Azure 登陸區域設計區域Azure landing zone design areas

每個 Azure 登陸區域的執行選項都會提供部署方法和定義的設計原則。Each Azure landing zone implementation option provides a deployment approach and defined design principles. 選擇 [執行] 選項之前,請使用本文來瞭解下表所列的設計領域。Before choosing an implementation option, use this article to gain an understanding of the design areas listed in the following table.


這些設計區域會說明部署登陸區域之前應該考慮的事項。These design areas describe what you should consider prior to deploying a landing zone. 請使用它作為簡單參考。Use it as a simple reference. 如需部署的設計原則和可採取動作的步驟,請參閱 登陸區域的執行選項See the landing zone implementation options for design principles and actionable steps for deployment.

設計區域Design areas

無論部署選項為何,您都應該仔細考慮每個設計區域。Regardless of the deployment option, you should carefully consider each design area. 您的決策會影響每個登陸區域相依的平臺基礎。Your decisions affect the platform foundation on which each landing zone depends.

設計區域Design areas 目標Objective 相關方法Relevant methodologies
企業註冊Enterprise enrollment 針對具有 Azure 承諾用量的企業客戶,適當的租使用者建立和註冊是一個重要的初期步驟。For enterprise customers with an Azure commitment, proper tenant creation and enrollment is an important early step. 就緒Ready
身分識別Identity 身分識別和存取管理是公用雲端中的主要安全性界限。Identity and access management is a primary security boundary in the public cloud. 它是任何安全且完全符合規範之架構的基礎。It's the foundation for any secure and fully compliant architecture. 就緒Ready
網路拓樸和連線能力Network topology and connectivity 網路和連線能力決策是任何雲端架構的重要基礎層面。Networking and connectivity decisions are an equally important foundational aspect of any cloud architecture. 就緒Ready
資源組織Resource organization 隨著雲端採用規模的考慮,訂用帳戶設計和管理群組階層的考慮會影響治理、作業管理和採用模式。As cloud adoption scales, considerations for subscription design and management group hierarchy have an impact on governance, operations management, and adoption patterns. 治理Govern
治理專業領域Governance disciplines 自動化安全性、治理和合規性政策的審核和強制執行。Automate auditing and enforcement of security, governance, and compliance policies. 治理Govern
作業基準Operations baseline 若要在雲端中進行穩定的進行中作業,需要有作業基準才能提供可見度、作業合規性,以及保護和復原功能。For stable, ongoing operations in the cloud, an operations baseline is required to provide visibility, operations compliance, and protect and recover capabilities. 管理Manage
業務持續性和災害復原 (BCDR)Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) 復原是讓應用程式順利運作的關鍵。Resiliency is key for smooth functioning of applications. BCDR 是復原的重要元件。BCDR is an important component of resiliency. BCDR 牽涉到透過備份來保護資料,以及保護應用程式免于透過災難復原中斷。BCDR involves protection of data via backups and protection of applications from outages via disaster recovery. 管理Manage
部署選項Deployment options 調整最適合的工具和範本,以部署登陸區域和支援資源。Align the best tools and templates to deploy your landing zones and supporting resources. 就緒Ready

下一步Next steps

您可以在一段時間內實行這些設計區域,讓您可以成長到雲端作業模型。You can implement these design areas over time so that you can grow into your cloud operating model. 或者,也有豐富的固定實選項,其開頭為每個設計區域上定義的位置。Alternately, there are rich, opinionated implementation options that start with a defined position on each design area.

在瞭解模組化設計區域後,下一步是選擇最符合您雲端採用方案和需求的 登陸區域執行選項With an understanding of the modular design areas, the next step is to choose the landing zone implementation option that best aligns with your cloud adoption plan and requirements.