使用 Azure 計費與成本管理避免非預期的費用Prevent unexpected charges with Azure billing and cost management

當您註冊 Azure 時, 您可以執行幾項工作, 以進一步瞭解您的費用:When you sign up for Azure, there are several things you can do to get a better idea of your spending:

在新增 Azure 服務之前取得估計的成本Get estimated costs before adding Azure services

以下是使用下列工具來估計成本的一些額外資訊:Here is some additional information about estimating costs using the following tools:

  • Azure 定價計算機Azure pricing calculator
  • Azure 入口網站Azure portal
  • 消費限制Spending limit

下列各節中的影像顯示以美元為單位的範例價格。The images in the following sections show example pricing in US Dollars.

使用價格計算機在線上評估成本Estimate cost online using the pricing calculator

查看價格計算機即可取得您感興趣的服務每月成本評估。Check out the pricing calculator to get an estimated monthly cost of the service you're interested in. 您可以新增任何第一方 Azure 資源來取得預估成本。You can add any first party Azure resource to get an estimated cost. 在定價計算機中, 您可以變更貨幣類型。In the pricing calculator, you can change the currency type.


例如, 在定價計算機中, 如果您讓它保持執行, 則會估計 A1 Windows 虛擬機器 (VM) 在計算時數中的特定金額/月份上會產生費用:For example, in the pricing calculator, an A1 Windows Virtual Machine (VM) is estimated to cost a certain amount/month in compute hours if you leave it running the whole time:

定價計算機的螢幕擷取畫面, 其中顯示每個月 A1 Windows VM 估計成本

如需價格的詳細資訊, 請參閱定價常見問題For more information about pricing, see the Pricing FAQ. 如果您想要與 Azure 銷售人員交談, 請撥打 [常見問題] 頁面頂端所顯示的電話號碼。If you want to talk to an Azure salesperson, call the phone number shown at the top of the FAQ page.

查看 Azure 入口網站中的預估成本Review estimated costs in the Azure portal

一般而言, 當您在 Azure 入口網站中新增服務時, 會有一個 view, 會以您的計費貨幣顯示每個月的預估成本。Typically, when you add a service in the Azure portal, there's a view that shows you an estimated cost per month in your billed currency. 例如,當您選擇 Windows VM 的大小時,會看到計算時數的預估每月成本:For example, when you choose the size of your Windows VM, you see the estimated monthly cost for the compute hours:

範例: 顯示每月預估成本的 A1 Windows VM

檢查您是否開啟消費限制Check if you have a spending limit on

如果您有使用信用額度的訂用帳戶,那麼您的消費限制依預設是開啟的。If you have a subscription that uses credits, then the spending limit is turned on for you by default. 如此一來,當您花光您的信用額度時,就不會針對您的信用卡收費。This way, when you spend all your credits, your credit card doesn't get charged. 請參閱 Azure 供應項目完整清單及消費限制可用性See the full list of Azure offers and the availability of spending limit.

不過, 當您達到消費限制時, 您的服務就會停用。However, when you reach your spending limit, your services get disabled. 這表示您的 VM 會被解除配置。That means your VMs are deallocated. 若要避免服務停機,您必須關閉消費限制。To avoid service downtime, you must turn off the spending limit. 任何超額部分都會用您在檔案上的信用卡收費。Any overage gets charged onto your credit card on file.

若要查看您是否有消費限制, 請移至帳戶中心的訂閱視圖To see if you've got a spending limit on, go to the Subscriptions view in the Account Center. 如果您的消費限制已開啟, 則會顯示橫幅, 如下所示:A banner appears if your spending limit is on, similar to the following:


按一下橫幅, 並遵循提示來移除消費限制。Click the banner and follow the prompts to remove the spending limit. 如果您在註冊時未輸入信用卡資訊,則必須輸入信用卡資訊,才能移除消費限制。If you didn't enter credit card information when you signed up, you must enter it to remove the spending limit. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure 消費限制 - 運作方式以及啟用或移除方法For more information, see Azure spending limit – How it works and how to enable or remove it.

使用預算和成本警示Use budgets and cost alerts

您可以建立預算來管理成本, 並建立警示, 以自動通知專案關係人如何耗費異常和超支風險。You can create budgets to manage costs and create alerts that automatically notify stakeholders of spending anomalies and overspending risks. 警示是根據支出與預算和成本閾值的費用。Alerts are based on spending compared to budget and cost thresholds.

使用 Azure 服務時監視成本Monitor costs when using Azure services

您可以使用下列工具來監視成本:You can monitor costs with the following tools:

  • TagsTags
  • 成本細分和完工速率Cost breakdown and burn rate
  • 成本分析Cost analysis

將標記新增至資源以群組計費資料Add tags to resources to group billing data

針對支援的服務,您可以使用標記來將您的計費資料分組。You can use tags to group billing data for supported services. 例如, 如果您針對不同的小組執行數個 Vm, 則可以使用標籤依成本中心將成本分類 (例如:HR、行銷、財務等等)或環境 (例如: 生產、進入生產階段前、測試)。For example, if you run several VMs for different teams, then you can use tags to categorize costs by cost center (for example: HR, marketing, finance, etc.) or environment (for example: production, pre-production, test).


這些標記會顯示在不同的成本報告檢視中。The tags show up throughout different cost reporting views. 例如, 它們會立即顯示在您的 [成本分析] 視圖中, 以及在第一個計費週期後的詳細使用量 CSV 檔案中。For example, they're visible in your cost analysis view right away and in the detailed usage CSV file after your first billing period.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 使用標記組織您的 Azure 資源For more information, see Using tags to organize your Azure resources.

監視成本細分和完工速率Monitor cost breakdown and burn rate

當您的 Azure 服務執行之後, 請定期檢查費用。After you have your Azure services running, regularly check charges. 您可以在 Azure 入口網站中看到目前的支出和完工速率。You can see the current spending and burn rate in the Azure portal.

  1. 瀏覽 Azure 入口網站中的 [訂用帳戶] 然後選取訂用帳戶。Visit the Subscriptions in the Azure portal and select a subscription.

  2. 如果您的訂用帳戶支援, 您會看到 [成本分解] 和 [完工速率]。If it's supported for your subscription, you see the cost breakdown and burn rate.

    Azure 入口網站中完工速率和成本細分的螢幕擷取畫面

  3. 按一下左側清單中的 [成本分析], 以查看資源的成本明細。Click Cost analysis in the list one the left to see the cost breakdown by resource. 新增服務之後, 請等候24小時讓資料顯示。After you add a service, wait 24 hours for the data to display.

    Azure 入口網站中成本分析檢視的螢幕擷取畫面

  4. 您可以依照不同屬性來篩選,例如標記、資源類型、資源群組和時間範圍。You can filter by different properties like tags, resource type, resource group, and timespan. 如果您想要將此視圖匯出為逗點分隔值 (.csv) 檔案, 請按一下 [套用] 以確認篩選和下載Click Apply to confirm the filters and Download if you want to export the view to a comma-separated values (.csv) file.

  5. 此外,您可以按一下資源來查看您的每日支出記錄,以及每一天的成本是多少。Additionally, you can click a resource to see your daily spend history and how much the resource costs each day.

    Azure 入口網站中消費歷程記錄檢視的螢幕擷取畫面

將您看到的成本與您在選取服務時看到的預估值進行比較。Compare the costs that you see with the estimates that you saw when you selected the services. 如果成本與估計值明顯不同, 請檢查您為資源選取的定價方案。If the costs are significantly different from the estimates, check the pricing plan that you've selected for your resources.

優化並降低成本Optimize and reduce costs

如果您不熟悉成本管理的原則, 請閱讀如何使用 Azure 成本管理將雲端投資優化If you're unfamiliar with the principles of cost management, read How to optimize your cloud investment with Azure Cost Management.

在 Azure 入口網站中, 您也可以透過自動關閉 Vm 和 Advisor 建議來優化和降低 Azure 成本。In the Azure portal, you can also optimize and reduce Azure costs with auto shutdown for VMs and Advisor recommendations.

考慮成本縮減功能, 例如自動關閉 VmConsider cost-cutting features like auto shutdown for VMs

視您的案例而定,您可以在 Azure 入口網站中設定 VM 自動關機。Depending on your scenario, you can configure auto shutdown for your VMs in the Azure portal. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱使用 Azure Resource Manager 的 VM 自動關機 (英文)。For more information, see Auto shutdown for VMs using Azure Resource Manager.


自動關機與您在 VM 中使用電源選項關閉不一樣。Auto shutdown isn't the same as when you shut down within the VM with power options. 自動關機會停止並解除配置您的 VM,以停止額外的使用費用。Auto shutdown stops and deallocates your VMs to stop additional usage charges. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Linux VM 的定價常見問題,以及 Windows VM有關 VM 的狀態。For more information, see pricing FAQ for Linux VMs and Windows VMs about VM states.

如需更多針對開發和測試環境的成本削減功能,請參閱 Azure DevTest LabsFor more cost-cutting features for your development and test environments, check out Azure DevTest Labs.

開啟及審查 Azure Advisor 建議Turn on and review Azure Advisor recommendations

Azure Advisor藉由識別使用量低的資源, 協助您降低成本。Azure Advisor helps you reduce costs by identifying resources with low usage. 在 Azure 入口網站中造訪 Adviso:Visit Advisor in the Azure portal:

Azure 入口網站中 Azure 建議程式按鈕的螢幕擷取畫面

您可以在 Advisor 儀表板的 [成本] 索引標籤中, 取得可操作的建議:You can get actionable recommendations in the Cost tab in the Advisor dashboard:


請參閱從建議優化成本教學課程, 以取得有關節省成本建議程式的引導式教學課程。Review the Optimize costs from recommendations tutorial for a guided tutorial about cost-saving Advisor recommendations.

根據您最新的發票來審查成本Review costs against your latest invoice

在計費週期結束時, 您可以使用最新的發票。At the end of the billing cycle, your latest invoice is available. 您也可以下載發票和詳細的使用量檔案, 以確定您已正確地向您收費。You can also download invoices and detailed usage files to make sure you were charged correctly. 如需比較每日使用量和發票的詳細資訊,請參閱了解 Microsoft Azure 帳單For more information about comparing your daily usage with your invoice, see Understand your bill for Microsoft Azure.

計費 APIBilling API

使用 Azure 計費 API 以程式設計方式取得使用量資料。Use the Azure billing API to programmatically get usage data. RateCard API 與使用情況 API 一起使用即可取得您的計費使用量。Use the RateCard API and the Usage API together to get your billed usage. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱深入瞭解 Microsoft Azure 資源耗用量For more information, see Gain insights into your Microsoft Azure resource consumption.

其他資源和特殊案例Additional resources and special cases

EA、CSP 和贊助客戶EA, CSP, and Sponsorship customers

若要開始使用,請連絡帳戶管理員或 Azure 。Talk to your account manager or Azure partner to get started.

供應項目Offer 資源Resources
Enterprise 合約 (EA)Enterprise Agreement (EA) EA 入口網站協助文件Power BI 報告EA portal, help docs, and Power BI report
雲端解決方案提供者 (CSP)Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) 與您的提供者討論Talk to your provider
Azure 贊助Azure Sponsorship 贊助入口網站 (英文)Sponsorship portal

如果您管理的是大型組織的 IT,我們建議您閱讀 Azure 企業 Scaffold企業 IT 技術白皮書 (.pdf 下載,僅提供英文版)。If you're managing IT for a large organization, we recommend reading Azure enterprise scaffold and the enterprise IT white paper (.pdf download, English only).

Azure 入口網站中的 Enterprise 合約成本視圖Enterprise Agreement cost views in the Azure portal

企業成本檢視目前只提供公開預覽。Enterprise cost views are currently in Public Preview. 下列為需注意的事項:Items to note:

  • 訂閱費用是以使用情況計費,不包含預付金額、超額部分、包含的數量、調整內容和稅金。Subscription costs are based on usage and don't include prepaid amounts, overages, included quantities, adjustments, and taxes. 系統會在申請時計算實際費用。Actual charges are computed at the Enrollment level.
  • 在 Azure 入口網站中顯示的數量可能與在企業版入口網站中顯示的不同。Amounts shown in the Azure portal might be different than what's in the Enterprise portal. 在企業版入口網站中的更新可能需要幾分鐘之後才會顯示在 Azure 入口網站中。Updates in the Enterprise portal may take a few minutes before the changes are shown in the Azure portal.
  • 如果您沒有看到成本,原因可能為下列其中之一:If you aren't seeing costs, it might be for one of the following reasons:
    • 您沒有訂用帳戶層級的權限。You don't have permissions at the subscription level. 若要查看企業成本檢視,您必須是訂用帳戶層級上的帳單讀者、讀者、參與者或擁有者。To see enterprise cost views, you must be a Billing Reader, Reader, Contributor, or Owner at the subscription level.
    • 您是帳戶擁有者且您的申請管理員已停用「AO 檢視費用」設定。You're an Account Owner and your Enrollment Administrator has disabled the "AO view charges" setting. 請連絡您的申請管理員以取得費用存取權。Contact your Enrollment Administrator to get access to costs.
    • 您是部門系統管理員, 且您的註冊管理員已停用「 DA 視圖費用」設定。You're a Department Administrator and your Enrollment Administrator has disabled the DA view charges setting. 請連絡您的註冊管理員以取得存取權。Contact your Enrollment Administrator to get access.
    • 您是透過通道合作夥伴購買 Azure,而該合作夥伴未釋出定價資訊。You bought Azure through a channel partner, and the partner didn't release pricing information.
  • 如果您在企業版入口網站中更新成本存取相關的設定,則變更可能需要幾分鐘才會在 Azure 入口網站中顯示。If you update settings related to cost access in the Enterprise portal, there's a delay of a few minutes before the changes are shown in the Azure portal.
  • 消費限制和發票指導方針不適用於 EA 訂用帳戶。Spending limit, and invoice guidance don't apply to EA Subscriptions.

檢查訂用帳戶和存取權Check your subscription and access

若要檢視成本,您必須有帳單資訊的訂用帳戶層級存取權To view costs, you must have subscriptions-level access to billing information. 只有帳戶管理員可以存取帳戶中心、變更帳單資訊,以及管理訂用帳戶。Only the Account Admin can access the Account Center, change billing information, and manage subscriptions. 帳戶管理員是完成註冊程序的人員。The Account Admin is the person who went through the sign-up process. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱新增或變更管理訂用帳戶或服務的 Azure 系統管理員角色For more information, see Add or change Azure administrator roles that manage the subscription or services.

若要查看您是否為帳戶管理員,請移至 Azure 入口網站中的訂用帳戶To see if you're the Account admin, go to Subscriptions in the Azure portal. 查看訂閱清單並尋找我的角色View the list of subscriptions and find My role. 如果帳戶管理員是角色, 則您擁有完整許可權。If Account admin is the role, then you have full privileges. 如果它顯示其他內容 (例如「擁有者」), 您就不會擁有完整許可權。If it says something else, like Owner, you don't have full privileges.

Azure 入口網站的訂用帳戶檢視中您的角色的螢幕擷取畫面

若要管理訂用帳戶及變更帳單資訊,請尋找帳戶管理員。要求帳戶管理員完成工作, 或將訂用帳戶轉移給您To manage subscriptions and change billing info, find the Account Admin. Ask the Account Admin to complete the tasks or transfer the subscription to you.

如果您的帳戶管理員已不在您組織,而您需要管理帳單,請與我們連絡If your Account admin is no longer with your organization and you need to manage billing, contact us.

申請服務事件的服務等級協定信用額度Request a Service Level Agreement credit for a service incident

服務等級協定 (SLA) 描述 Microsoft 對執行時間與連線能力的承諾。The Service Level Agreement (SLA) describes Microsoft’s commitments for uptime and connectivity. 當 Azure 服務遇到影響執行時間或連線能力 (通常稱為中斷) 的問題時, 就會回報服務事件。A service incident is reported when Azure services experience an issue that impacts uptime or connectivity, often referred to as an outage. 如果我們未依照 SLA 中的說明來達到並維護每個服務的服務等級, 則您可能有資格取得每月服務費用的信用額度。If we do not achieve and maintain the Service Levels for each service as described in the SLA, then you might be eligible for a credit towards a portion of your monthly service fees.

若要要求點數:To request a credit:

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站Sign-in to the Azure portal. 如果您有多個帳戶, 請確定您使用的是受 Azure 停機時間影響的帳戶。If you have multiple accounts, make sure that you use the one that was affected by Azure downtime.
  2. 建立新的支援要求。Create a new support request.
  3. 在 [問題類型] 底下, 選取 [計費]。Under Issue type, select Billing.
  4. 在 [問題類型] 底下, 選取 [退款要求]。Under Problem type, select Refund Request.
  5. 新增詳細資料以指定您要要求的 SLA 信用額度、提及日期/時間/時區, 以及受影響的服務 (Vm、網站等)Add details to specify that you’re asking for an SLA credit, mention the date/time/time-zone as well as the impacted services (VMs, Web Sites, etc.)
  6. 請確認您的連絡人詳細資料, 然後選取 [建立] 以提交您的要求。Verify your contact details and select Create to submit your request.

SLA 閾值會因服務而異。SLA thresholds vary by service. 例如, SQL Web 層的 SLA 為 99.9%, Vm 的 sla 為 99.95%, 而 SQL 標準層的 SLA 為 99.99%。For example, the SQL Web Tier has an SLA of 99.9%, VMs have an SLA of 99.95%, and SQL Standard Tier has an SLA of 99.99%.

針對某些服務, 應套用 SLA 的必要條件。For some services, there are prerequisites for the SLA to apply. 例如, 虛擬機器必須在相同的可用性設定組中部署兩個以上的實例。For example, virtual machines must have two or more instances deployed in the same Availability Set.

如需詳細資訊, 請參閱服務等級協定Azure 服務的 SLA 摘要檔。For more information, see Service Level Agreements and the SLA summary for Azure services documentation.

需要協助嗎?Need help? 與我們連絡。Contact us.

如果您有任何疑問或需要協助, 請建立支援要求If you have questions or need help, create a support request.

後續步驟Next steps