Azure 的連線能力Connectivity to Azure

本節將擴充網路拓撲,以考慮將內部部署位置連線到 Azure 的建議模型。This section expands on the network topology to consider recommended models for connecting on-premises locations to Azure.

設計考慮:Design considerations:

  • Azure ExpressRoute 提供 Azure 基礎結構即服務的專用私人連線, (IaaS) 和平臺即服務, (PaaS) 內部部署位置的功能。Azure ExpressRoute provides dedicated private connectivity to Azure infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) functionality from on-premises locations.

  • 您可以使用 Private Link 透過具有私人對等互連的 ExpressRoute 來建立 PaaS 服務的連線能力。You can use Private Link to establish connectivity to PaaS services over ExpressRoute with private peering.

  • 當多個虛擬網路連線至相同的 ExpressRoute 線路時,它們會成為相同路由網域的一部分,而且所有虛擬網路都會共用頻寬。When multiple virtual networks are connected to the same ExpressRoute circuit, they'll become part of the same routing domain, and all virtual networks will share the bandwidth.

  • 您可以使用 ExpressRoute 全球存取範圍(如有提供),透過 ExpressRoute 線路將內部部署位置連接在一起,以透過 Microsoft 骨幹網路傳輸流量。You can use ExpressRoute Global Reach, where available, to connect on-premises locations together through ExpressRoute circuits to transit traffic over the Microsoft backbone network.

  • ExpressRoute Global 觸及可在許多 expressroute 對等互連位置中使用。ExpressRoute Global Reach is available in many ExpressRoute peering locations.

  • ExpressRoute Direct 可讓您不需額外成本,即可建立多個 ExpressRoute 線路,最多可達 ExpressRoute Direct 埠容量 (10 Gbps 或 100 Gbps) 。ExpressRoute Direct allows creation of multiple ExpressRoute circuits at no additional cost, up to the ExpressRoute Direct port capacity (10 Gbps or 100 Gbps). 它也可讓您直接連接到 Microsoft 的 ExpressRoute 路由器。It also allows you to connect directly to Microsoft's ExpressRoute routers. 針對 100-Gbps SKU,最小電路頻寬為 5 Gbps。For the 100-Gbps SKU, the minimum circuit bandwidth is 5 Gbps. 若為 10 Gbps SKU,最小電路頻寬為 1 Gbps。For the 10-Gbps SKU, the minimum circuit bandwidth is 1 Gbps.

設計建議:Design recommendations:

  • 使用 ExpressRoute 作為將內部部署網路連線到 Azure 的主要連接通道。Use ExpressRoute as the primary connectivity channel for connecting an on-premises network to Azure. 您可以使用 Vpn 作為備份連線的來源,以增強連線恢復功能。You can use VPNs as a source of backup connectivity to enhance connectivity resiliency.

  • 當您將內部部署位置連線到 Azure 中的虛擬網路時,請使用來自不同對等互連位置的雙重 ExpressRoute 線路。Use dual ExpressRoute circuits from different peering locations when you're connecting an on-premises location to virtual networks in Azure. 這項設定可移除內部部署與 Azure 之間的單一失敗點,以確保 Azure 有重複的路徑。This setup will ensure redundant paths to Azure by removing single points of failure between on-premises and Azure.

  • 當您使用多個 ExpressRoute 線路時,請透過 BGP 本機喜好設定和路徑前面的路徑來優化 expressroute 路由When you use multiple ExpressRoute circuits, optimize ExpressRoute routing via BGP local preference and AS PATH prepending.

  • 根據頻寬和效能需求,確定您使用的是 ExpressRoute/VPN 閘道的正確 SKU。Ensure that you're using the right SKU for the ExpressRoute/VPN gateways based on bandwidth and performance requirements.

  • 在支援的 Azure 區域中部署區域冗余 ExpressRoute 閘道。Deploy a zone-redundant ExpressRoute gateway in the supported Azure regions.

  • 針對需要高於 10 Gbps 或專用 10/100 Gbps 埠的頻寬的案例,請使用 ExpressRoute Direct。For scenarios that require bandwidth higher than 10 Gbps or dedicated 10/100-Gbps ports, use ExpressRoute Direct.

  • 當需要低延遲,或從內部部署至 Azure 的輸送量必須大於 10 Gbps 時,可讓 FastPath 略過資料路徑的 ExpressRoute 閘道。When low latency is required, or throughput from on-premises to Azure must be greater than 10 Gbps, enable FastPath to bypass the ExpressRoute gateway from the data path.

  • 使用 VPN 閘道將分支或遠端位置連接至 Azure。Use VPN gateways to connect branches or remote locations to Azure. 如需更高的復原能力,請在可用) (部署區域冗余閘道。For higher resilience, deploy zone-redundant gateways (where available).

  • 使用 ExpressRoute 全球接觸來連接大型辦公室、區域總部,或透過 ExpressRoute 連接到 Azure 的資料中心。Use ExpressRoute Global Reach to connect large offices, regional headquarters, or datacenters connected to Azure via ExpressRoute.

  • 需要流量隔離或專用頻寬(例如用於分隔生產和非生產環境)時,請使用不同的 ExpressRoute 線路。When traffic isolation or dedicated bandwidth is required, such as for separating production and nonproduction environments, use different ExpressRoute circuits. 它將協助您確保隔離的路由網域,並減輕雜訊鄰近風險。It will help you ensure isolated routing domains and alleviate noisy-neighbor risks.

  • 使用網路效能監控主動監視 ExpressRoute 線路。Proactively monitor ExpressRoute circuits by using Network Performance Monitor.

  • 請勿明確地從單一對等互連位置使用 ExpressRoute 線路。Don't explicitly use ExpressRoute circuits from a single peering location. 這會產生單一失敗點,並讓您的組織容易發生對等互連位置中斷的影響。This creates a single point of failure and makes your organization susceptible to peering location outages.