development time for applications with public transit features, such as transit routing and search for nearby public transit stops. 使用者可以擷取有關運輸站點、路線和時刻表的詳細資訊。Users can retrieve detailed information about transit stops, lines, and schedules. 行動服務也可讓使用者擷取站點和路線幾何圖形、站點提醒、路線和服務區域,以及即時的大眾運輸抵達和服務提醒。The Mobility service also allows users to retrieve stop and line geometries, alerts for stops, lines, and service areas, and real-time public transit arrivals and service alerts. 此外,行動服務也會提供具有多模式行程規劃選項的路線功能。Additionally, the Mobility service provides routing capabilities with multimodal trip planning options. 多模式行程規劃將步行、騎腳踏車和大眾運輸選項全都納入到一個行程中。Multimodal trip planning incorporates walking, bicycling, and public transit options, all into one trip. 使用者也可以存取詳細的多模式逐步路線。Users can also access detailed multimodal step-by-step itineraries.

若要深入了解該服務,請參閱行動服務文件 (英文)。To learn more about the service, see the Mobility service documentation.

轉譯服務Render service

現在為預覽狀態的轉譯服務 V2 引進了新版本的取得地圖底圖 V2 APIThe Render service V2 that is now in Preview introduces a new version of the Get Map Tile V2 API. 取得地圖底圖 V2 API 現在允許客戶要求 Azure 地圖服務的道路底圖、氣象底圖,或使用 Azure 地圖服務建立工具建立的地圖底圖。The Get Map Tile V2 API now allows customers to request Azure Maps road tiles, weather tiles, or the map tiles created using Azure Maps Creator. 建議您使用新的取得地圖底圖 V2 API。It's recommended that you use the new Get Map Tile V2 API.

使用 Azure 地圖服務 Web SDK 所建立的人口變化範例地圖

如需詳細資訊,請參閱轉譯服務 V2 文件 (英文)。For more details, read the Render service V2 documentation.

若要深入了解 GA (正式發行) 中的轉譯服務 V1,請參閱轉譯服務 V1 文件To learn more about the Render service V1 that is in GA (General Availability), see the Render service V1 documentation.

路線規劃服務Route service

路線規劃服務可以用來計算每個要求路線的預估抵達時間 (ETA)。The route services can be used to calculate the estimated arrival times (ETAs) for each requested route. 路線 API 會考慮一些因素,例如即時交通資訊和歷史交通資料,例如在所要求的那天 (星期幾) 某個時間的一般車速。Route APIs consider factors, such as real-time traffic information and historic traffic data, like the typical road speeds on the requested day of the week and time of day. API 會根據時間或距離,以序列或最佳化順序,一次傳回多個目的地可行的最短或最快路線。The APIs return the shortest or fastest routes available to multiple destinations at a time in sequence or in optimized order, based on time or distance. 該服務可讓開發人員跨數種行進模式 (例如汽車、貨車、自行車或步行和電動車) 計算方向。The service allows developers to calculate directions across several travel modes, such as car, truck, bicycle, or walking, and electric vehicle. 該服務也會考量輸入的資訊,例如起飛時間、重量限制或危險材料運輸。The service also considers inputs, such as departure time, weight restrictions, or hazardous material transport.

使用 Azure 地圖服務 Web SDK 所建立的人口變化範例地圖

路線規劃服務會提供一組進階功能,例如:The Route service offers advanced set features, such as:

  • 以批次處理方式處理多個路徑規劃要求。Batch processing of multiple route requests.
  • 包含一組出發地與目的地之間旅行時間和距離資訊的矩陣。Matrices of travel time and distance between a set of origins and destinations.
  • 尋找路徑或距離資訊可讓使用者了解所需的旅行時間與燃料需求,據以做好萬全準備。Finding routes or distances that users can travel based on time or fuel requirements.

如需路線規劃功能的詳細資料,請參閱路線規劃服務文件 (英文)。For details on the routing capabilities, read the Route service documentation.

搜尋服務Search service

搜尋服務可協助開發人員搜尋地址、位置、依名稱或類別列出的企業清單,以及其他地理資訊。The Search service helps developers search for addresses, places, business listings by name or category, and other geographic information. 此外,服務也可根據經度和緯度進行地址與交叉路口的反向地理編碼 (英文)。Also, services can reverse geocode addresses and cross streets based on latitudes and longitudes.

使用 Azure 地圖服務 Web SDK 所建立的人口變化範例地圖

搜尋服務也提供進階功能,例如:The Search service also provides advanced features such as:

  • 沿路線搜尋。Search along a route.
  • 搜尋更廣大區域的內部。Search inside a wider area.
  • 以批次處理方式處理一組搜尋要求。Batch a group of search requests.
  • 依品牌名稱搜尋電動車充電站和景點 (POI) 資料。Search electric vehicle charging stations and Point of Interest (POI) data by brand name.

如需搜尋功能的詳細資訊,請參閱搜尋服務文件 (英文)。For more details on search capabilities, read the Search service documentation.

空間服務Spatial service

空間服務會快速分析位置資訊,以便通知客戶有關某個時間和空間發生的進行中事件。The Spatial service quickly analyzes location information to help inform customers of ongoing events happening in time and space. 藉此達到幾近即時的事件分析和預測性模型化。It enables near real-time analysis and predictive modeling of events.

服務可讓客戶運用內含常見地理空間數學計算的程式庫,提升他們的智慧定位能力。The service enables customers to enhance their location intelligence with a library of common geospatial mathematical calculations. 一般計算包括最接近點、大圓距離及環域。Common calculations include closest point, great circle distance, and buffers. 若要深入了解服務以及各種功能,請參閱空間服務文件To learn more about the service and the various features, read the Spatial service documentation.

時區服務Timezone service

時區服務可讓您查詢目前、過去及未來的時區資訊。The Time zone service enables you to query current, historical, and future time zone information. 您可以使用經緯度組合或 IANA 識別碼來作為輸入。You can use either latitude and longitude pairs or an IANA ID as an input. 時區服務也具備下列能力:The Time zone service also allows for:

  • 將 Microsoft Windows 時區識別碼轉換為 IANA 時區。Converting Microsoft Windows time-zone IDs to IANA time zones.
  • 擷取 UTC 時區時差。Fetching a time-zone offset to UTC.
  • 取得某一選定時區目前的時間。Getting the current time in a chosen time zone.

時區服務查詢的典型 JSON 回應如以下範例所示:A typical JSON response for a query to the Time zone service looks like the following sample:

  "Version": "2020a",
  "ReferenceUtcTimestamp": "2020-07-31T19:15:14.4570053Z",
  "TimeZones": [
      "Id": "America/Los_Angeles",
      "Names": {
        "ISO6391LanguageCode": "en",
        "Generic": "Pacific Time",
        "Standard": "Pacific Standard Time",
        "Daylight": "Pacific Daylight Time"
      "ReferenceTime": {
        "Tag": "PDT",
        "StandardOffset": "-08:00:00",
        "DaylightSavings": "01:00:00",
        "WallTime": "2020-07-31T12:15:14.4570053-07:00",
        "PosixTzValidYear": 2020,
        "PosixTz": "PST+8PDT,M3.2.0,M11.1.0"

如需這項服務的詳細資訊,請閱讀時區服務文件 (英文)。For details on this service, read the Time zone service documentation.

交通服務Traffic service

交通服務是一套 Web 服務,可讓開發人員用於需要交通資訊的 Web 或行動應用程式。The Traffic service is a suite of web services that developers can use for web or mobile applications that require traffic information. 服務可提供兩種資料類型:The service provides two data types:

  • 交通流量:針對路網中的所有重要道路提供即時觀察速度和行進時間。Traffic flow: Real-time observed speeds and travel times for all key roads in the network.
  • 交通事故:提供路網中交通阻塞和交通事故的最新檢視。Traffic incidents: An up-to-date view of traffic jams and incidents around the road network.


如需詳細資訊,請參閱交通服務文件 (英文)。For more information, see the Traffic service documentation.

天氣服務Weather service

氣象服務所提供的 API 可讓開發人員用來擷取特定位置的氣象資訊。The Weather service offers APIs that developers can use to retrieve weather information for a particular location. 此資訊包含各種詳細資料,例如觀測日期和時間、天氣狀況的簡短說明、氣象圖示、降雨機率指示器旗標、溫度和風速資訊。The information contains details such as observation date and time, brief description of the weather conditions, weather icon, precipitation indicator flags, temperature, and wind speed information. 此外,也會傳回其他詳細資料,例如 RealFeel™ 溫度和紫外線指數。Additional details such as RealFeel™ Temperature and UV index are also returned.

開發人員可以使用取得沿路氣象資訊 API 來擷取特定路線的沿路氣象資訊。Developers can use the Get Weather along route API to retrieve weather information along a particular route. 此外,此服務也支援產生受天氣災害 (例如洪水或豪雨) 影響的導航點氣象通知。Also, the service supports the generation of weather notifications for waypoints that are affected by weather hazards, such as flooding or heavy rain.

取得地圖底圖 V2 API 可讓您要求過去、現在和未來的雷達底圖和衛星底圖。The Get Map Tile V2 API allows you to request past, current, and future radar and satellite tiles.


地圖建立者服務Maps Creator service

地圖建立者服務是一套 Web 服務,可讓開發人員根據室內地圖資料來建立具有地圖功能的應用程式。Maps Creator service is a suite of web services that developers can use to create applications with map features based on indoor map data.

地圖建立者會提供三項核心服務:Maps Creator provides three core services:

  • 資料集服務Dataset service. 使用資料集服務,從已轉換的繪圖套件資料建立資料集。Use the Dataset service to create a dataset from a converted Drawing package data. 如需有關繪圖套件需求的詳細資訊,請參閱繪圖套件需求。For information on Drawing package requirements, see Drawing package requirements.

  • 轉換服務Conversion service. 使用轉換服務可將 DWG 設計檔案轉換成適用於室內地圖的繪圖套件資料。Use the Conversion service to convert a DWG design file into Drawing package data for indoor maps.

  • 地圖底圖集服務Tileset service. 使用地圖底圖集服務來建立資料集的向量型標記法。Use the Tileset service to create a vector-based representation of a dataset. 應用程式可以使用地圖底圖集,呈現以視覺效果地圖底圖為基礎的資料集檢視。Applications can use a tileset to present a visual tile-based view of the dataset.

  • 功能狀態服務Feature State service. 使用功能狀態服務來支援動態地圖樣式。Use the Feature State service to support dynamic map styling. 動態地圖樣式可讓應用程式反映 IoT 系統所提供空間的即時事件。Dynamic map styling allows applications to reflect real-time events on spaces provided by IoT systems.

  • WFS 服務WFS service. 使用 WFS 服務來查詢您的室內地圖資料。Use the WFS service to query your indoor map data. WFS 服務會遵循開放地理空間協會 API 標準來查詢單一資料集。The WFS service follows the Open Geospatial Consortium API standards for querying a single dataset.

程式設計模型Programming model

Azure 地圖服務是針對行動性而建置,可以協助您開發跨平台應用程式。Azure Maps is built for mobility and can help you develop cross-platform applications. 它使用與語言無關的程式設計模型,並且透過 REST API 支援 JSON 輸出。It uses a programming model that's language agnostic and supports JSON output through REST APIs.

此外,Azure 地圖服務也使用簡單的程式設計模型提供方便的 JavaScript 地圖控制項Also, Azure Maps offers a convenient JavaScript map control with a simple programming model. Web 和行動應用程式都可輕易且快速地進行開發。The development is quick and easy for both web and mobile applications.

Power BI 視覺效果Power BI visual

Power BI 的 Azure 地圖服務視覺效果會針對地圖頂端的空間資料提供一組豐富的資料視覺效果。The Azure Maps visual for Power BI provides a rich set of data visualizations for spatial data on top of a map. 估計超過 80% 的商務資料有位置內容。It's estimated that over 80% of business data has a location context. Azure 地圖服務視覺效果提供無程式碼的解決方案,可深入了解此位置內容與您的商務資料之間有何關聯和影響。The Azure Maps visual offers a no-code solution for gaining insights into how this location context relates to and influences your business data.

使用 Azure 地圖服務 Web SDK 所建立的人口變化範例地圖

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure 地圖服務 Power BI 視覺效果文件的使用者入門。For more information, see the Getting started with the Azure Maps Power BI visual documentation.


若要存取 Azure 地圖服務,請移至 Azure 入口網站並建立 Azure 地圖服務帳戶。To access Azure Maps services, go to the Azure portal and create an Azure Maps account.

Azure 地圖服務會使用金鑰型驗證結構描述。Azure Maps uses a key-based authentication scheme. 建立帳戶時會產生兩個金鑰。When you create your account, two keys are generated. 若要針對 Azure 地圖服務來進行驗證,則可以使用任一金鑰。To authenticate for Azure Maps services, you can use either key.

注意 - Azure 地圖服務會與第三方 TomTom 分享客戶提供的位址/位置查詢 (稱為「查詢」),以用於對應功能。Note - Azure Maps shares customer-provided address/location queries ("Queries") with third-party TomTom for mapping functionality purposes. 與 TomTom 分享時,查詢不會連結至任何客戶或終端使用者,也不能用來識別個人。Queries aren't linked to any customer or end user when shared with TomTom and can't be used to identify individuals. 包含與 Moovit 和 AccuWeather 整合的行動性和天氣服務,目前處於預覽狀態。The Mobility and Weather services, which include integration with Moovit, and AccuWeather are currently in PREVIEW.

Microsoft 目前正在將 TomTom、Moovit 和 AccuWeather 新增至線上服務轉包商清單。Microsoft is currently in the process of adding TomTom, Moovit, and AccuWeather to the Online Services Subcontractor List.

支援區域Supported regions

Azure 地圖服務目前已推出,但下列國家/地區除外:Azure Maps services are currently available except in the following countries/regions:

  • 中國China
  • 南韓South Korea

請確認您目前 IP 位址的位置處於支援的國家/區域中。Verify that the location of your current IP address is in a supported country/region.

後續步驟Next steps

請試用一下展示 Azure 地圖服務的範例應用程式:Try a sample app that showcases Azure Maps:

快速入門:建立 Web 應用程式Quickstart: Create a web app

掌握 Azure 地圖服務的最新動態:Stay up to date on Azure Maps:

Azure 地圖服務部落格Azure Maps blog