Azure Bot Service 中的合規性Compliance in Azure Bot Service


Azure Bot Service 是全域 Azure 服務,因此可供部署所在雲端中所有區域的客戶使用,包括:Azure Bot Service is a global Azure service and therefore is available to customers in all regions in the clouds where it is deployed, including:

  • Azure 公用雲端,其為全域可用。Azure public cloud, which is available globally.
  • 美國政府機構及其合作夥伴可在美國四個地區使用 Azure Government。Azure Government is available in four regions in the United States to US government agencies and their partners.

為了協助客戶符合其在全球受管制產業和市場的合規性義務,Azure 在廣度 (供應項目總數) 和深度 (評估範圍內面向客戶服務的數量) 兩方面維持著業界最大的合規性組合。To help customers meet their own compliance obligations across regulated industries and markets worldwide, Azure maintains the largest compliance portfolio in the industry in terms of both breadth (total number of offerings) and depth (number of customer-facing services in assessment scope). Azure 合規性供應項目分為四大塊 - 全球適用,US Government、業界專屬,以及區域或國家/區域專屬。Azure compliance offerings are grouped into four segments - globally applicable, US Government, industry specific, and region or country/region specific. 合規性供應項目會以各種類型的保證為基礎,包括由獨立第三方稽核公司所產生的正式認證、證明、驗證、授權及評量,以及由 Microsoft 產生的契約修訂、自我評量及客戶指引文件。Compliance offerings are based on various types of assurances, including formal certifications, attestations, validations, authorizations, and assessments produced by independent third-party auditing firms, as well as contractual amendments, self-assessments, and customer guidance documents produced by Microsoft.

Azure Bot Service 認證Azure Bot Service certifications

Azure Bot 服務會持續擴充其認證涵蓋範圍。Azure Bot Service is continually expanding its certification coverage. 目前,Azure Bot Service 已通過下列憑證認證:Currently, Azure Bot Service is certified with the following certificates:

全球適用Globally applicable 美國政府US Government 產業特定Industry specific 區域或國家/地區專屬Region or country specific
CSA STAR CertificationCSA STAR Certification DoD SRG Level 2DoD SRG Level 2 HIPAA BAAHIPAA BAA Australia IRAPAustralia IRAP
CSA STAR AttestationCSA STAR Attestation FedRAMP ModerateFedRAMP Moderate HITRUSTHITRUST Germany C5Germany C5
ISO 20000-1:2011ISO 20000-1:2011 GxP (FDA 21 CFR Part 11)GxP (FDA 21 CFR Part 11) PCI DSS 層級 1PCI DSS Level 1 英國 G-cloudUK G-Cloud
ISO 22301:2012ISO 22301:2012 WCAG 2.0WCAG 2.0
ISO 27001:2013ISO 27001:2013
ISO 27017:2015ISO 27017:2015
ISO 27018:2014ISO 27018:2014
ISO 9001:2015ISO 9001:2015
SOC 1, 2, 3SOC 1, 2, 3

若要深入瞭解每個合規性供應專案,以及它們如何獲益,請參閱 Microsoft Azure 合規性頁面的總覽   。To learn more about each of these compliance offerings and how they benefit you, see Overview of Microsoft Azure compliance  page.

下表列出 Azure Government 中的 Azure Bot 服務所支援的認證:The following table lists the certifications supported by Azure Bot Service in Azure Government:

全球適用Globally applicable 美國政府US Government 產業特定Industry specific
CSA STAR AttestationCSA STAR Attestation DoD SRG Level 2DoD SRG Level 2 PCI DSSPCI DSS
SOC 1, 2, 3SOC 1, 2, 3 DoD SRG Level 4DoD SRG Level 4
FedRAMP HighFedRAMP High
IRS 1075IRS 1075
NIST SP 800-171NIST SP 800-171

後續步驟Next steps

若要瞭解 Azure Bot Service 的最新合規性認證,請參閱 azure 合規性的總覽To find out the latest compliance certifications for Azure Bot Service, see the Overview of Azure compliance.

如需 Microsoft 認證的詳細資訊,請參閱 Azure 信任中心For more information about Microsoft certifications, see the Azure Trust Center.