Azure 虛擬資料中心Azure Virtual Datacenter

在先前的 Azure 虛擬資料中心 (VDC) 方法上,建立了更穩固的平臺架構和實作為基礎。A more robust platform architecture and implementation have been created to build on the prior Azure Virtual Datacenter (VDC) approach. 適用于 Azure 的 Microsoft 雲端採用架構中的企業規模登陸區域現在是大型雲端採用工作的建議方法。Enterprise-scale landing zones in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure are now the recommended approach for larger cloud-adoption efforts.

下列指導方針可作為「雲端採用架構」中 就緒方法 和治理 方法 基礎的重要部分。The following guidance serves as a significant part of the foundation for the Ready methodology and the Govern methodology in the Cloud Adoption Framework. 為了支援進行此轉換的客戶,會在個別的 GitHub 存放庫中封存和維護下列資源。To support customers making this transition, the following resources are archived and maintained in a separate GitHub repository.

  • Azure 虛擬資料中心:本電子書說明如何將企業工作負載部署至 Azure 雲端平臺,同時遵守您現有的安全性和網路原則。Azure Virtual Datacenter: This e-book shows you how to deploy enterprise workloads to the Azure cloud platform while respecting your existing security and networking policies.
  • Azure 虛擬資料中心隨即轉移指南:本白皮書將討論企業 IT 人員和決策者可用來識別及規劃將應用程式和伺服器遷移至 Azure 的程式,並使用隨即轉移方法,同時將其他開發成本降至最低,並將雲端裝載選項優化。Azure Virtual Datacenter lift-and-shift guide: This white paper discusses the process that enterprise IT staff and decision makers can use to identify and plan the migration of applications and servers to Azure using a lift-and-shift approach while minimizing other development costs and optimizing cloud hosting options.