合作夥伴調整策略Strategy for partner alignment

雲端採用架構將雲端採用作為自助活動。The Cloud Adoption Framework approaches cloud adoption as a self-service activity. 目標是要讓每個小組都能透過標準化的方法來支援採用。The objective is to empower each of the teams supporting adoption through standardized approaches. 在實務上,您無法假設自助方法對所有採用活動都已足夠。In practice, you can't assume that a self-service approach will be sufficient for all adoption activities.

成功的雲端採用方案通常至少需要一個層級的支援。Successful cloud adoption programs typically involve at least one level of support. 某些雲端採用工作可能需要多個合作夥伴的支援以共同合作,以達成共同目標。Some cloud adoption efforts may require support from multiple partners working together towards a common goal.

協調合作策略的步驟Steps to align the partnership strategy

在採用 strategizing 階段期間,請務必開始調整您的合作關係策略。It's important to start aligning your partnership strategy during the strategizing phase of adoption. 下列步驟可協助您在採用生命週期的後續階段中移除障礙。The following steps can help remove roadblocks in later phases of the adoption lifecycle.

  1. 開始瞭解支援需求。Start to understand support needs.
  2. 請考慮符合您文化和需求的合作關係選項。Consider partnership options that fit your culture and needs.
  3. 評估夥伴選項的名單。Evaluate a shortlist of partner options.
  4. 開始使用所選合作夥伴的合約和書面書面評論。Begin contract and paperwork reviews with selected partners.

及早完成這些步驟,可確保小組在技術工作開始時成功。Completing these steps early, will ensure success of the team when the technical efforts begin. 本文的下列各節提供每個步驟的指引。The following sections of this article provide guidance for each of these steps.

瞭解支援需求Understanding support needs

在雲端採用生命週期中,各種小組可能需要支援才能成功。Throughout the cloud adoption lifecycle, the various teams may require support to be successful. 以下是一些通常需要的說明類型範例。The following are a few examples of the types of help commonly required.

  • 策略: 支援定義商務策略和支援技術策略。Strategy: Support defining the business strategy and supporting technology strategy.
  • 規劃: 支援探索組合、數位資產的量化評量、雲端採用方案的開發、建立技能方案。Plan: Support with discovery of the portfolio, quantitative assessment of the digital estate, development of a cloud adoption plan, creation of a skilling plan.
  • 就緒: 支援部署登陸區域或可支援雲端採用方案的完整雲端環境。Ready: Support deploying a landing zone or full cloud environment capable of supporting the cloud adoption plan.
  • 遷移: 協助遷移工作負載或建立遷移處理站,以確保音效的遷移程式。Migrate: Assistance migrating workloads or building a migration factory to ensure sound migration processes.
  • 創新: 協助開發新的解決方案,或重建/重新架構現有的解決方案來推動創新。Innovate: Assistance developing new solutions or rebuilding/rearchitecting existing solutions to drive innovation.
  • 管理: 支援或持續受管理的服務,可在雲端環境中提供治理和控制。Govern: Support or ongoing managed services to provide governance and controls across the cloud environment.
  • 管理: 支援或進行中的受控服務,以操作雲端平臺和雲端中裝載的工作負載。Manage: Support or ongoing managed services to operate the cloud platform and the workloads hosted in the cloud.

少數公司具有支援策略、規劃、就緒、採用、治理和管理所需的技能多樣性。Few corporations have the diversity of skills required to support strategy, planning, readiness, adoption, governance, and management. 合作夥伴和其他支援模型通常需要填寫小組技能和責任的差距。Partners and other support models are often necessary to fill in the gaps in the team's skills and responsibilities.

不同的合作選項可協助開發所需的技能、增強人員配置需求,或完全卸載特定的程式。Various partnership options can help develop needed skills, augment staffing requirement, or completely offload-specific processes.

合作關係選項Partnership options

您不只是在雲端旅程中。You are not alone in your cloud journey. 在雲端採用旅程中,有數個選項可支援您的小組。There are several options to support your team throughout your cloud adoption journey.

  • Azure 解決方案提供者 (夥伴) : 與 Azure 專家管理的服務提供者 (MSP) 和其他有服務供應專案與雲端採用架構方法的 Microsoft 合作夥伴聯繫。Azure solution providers (partners): Get connected with Azure expert-managed services providers (MSP) and other Microsoft partners who have service offerings aligned to the Cloud Adoption Framework methodologies.
  • FastTrack for Azure: 使用 Microsoft FastTrack for Azure 程式加快遷移的速度。FastTrack for Azure: Use the Microsoft FastTrack for Azure program to accelerate migration.
  • Azure 移轉計劃 (AMP) : AMP 方案會讓合作夥伴與 Microsoft 員工的混合一致,以加速及支援您的遷移。Azure Migration Program (AMP): The AMP program aligns a mixture of partners and Microsoft employees to accelerate and support your migration.

Azure 解決方案提供者Azure solution providers

Microsoft 認證解決方案提供者專門提供以全球 Microsoft 技術為基礎的新式客戶解決方案。Microsoft certified solution providers specialize in providing modern customer solutions base on Microsoft technologies across the world. 透過具經驗之合作夥伴的協助,在雲端上最佳化您的業務。Optimize your business in the cloud with help from an experienced partner.

尋找雲端解決方案提供者 (CSP)Find a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP). 認證 CSP 可協助您充分利用雲端,方法是評估雲端採用的業務目標,以及找出可符合業務需求並協助企業變得更敏捷且更有效率的適當雲端解決方案。A certified CSP can help take full advantage of the cloud by assessing business goals for cloud adoption, identifying the right cloud solution that meets business needs and helps the business become more agile and efficient.

Azure 專家管理的服務提供者 (MSP) 經過協力廠商 audit,以驗證更高層級的功能,並透過認證的員工 headcounts、客戶參考、大規模的 Azure 年度耗用量和其他準則來示範。Azure expert-managed services providers (MSP) have undergone a third-party audit to validate a higher tier of capability, demonstrated through certified staff headcounts, customer references, annual consumption of Azure at scale, and other criteria.

尋找受控服務合作夥伴Find a managed service partner. Azure 受控服務合作夥伴 (MSP) 可藉由引導雲端旅程的所有層面來協助企業轉移至 Azure。An Azure managed service partner (MSP) helps a business transition to Azure by guiding all aspects of the cloud journey. 從諮詢、移轉和營運管理,雲端 MSP 會向客戶展示採用雲端所能帶來的所有好處。From consulting to migrations and operations management, cloud MSPs show customers all the benefits that come with cloud adoption. 其也可作為單一窗口來提供常見的支援、佈建和帳單體驗,而這些全都是透過彈性的隨用隨付業務模型來進行。They also act as a one-stop shop for common support, provisioning, and the billing experience, all with a flexible pay-as-you-go business model.

在開發雲端採用策略時,雲端策略小組應開始找出可在供應商務目標的夥伴之間提供的解決方案提供者。In parallel to the development of the cloud adoption strategy, the cloud strategy team should start to identify solution providers that can partner in the delivery of business objectives.

FastTrack for AzureFastTrack for Azure

FastTrack for Azure 提供來自 Azure 工程師的直接協助,與夥伴共同協助客戶快速、放心地建置 Azure 解決方案。FastTrack for Azure provides direct assistance from Azure engineers, working hand in hand with partners, to help customers build Azure solutions quickly and confidently. FastTrack 會帶來實際客戶體驗的最佳做法和工具,引領客戶一路完成 Azure 解決方案的安裝、設定、開發和生產,包括:FastTrack brings best practices and tools from real customer experiences to guide customers from setup, configuration, and development to production of Azure solutions, including:

在 FastTrack for Azure 的典型互動期間,Microsoft 會協助您確定企業願景,以成功規劃及開發 Azure 解決方案。During a typical FastTrack for Azure engagement, Microsoft helps to define the business vision to plan and develop Azure solutions successfully. 該小組會評估架構需求,並提供指導方針、設計準則、工具與資源,以協助您建置、部署及管理 Azure 解決方案。The team assesses architectural needs and provides guidance, design principles, tools, and resources to help build, deploy, and manage Azure solutions. 該小組可依要求匹配經驗豐富而可提供部署服務的合作夥伴,並定期聯繫以確保部署進展順利,並協助排除阻礙。The team matches skilled partners for deployment services on request and periodically checks in to ensure that deployment is on track and to help remove blockers.

Azure 移轉計劃 (AMP) Azure Migration Program (AMP)

Azure 移轉計劃 (AMP) 提供混合的技術技能、逐步指南、免費的遷移工具,以及可降低遷移成本的潛在優惠。The Azure Migration Program (AMP) provides a mixture of technical skill building, step-by-step guidance, free migration tools, and potential offers to reduce migration costs.

此程式會使用 FastTrack for Azure 和 Azure 解決方案提供者,在遷移期間改善客戶的成功。The program uses FastTrack for Azure and Azure solution providers to improve customer success during migration.

觀看這段短片,瞭解 Azure 移轉計劃如何協助您。Watch this short video to get an overview of how the Azure Migration Program can help you.

Azure 支援Azure support

如果您有問題或需要協助,請建立支援要求If you have questions or need help, create a support request. 如果您的支援要求需要深入的技術指引,請造訪 Azure 支援計畫 ,以符合您需求的最佳方案。If your support request requires deep technical guidance, visit Azure support plans to align the best plan for your needs.

合作夥伴選項名單Shortlist of partner options

在策略開發期間,很難定義特定的合作關係需求。During strategy development, it's hard to define specific partnership needs. 在雲端採用方案和技能方案的開發期間,這些需求將會成為焦點。During development of the cloud adoption plan and skilling plan, those needs will come into focus.

但是,根據您的小組文化和成熟度,您可能會決定更符合您預期需求的合作關係選項。But, based on the culture and maturity of your team, it may be possible to decide on a partnership option that is more aligned with your expected needs.

選擇上面的一或多個合作關係選項,以縮小要先調查的選項。Choose one or more of the partnership options above to narrow down the options to investigate first.

開始合約和書面評論Begin contract and paperwork reviews

當您名單選項時,可能會有一或多個夥伴存在。如果夥伴之間有清楚的領導者,請使用合作夥伴來開始審核合約和書面工作的流程。As the shortlist of options is reviewed, there will likely be one or more partners that stand out. If there is a clear leader among the partners, start the process to review contracts and paperwork with the partner.

簽約程式可能需要一些時間。The contracting process can take time. 事先審核法律條款,可在您的小組需要協助時,移除一個障礙。Reviewing legal terms ahead of time can remove one barrier to engagement when your teams need help the most.

如果您的公司需要將廠商新增至核准的廠商清單,尤其如此。This is especially true if your company requires vendors to be added to an approved vendor list.

下一步Next steps

當您的合作夥伴對齊策略開始時,您可能會想要先考慮您的 安全性策略After your partner alignment strategy is kicked off, you may want to consider your security strategy next.