Azure Container Registry SKUAzure Container Registry SKUs

Azure Container Registry (ACR) 具有多個服務層級 (稱為SKU)。Azure Container Registry (ACR) is available in multiple service tiers, known as SKUs. 這些 SKU 會提供可預測的定價,以及數個可符合您在 Azure 之私用 Docker 登錄容量和使用模式的選項。These SKUs provide predictable pricing and several options for aligning to the capacity and usage patterns of your private Docker registry in Azure.

SKUSKU 描述Description
基本Basic 適用於正在學習 Azure Container Registry 之開發人員的成本最佳化進入點。A cost-optimized entry point for developers learning about Azure Container Registry. 基本登錄具有與 Standard 和 Premium 相同的程式設計功能(例如 Azure Active Directory驗證整合映射刪除webhook)。Basic registries have the same programmatic capabilities as Standard and Premium (such as Azure Active Directory authentication integration, image deletion, and webhooks). 不過,內含儲存體和映像輸送量最適合較低的使用方式情節。However, the included storage and image throughput are most appropriate for lower usage scenarios.
StandardStandard 「標準」登錄提供與「基本」相同的功能,並且提高內含儲存體和映像輸送量。Standard registries offer the same capabilities as Basic, with increased included storage and image throughput. 「標準」登錄應該能滿足大部分實際執行案例的需求。Standard registries should satisfy the needs of most production scenarios.
PremiumPremium 「進階」登錄提供最多的內含儲存體和並行作業,可啟用大量情節。Premium registries provide the highest amount of included storage and concurrent operations, enabling high-volume scenarios. 除了更高的映射輸送量以外,Premium 還新增了異地複寫等功能,可跨多個區域管理單一登入、影像標記簽署的內容信任防火牆和虛擬網路(預覽) ,以限制登錄的存取權。In addition to higher image throughput, Premium adds features such as geo-replication for managing a single registry across multiple regions, content trust for image tag signing, firewalls and virtual networks (preview) to restrict access to the registry.

Basic、Standard 和 Premium Sku 全都提供相同的程式設計功能。The Basic, Standard, and Premium SKUs all provide the same programmatic capabilities. 它們也全都受益于 Azure 完全受控的映射儲存體They also all benefit from image storage managed entirely by Azure. 選擇較高層級的 SKU 可提供更多的效能和延展性。Choosing a higher-level SKU provides more performance and scale. 由於有多個服務層級,您可以一開始先使用「基本」,再隨著登錄使用量的增加而轉換為「標準」和「進階」。With multiple service tiers, you can get started with Basic, then convert to Standard and Premium as your registry usage increases.

SKU 功能和限制SKU features and limits

下表詳述「基本」、「標準」和「進階」服務層級的功能和限制。The following table details the features and limits of the Basic, Standard, and Premium service tiers.

資源Resource 基本Basic 標準Standard PremiumPremium
儲存體1Storage1 10 GiB10 GiB 100 GiB100 GiB 500 GiB500 GiB
映像層大小上限Maximum image layer size 200 GiB200 GiB 200 GiB200 GiB 200 GiB200 GiB
每分鐘的 ReadOps2, 3ReadOps per minute2, 3 1,0001,000 3,0003,000 10,00010,000
每分鐘的 WriteOps2, 4WriteOps per minute2, 4 100100 500500 2,0002,000
下載頻寬 Mbps2Download bandwidth MBps2 3030 6060 100100
上傳頻寬 Mbps2Upload bandwidth MBps2 1010 2020 5050
WebhookWebhooks 22 1010 500500
異地複寫Geo-replication N/AN/A N/AN/A 支援Supported
內容信任Content trust N/AN/A N/AN/A 支援Supported
具有私人端點的私人連結Private link with private endpoints N/AN/A N/AN/A 支援Supported
服務端點 VNet 存取Service endpoint VNet access N/AN/A N/AN/A 預覽Preview
客戶管理的金鑰Customer-managed keys N/AN/A N/AN/A 支援Supported
存放庫範圍的權限Repository-scoped permissions N/AN/A N/AN/A 預覽Preview
• 權杖• Tokens N/AN/A N/AN/A 20,00020,000
• 範圍對應• Scope maps N/AN/A N/AN/A 20,00020,000
• 每個範圍對應的存放庫• Repositories per scope map N/AN/A N/AN/A 500500

1指定的儲存體限制為每個層級內含的儲存體數量。1The specified storage limits are the amount of included storage for each tier. 對於超過這些限制的影像儲存,您需要依每 GiB 的每日費率另外支付費用。You're charged an additional daily rate per GiB for image storage above these limits. 如需費率資訊,請參閱 Azure Container Registry 定價For rate information, see Azure Container Registry pricing.

2ReadOpsWriteOps 和「頻寬」是最小預估值。2ReadOps, WriteOps, and Bandwidth are minimum estimates. Azure Container Registry 致力於改善需要使用時的效能。Azure Container Registry strives to improve performance as usage requires.

3docker pull 會根據映像中的圖層數目以及資訊清單擷取,來轉譯為多個讀取作業。3A docker pull translates to multiple read operations based on the number of layers in the image, plus the manifest retrieval.

4docker push 會根據必須推送的圖層數目,來轉譯為多個寫入作業。4A docker push translates to multiple write operations, based on the number of layers that must be pushed. docker push 包含 ReadOps,以擷取現有映像的資訊清單。A docker push includes ReadOps to retrieve a manifest for an existing image.

變更 SKUChanging SKUs

您可以使用 Azure CLI 或在 Azure 入口網站中變更登錄的 SKU。You can change a registry's SKU with the Azure CLI or in the Azure portal. 只要您要切換的 SKU 具有所需的最大儲存容量,您就可以在 Sku 之間自由移動。You can move freely between SKUs as long as the SKU you're switching to has the required maximum storage capacity.

Azure CLIAzure CLI

若要在 Azure CLI 中改用其他 SKU,請使用 az acr update 命令。To move between SKUs in the Azure CLI, use the az acr update command. 例如,若要改用進階:For example, to switch to Premium:

az acr update --name myregistry --sku Premium

Azure 入口網站Azure portal

在 Azure 入口網站的容器登錄 [概觀]**** 中,選取 [更新]****,然後從 SKU 下拉式清單中選取新的 SKUIn the container registry Overview in the Azure portal, select Update, then select a new SKU from the SKU drop-down.

在 Azure 入口網站中更新容器登錄 SKU


如需每個 Azure Container Registry SKU 的定價資訊,請參閱 Container Registry 定價For pricing information on each of the Azure Container Registry SKUs, see Container Registry pricing.

如需資料傳輸定價的詳細資訊,請參閱頻寬定價詳細資料For details about pricing for data transfers, see Bandwidth Pricing Details.

後續步驟Next steps

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