Azure 伺服器管理服務的概觀Overview of Azure server management services

Azure 伺服器管理服務可為大規模管理伺服器提供一致的體驗。Azure server management services provide a consistent experience for managing servers at scale. 這些服務同時涵蓋 Linux 和 Windows 作業系統,These services cover both Linux and Windows operating systems. 並可用於生產、開發和測試環境。They can be used in production, development, and test environments. 伺服器管理服務可以支援 Azure IaaS 虛擬機器、實體伺服器,以及內部部署或其他裝載環境中裝載的虛擬機器。The server management services can support Azure IaaS virtual machines, physical servers, and virtual machines that are hosted on-premises or in other hosting environments.

Azure 伺服器管理服務套件包含下圖中的服務:Azure 作業模型圖表The Azure server management services suite includes the services in the following diagram: Diagram of the Azure operations model

Microsoft 雲端採用架構這一節的內容提供可行和規定方案,用於將伺服器管理服務部署在您的環境中。This section of the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework provides an actionable and prescriptive plan for deploying server management services in your environment. 此方案可協助將您快速導向這些服務,透過適用於所有環境大小的一組漸進式管理階段來引導您。This plan helps orient you quickly to these services, guiding you through an incremental set of management stages for all environment sizes.

為了簡單起見,我們已將本指引分類為三個階段:For simplicity, we've categorized this guidance into three stages:

將 Azure 伺服器管理套件上線的三個階段

為何要使用 Azure 伺服器管理服務?Why use Azure server management services?

Azure 伺服器管理服務提供下列優勢:Azure server management services offer the following benefits:

  • 原生至 Azure: 伺服器管理服務是內建服務且原生與 Azure Resource Manager 整合。Native to Azure: Server management services are built into and natively integrated with Azure Resource Manager. 這些服務會持續改進以提供新特性與功能。These services are continuously improved to provide new features and capabilities.
  • Windows 和 Linux: Windows 和 Linux 機器具有相同的一致管理體驗。Windows and Linux: Windows and Linux machines get the same consistent management experience.
  • 混合式: 伺服器管理服務涵蓋了 Azure IaaS 虛擬機器,以及內部部署或其他裝載環境中裝載的實體及虛擬伺服器。Hybrid: The server management services cover Azure IaaS virtual machines as well as physical and virtual servers that are hosted on-premises or in other hosting environments.
  • 安全性: Microsoft 將大量資源投入於所有形式的安全性。Security: Microsoft devotes substantial resources to all forms of security. 這項投資不僅保護 Azure 基礎結構,還擴充產生的技術和專業知識,以保護客戶的資源,不論其所在。This investment not only protects the Azure infrastructure but also extends the resulting technologies and expertise to protect customers' resources wherever they reside.

後續步驟Next steps

讓您熟悉採用 Azure 伺服器管理套件所涉及的工具、服務和規劃Familiarize yourself with the tools, services, and planning involved with adopting the Azure server management suite.