Azure 移轉指南概觀Azure migration guide overview

雲端採用架構的遷移方法會引導讀者完成遷移一個工作負載或每一版小型工作負載集合的反覆程序。The Cloud Adoption Framework's Migrate methodology guides readers through an iterative process of migrating one workload, or a small collection of workloads per release. 執行每個反覆作業時,我們會遵循評估、移轉、最佳化和升階的程序,以確保工作負載能夠符合生產需求。In each iteration, the process of assess, migration, and optimize and promote is followed to ensure that workloads are ready to meet production demands. 該程序沒有雲端限定,可引導您遷移至任何雲端提供者。That cloud-agnostic process can guide migration to any cloud provider.

本指南會示範從內部部署環境遷移至 Azure 時的簡化版本。This guide demonstrates a simplified version of that process when migrating from your on-premises environment to Azure.


如需互動式體驗,請在 Azure 入口網站中檢視本指南。For an interactive experience, view this guide in the Azure portal. 請移至 Azure 入口網站中的 Azure 快速入門中心並選取 [Azure 移轉指南],然後遵循逐步指示進行。Go to the Azure Quickstart Center in the Azure portal, select Azure migration guide, and then follow the step-by-step instructions.

本指南是第一次遷移至 Azure 的建議路徑,我們會告訴您遷移至 Azure 期間最常使用的方法和雲端原生工具。This guide is the suggested path for your first migration to Azure, as it will expose you to the methodology and the cloud-native tools most commonly used during migration to Azure. 這些工具會顯示在下列頁面:Those tools are presented across the following pages:

  • 評估每個工作負載的技術適用性。Assess each workload's technical fit. 驗證移轉技術整備程度與適用性。Validate the technical readiness and suitability for migration.
  • 移轉服務。Migrate your services. 藉由將內部部署資源複寫至 Azure 來執行實際的移轉。Perform the actual migration, by replicating on-premises resources to Azure.
  • 管理成本和計費。Manage costs and billing. 了解在 Azure 中控制成本所需的工具。Understand the tools required to control costs in Azure.
  • 最佳化及升階。Optimize and promote. 將工作負載升階至生產環境之前,先針對成本和效能平衡進行最佳化。Optimize for cost and performance balance before promoting your workload to production.
  • 取得協助。Get assistance. 在移轉或移轉後活動期間取得說明和支援。Get help and support during your migration or post-migration activities.

我們假設您已部署登陸區域,並且已遵循雲端採用架構就緒方法中的最佳做法。It is assumed that a landing zone has already been deployed, in alignment with the best practices in the Cloud Adoption Framework's Ready methodology.