Bot Framework 其他資源Bot Framework additional resources


這些資源針對使用 Bot Framework 開發 Bot,提供了其他資訊和支援。These resources provide additional information and support for developing bots with the Bot Framework.


請使用這些資源的其中一個取得支援,而不是在此文章上發表評論。Please use one of these resources for support rather than posting comments on this article. 我們不會監視此文章的支援要求。This article is not monitored for support requests.

支援類型Support type 連絡人Contact
社群支援Community support 可以使用 botframework 標記在 Stack Overflow 上張貼問題。Questions can be posted at Stack Overflow using the botframework tag. 請注意,Stack Overflow 有一些指導方針,例如要求必須使用描述性的標題、完整且簡潔的問題陳述以及重現問題的足夠詳細資料。Please note that Stack Overflow has guidelines such as requiring a descriptive title, a complete and concise problem statement, and sufficient details to reproduce your issue. 功能要求或過於廣泛的問題都是偏離主題的;如需詳細資訊,新的使用者應瀏覽Stack Overflow 說明中心Feature requests or overly broad questions are off-topic; new users should visit the Stack Overflow Help Center for more details.
社群聊天群組Community chat group Gitter.IMGitter.IM
使用 BotUsing a bot 透過發行者電子郵件連絡 Bot 的開發人員Contact the bot's developer through their publisher e-mail
Bot Framework SDK 問題/建議Bot Framework SDK issues/suggestions 將問題和功能要求提交至 Bot 語言 (C#JavascriptPython) 的 SDK 存放庫。Submit issues and feature requests to the SDK repo for your bot's language (C#, Javascript, or Python). 您可以使用 botframework 標記在 Stack Overflow 上張貼有關 SDK 的操作問題。How-to questions about the SDK can be posted at Stack Overflow using the botframework tag.
Bot Framework 範例Bot Framework Samples 將範例的相關問題提交到 Bot Framework 範例存放庫。Submit issues with samples to the Bot Framework Samples repo.
Azure 協助及支援Azure help and support Azure 説明 + 支援Azure Help + Support
文件問題Documentation issues 問題提交到 Bot Framework 文件 GitHub 存放庫。Submit an issue to the Bot Framework documentation GitHub repo.
文件更新Documentation updates 按一下文章上的 [編輯] 連結,並向 Bot Framework 文件 GitHub 存放庫提交提取要求。Click the Edit link on an article and submit a pull request to the Bot Framework documentation GitHub repo.
檢舉不當使用Reporting abuse 請透過 與我們連絡Contact us at