了解 Azure 消費限制及如何移除此限制Understand Azure spending limit and how to remove it

Azure 中消費限制的目的是避免您的花費超過點數額度。Spending limit in Azure exists to prevent spending over your credit amount. 根據預設,系統會針對所有註冊試用版或包含多月點數之供應項目的新客戶開啟消費限制。All new customers who sign up for the trial or offers that includes credits over multiple months have the spending limit turned on by default. 消費限制是 $0。The spending limit is $0. 此限制無法變更。It can’t be changed. 隨用隨付訂用帳戶和承諾方案之類的訂用帳戶類型無法使用消費限制。The spending limit isn’t available for subscription types such as Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions and commitment plans. 請參閱完整的 Azure 供應項目及消費限制可用性清單See the full list of Azure offers and the availability of the spending limit.

達到消費限制時會發生什麼情況?What happens when I reach the spending limit?

若您用完訂用帳戶隨附的每月額度,則您部署的服務在該計費期間的剩餘時間內將被停用。When your usage results in charges that exhaust the monthly amounts included with your subscription, the services that you deployed are disabled for the rest of that billing period.

舉例來說,若您花光訂用帳戶隨附的所有點數,您部署的雲端服務便會從生產環境中移除,且 Azure 虛擬機器會停止運作並解除配置。For example, when you spend all the credit included with your subscription, Cloud Services that you deployed are removed from production and your Azure virtual machines are stopped and de-allocated. 您只能以唯讀方式存取儲存體帳戶中的資料。The data in your storage accounts are available in a read-only manner.

下一個計費期間開始時,若您的訂用帳戶供應項目包含多月點數,系統便會自動重新啟用您的訂用帳戶。At the beginning of the next billing period, if your subscription offer includes credits over multiple months, your subscription would be re-enabled automatically. 接著,您便可以重新部署「雲端服務」,並完整存取您的儲存體帳戶和資料庫。Then you can redeploy your Cloud Services and have full access to your storage accounts and databases.

您達到訂用帳戶的消費限制時,我們會傳送電子郵件通知給您。We send email notifications when you hit the spending limit for your subscription. 登入帳戶中心之後,您會看到所有訂用帳戶達到消費限制的通知。Sign in to the Account Center, and you see notifications about subscriptions that have reached the spending limit.

如果您使用免費試用版且達到消費限制,可以升級為預付型方案來移除消費限制並自動重新啟用訂用帳戶。If you have a Free Trial and reach the spending limit, you can upgrade to Pay-As-You-Go to remove the spending limit and have the subscription automatically re-enabled.

在帳戶中心裡移除消費限制Remove the spending limit in Account Center

只要您的訂用帳戶所關聯的付款方式有效,您就可以隨時移除消費限制。You can remove the spending limit at any time as long as there's a valid payment method associated with your subscription. 針對有多月點數的供應項目,您也可以在下一個計費期間開始時重新啟用消費限制。For offers that have credit over multiple months, you can also re-enable the spending limit at the beginning of your next billing period.

若要移除您的消費限制,請依照下列步驟操作:To remove your spending limit, follow these steps:

  1. 登入帳戶中心Sign in to the Account Center.
  2. 選取一個訂用帳戶。Select a subscription. 如果由於達到消費限制而停用訂用帳戶,請按一下此通知:「此訂用帳戶已達消費限制,並已停用以避免收費。」If the subscription is disabled due to the spending limit being reached, click this notification: "Subscription reached the Spending Limit and has been disabled to prevent charges." 否則,請按一下 [訂用帳戶狀態] 區域中的 [移除消費限制]。Otherwise, click Remove spending limit in the SUBSCRIPTION STATUS area.
  3. 選取適合您的選項。Select an option that is appropriate for you.


選項Option 效果Effect
無限期移除消費限制Remove spending limit indefinitely 移除消費限制,不在下一個計費週期開始時自動開啟。Removes the spending limit without turning it on automatically at the start of the next billing period.
移除目前計費週期的消費限制Remove spending limit for the current billing period 移除消費限制,讓它在下一個計費週期開始時自動開啟。Removes the spending limit so that it turns back on automatically at the start of the next billing period.

常見問題集Frequently asked questions

為什麼我可能會想要移除消費限制?Why would I want to remove the spending limit?

消費限制會使您無法部署或使用某些協力廠商和 Microsoft 的服務。The spending limit could prevent you from deploying or using certain third-party and Microsoft services. 以下是您應該移除訂用帳戶消費限制的情況。Here are the scenarios where you should remove the spending limit on your subscription.

  • 您打算部署第一方映像 (例如 Oracle) 和服務 (例如 Azure DevOps Services)。You plan to deploy first party images like Oracle and services such as Azure DevOps Services. 此情況會讓您幾乎立即超過消費限制,而導致訂用帳戶遭停用。This scenario causes you to exceed your spending limit almost immediately and causes your subscription to be disabled.
  • 您有不可中斷的服務。You have services that cannot be disrupted.
  • 您的服務及資源有您不想遺失的設定 (例如虛擬 IP 位址)。You have services and resources with settings like virtual IP addresses that you don't want to lose. 這些設定在服務和資源解除配置時遺失。These settings are lost when the services and resources are de-allocated.

如何在移除消費限制之後再將其開啟?How do I turn on the spending limit after removing it?

唯有無限期移除消費限制時,才能使用這項功能。This feature is available only when the spending limit has been removed indefinitely. 請將它變更為在下一個計費週期開始時自動開啟。Change it to turn on automatically at the start of the next billing period.

  1. 登入帳戶中心Sign in to the Account Center.
  2. 按一下黃色橫幅以變更消費限制選項。Click the yellow banner to change the spending limit option.
  3. 選擇 [在下一個計費週期 <計費週期開始日期> 啟用消費限制]Choose Turn on spending limit in the next billing period <start date of billing period>

如何設定自訂消費限制?How do I set a custom spending limit?

無法使用自訂消費限制。Custom spending limits aren't available.

消費限制會阻擋 Azure 中產生的所有費用嗎?Does the spending limit prevent all charges from Azure?

某些在 Azure Marketplace 中發佈的外部服務無法透過訂用帳戶點數來使用,並會產生另外的費用,即使您已設定消費限制亦然。Some external services published in the Azure Marketplace cannot be used with your subscription credits, and can incur separate charges even when your spending limit is set. 範例包括 Visual Studio 授權、Azure Active Directory Premium、支援方案,以及大部分的第三方品牌服務。Examples include Visual Studio licenses, Azure Active Directory premium, support plans, and most third-party branded services. 當您佈建新的外部服務時,系統會顯示警告,讓您知道服務會另外收費︰When you provision a new external service, a warning is shown to let you know the services are billed separately:

Marketplace 購買警告

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