Azure 管理指南:開始之前Azure Management Guide: Before you start

開始之前Before you start

Azure 管理指南可協助 Azure 客戶建立管理基準,以制定整個 Azure 的資源一致性。The Azure Management Guide helps Azure customers create a management baseline to establish resource consistency across Azure. 本指南會概述任何 Azure 生產環境所需的基本工具,尤其是裝載了敏感性資料的環境。This guide outlines the basic tools needed for any Azure production environments, especially environments that host sensitive data. 如需詳細資訊、最佳做法,以及與準備雲端環境相關的考量,請參閱雲端採用架構的移轉整備程度一節。For more information, best practices, and considerations related to preparing your cloud environment, see the readiness section of the Cloud Adoption Framework.

本指南的範圍Scope of this guide

本指南會指導您該如何建立管理基準工具。This guide teaches you how to establish tooling for a management baseline. 其內容也會概述相關辦法,讓您得以延伸基準或建立超越基準的復原能力。It also outlines ways to extend the baseline or build resiliency beyond the baseline.

  • 清查和可見性: 建立跨多個雲端的資產清查。Inventory and visibility: Create an inventory of assets across multiple clouds. 開發對於每個資產執行狀態的可見性。Develop visibility into the run state of each asset.
  • 作業合規性: 建立控管規定和流程,確保每個狀態都已完成正確設定,並在妥善管理的環境中執行。Operational compliance: Establish controls and processes to ensure each state is properly configured and running in a well-governed environment.
  • 保護和復原: 確保所有受控資產都有受到保護,並可使用基準管理工具加以復原。Protect and recover: Ensure all managed assets are protected and can be recovered using baseline management tooling.
  • 增強的基準選項: 評估可能符合商務需求的常見附加基準。Enhanced baseline options: Evaluate common additions to the baseline that might meet business needs.
  • 平台作業: 使用妥善定義的服務目錄和集中管理的平台來延伸管理基準。Platform operations: Extend the management baseline with a well-defined service catalog and centrally managed platforms.
  • 工作負載作業: 延伸管理基準,以納入對於任務關鍵性工作負載的關注。Workload operations: Extend the management baseline to include a focus on mission-critical workloads.

管理基準Management baseline

管理基準是一組應套用至每個環境資產的最基本工具和流程。A management baseline is the minimum set of tools and processes that should be applied to every asset in an environment. 管理基準中可以納入數個額外的選項。Several additional options can be included in the management baseline. 接下來的幾篇文章將焦點放在所需的最基本選項 (而不是所有可用的選項),以加速雲端管理功能。The next few articles accelerate cloud management capabilities by focusing on the minimum options necessary instead of on all of the available options.

下一步是清查和可見性The next step is Inventory and visibility.

本指南會提供互動式步驟讓您試用所推出的功能。This guide provides interactive steps that let you try features as they're introduced. 若要回到您先前離開的地方,請使用階層連結來瀏覽。To come back to where you left off, use the breadcrumb for navigation.