Azure Container Registry 中支援的內容格式Content formats supported in Azure Container Registry

使用 Azure Container Registry 中的私人存放庫,可管理其下列中一種內容格式。Use a private repository in Azure Container Registry to manage one of the following content formats.

與 Docker 相容的容器映像Docker-compatible container images

支援下列的 Docker 容器映像格式:The following Docker container image formats are supported:

OCI 映像OCI images

Azure Container Registry 也支援符合映像開放容器計劃 (OCI) 影像格式規格Azure Container Registry also supports images that meet the Open Container Initiative (OCI) Image Format Specification. 封裝格式包含獨一性映像格式 (SIF)Packaging formats include Singularity Image Format (SIF).

Helm 圖表Helm charts

Azure Container Registry 可裝載存放庫Helm 圖表,用來快速地管理及部署 Kubernetes 應用程式的封裝格式。Azure Container Registry can host repositories for Helm charts, a packaging format used to quickly manage and deploy applications for Kubernetes. 支援 Helm 用戶端 2.11.0 版或更新版本。Helm client version 2.11.0 or later is supported.

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