建置技術技能Build technical skills

組織和環境 (技術) 準備工作可能需要技術與非技術性參與者的新技能。Organizational and environmental (technical) readiness can require new skills for technical and nontechnical contributors. 下列資訊可協助您的組織建立必要的技能。The following information can help your organization build the necessary skills.

組織整備程度的學習路徑Organizational readiness learning paths

根據與雲端採用工作相關聯的動機和業務成果,領導人可能需要建立新的組織結構或虛擬小組,以促進各種功能。Depending on the motivations and business outcomes that are associated with a cloud-adoption effort, leaders may need to establish new organizational structures or virtual teams to facilitate various functions. 下列文章可協助您的組織開發必要的技能,以結構這些團隊來滿足所需的結果:The following articles can help your organization develop the necessary skills to structure those teams to meet the desired outcomes:

環境 (技術) 整備程度學習路徑Environmental (technical) readiness learning paths

在準備階段期間,技術人員必須建立遷移登陸區域,以裝載、操作及管理其遷移至雲端的工作負載。During the readiness phase, technical staff have to create a migration landing zone to host, operate, and govern workloads that they migrate to the cloud. 使用下列路徑來加速開發所需的技能:Use the following paths to accelerate development of the necessary skills:

  • 建立 azure 帳戶:使用 azure 的第一個步驟是建立帳戶。Create an Azure account: The first step to using Azure is to create an account. 您的帳戶會保留您所布建的 Azure 服務,並處理您的個人設定,例如身分識別、計費和喜好設定。Your account holds the Azure services that you provision and handles your personal settings, like identity, billing, and preferences.
  • Azure 入口網站:導覽 azure 入口網站的功能和服務,以及自訂入口網站。Azure portal: Tour the Azure portal features and services, and customize the portal.
  • Azure 簡介:開始使用 azure。Introduction to Azure: Get started with Azure. 在雲端中建立並設定第一部虛擬機器。Create and configure your first virtual machine in the cloud.
  • Azure 中的安全性簡介:瞭解在雲端中保護基礎結構和資料的基本概念。Introduction to security in Azure: Learn the basic concepts to protect your infrastructure and data in the cloud. 瞭解什麼是您的責任,以及 Azure 的控點。Understand what responsibilities are yours and what Azure handles.
  • 管理 azure 中的資源:瞭解如何透過 azure CLI 和入口網站來建立、管理及控制雲端式資源。Manage resources in Azure: Learn how to work through the Azure CLI and web portal to create, manage, and control cloud-based resources.
  • 建立 VM:使用 Azure 入口網站建立虛擬機器。Create a VM: Use the Azure portal to create a virtual machine.
  • Azure 網路服務:瞭解 azure 網路功能的基本概念,以及如何提升復原能力並減少延遲。Azure network services: Learn Azure networking basics and how to improve resiliency and reduce latency.
  • Azure 計算選項:檢查 azure 計算服務。Azure compute options: Review the Azure compute services.
  • 使用 AZURE Rbac 保護資源:使用 azure 角色型存取控制 (azure rbac) 來保護資源。Secure resources with Azure RBAC: Use Azure role-based access control (Azure RBAC) to secure resources.
  • Azure 儲存體選項:瞭解 azure 資料儲存體的優點。Azure Storage options: Learn about the benefits of Azure data storage.

在準備階段期間,架構設計人員必須設計跨所有 Azure 環境的解決方案。During the readiness phase, architects have to design solutions that span all Azure environments. 下列資源可為這些工作做好準備:The following resources can prepare them for these tasks:

更深入的技能探索Deeper skills exploration

下列資訊說明其他學習的資源。The following information describes resources for additional learning.

雲端 IT 角色的一般對應Typical mappings of cloud IT roles

Microsoft 和合作夥伴會為所有的使用者提供各種選項,以使用 Azure 服務開發技能。Microsoft and partners offer various options for all audiences to develop skills with Azure services.

  • 對應角色和技能:用於對應雲端事業路徑的資源。Map roles and skills: A resource for mapping your cloud career path. 深入瞭解您的雲端角色和建議的技能。Learn about your cloud role and suggested skills. 依照您自己的步調遵循學習課程,建立您最需要的技能,以保持相關。Follow a learning curriculum at your own pace to build the skills that you need most to stay relevant.

  • 探索 azure 認證訓練和測驗 ,以取得您 azure 知識的官方認知。Explore Azure certification training and exams to gain official recognition for your Azure knowledge.

Microsoft LearnMicrosoft Learn

Microsoft Learn 是新的學習方法。Microsoft Learn is a new approach to learning. 針對雲端採用所帶來的新責任做好準備並不容易。Readiness for the new responsibilities that come with cloud adoption doesn't come easily. Microsoft Learn 提供了有價值的學習方法,可協助您更快達成目標。Microsoft Learn provides a rewarding approach to hands-on learning that helps you achieve your goals faster. 贏得點數、觸及新的等級,並達成更多目標。Earn points, reach new levels, and achieve more.

以下是 Microsoft 學習上角色專屬學習路徑的一些範例:The following are a few examples of role-specific learning paths on Microsoft Learn:

  • 商務使用者協助規劃、測試和採用雲端式技術時,可能會遇到過陡的學習曲線。Business users may experience a steep learning curve when they help plan, test, and adopt cloud-based technology. Microsoft 學習課程模組著重于採用雲端模型和工具,以透過雲端式服務更妥善地管理業務。Microsoft Learn modules focus on adopting cloud models and tools for better managing business through cloud-based services.

  • 解決方案架構設計人員可以存取數百個課程模組和學習路徑。Solution architects can access hundreds of modules and learning paths. 可用的主題範圍涵蓋核心基礎結構服務到先進的資料轉換。The available topics range from core infrastructure services to advanced data transformation.

  • 系統管理員可以存取著重在 Azure 基本概念、設定容器,甚至是在雲端中進行先進管理的模組。Administrators have access to modules that focus on Azure fundamentals, configuring containers, and even advanced administration in the cloud.

  • 開發人員 可以使用 Microsoft 的學習資源,在架構、治理、現代化活動期間提供協助。Developers can use Microsoft Learn resources to help during architecture, governance, modernization activities.

深入了解Learn more

如需其他學習路徑,請流覽 Microsoft 學習目錄For additional learning paths, browse the Microsoft Learn catalog. 使用 [角色] 篩選,將學習路徑與您的角色對齊。Use the roles filter to align learning paths with your role.