Azure Cosmos DB etcd API (預覽) 簡介Introduction to the Azure Cosmos DB etcd API (preview)

Azure Cosmos DB 是 Microsoft 的全域分散式多模型資料庫服務,供任務關鍵性應用程式。Azure Cosmos DB is Microsoft's globally distributed, multi-model database service for mission-critical applications. 它提供周全全域散發、 彈性調整的輸送量和儲存體、 個位數毫秒延遲時間的第 99 個百分位數,並保證高可用性,全都享有領先業界的 SLA 的。It offers turnkey global distribution, elastic scaling of throughput and storage, single-digit millisecond latencies at the 99th percentile, and guaranteed high availability, all backed by industry-leading SLA's.

Etcd是分散式的索引鍵/值存放區。Etcd is a distributed key/value store. Kubernetes,etcd 用來儲存的 Kubernetes 叢集組態和狀態。In Kubernetes, etcd is used to store the state and the configuration of the Kubernetes clusters. 確保可用性、 可靠性和效能是 etcd 的整體叢集健全狀況、 延展性、 彈性的可用性和 Kubernetes 叢集的效能很重要的。Ensuring availability, reliability, and performance of etcd is crucial to the overall cluster health, scalability, elasticity availability, and performance of a Kubernetes cluster.

Azure Cosmos DB 中的 etcd API 可讓您使用 Azure Cosmos DB 做為後端存放區Azure KubernetesThe etcd API in Azure Cosmos DB allows you to use Azure Cosmos DB as the backend store for Azure Kubernetes. Azure Cosmos DB 中的 etcd API 目前為預覽狀態。etcd API in Azure Cosmos DB is currently in preview. Azure Cosmos DB 實作 etcd 有線通訊協定。Azure Cosmos DB implements the etcd wire protocol. 使用 Azure Cosmos DB 中的 etcd API,讓開發人員自動獲得高度可靠,可用分散在世界各地Kubernetes。With etcd API in Azure Cosmos DB, developers will automatically get highly reliable, available, globally distributed Kubernetes. 此 API 可讓開發人員在完全受控的雲端原生 PaaS 服務可以擴充 Kubernetes 狀態管理。This API allows developers to scale Kubernetes state management on a fully managed cloud native PaaS service.


不同於 Azure Cosmos DB 中的其他 Api,您無法佈建的 etcd API 帳戶,透過 Azure 入口網站、 CLI 或 Sdk。Unlike other APIs in Azure Cosmos DB, you cannot provision an etcd API account through the Azure portal, CLI or SDKs. 您可以藉由部署 Resource Manager 範本; 佈建 etcd API 帳戶如需詳細步驟,請參閱 < 如何佈建使用 Azure Cosmos DB 的 Azure Kubernetes文章。You can provision an etcd API account by deploying the Resource Manager template only; for detailed steps, see How to provision Azure Kubernetes with Azure Cosmos DB article. Azure Cosmos DB etcd API 目前處於有限預覽狀態。Azure Cosmos DB etcd API is currently in limited preview. 您可以註冊預覽版,填寫註冊表單。You can sign-up for the preview, by filling out the sign-up form.

網路相容性層級Wire level compatibility

Azure Cosmos DB 實作 etcd 第 3 版,有線通訊協定,並可讓主要節點API 伺服器,以使用 Azure Cosmos DB,它會在本機安裝的 etcd 環境中執行一樣。Azure Cosmos DB implements the wire-protocol of etcd version 3, and allows the master node's API servers to use Azure Cosmos DB just like it would do in a locally installed etcd environment. Etcd API 支援的 TLS 相互驗證。The etcd API supports TLS mutual authentication.

下圖顯示的 Kubernetes 叢集的元件。The following diagram shows the components of a Kubernetes cluster. 在叢集主機上,API 伺服器會使用 Azure Cosmos DB etcd API,而不是安裝在本機的 etcd。In the cluster master, the API Server uses Azure Cosmos DB etcd API, instead of locally installed etcd.

Azure Cosmos DB 實作 etcd 有線-通訊協定

主要權益Key benefits

沒有 etcd 作業管理No etcd operations management

Azure Cosmos DB 受到完整管理的原生雲端服務,不需要設定和管理 etcd Kubernetes 開發人員。As a fully managed native cloud service, Azure Cosmos DB removes the need for Kubernetes developers to set up and manage etcd. Azure Cosmos DB 中的 API etcd 是可擴充、 高可用性、 容錯,,並提供高效能。The etcd API in Azure Cosmos DB is scalable, highly available, fault tolerant, and offers high performance. 額外負荷的設定複寫,跨多個節點,執行輪流更新,安全性修補程式,以及監視 etcd 健全狀況由 Azure Cosmos DB 的方式來處理。The overhead of setting up replication across multiple nodes, performing rolling updates, security patches, and monitoring the etcd health are handled by Azure Cosmos DB.

全域散發和高可用性Global distribution & high availability

藉由使用 etcd API,Azure Cosmos DB 讀取資料保證 99.99%的可用性,並跨多個區域寫入在單一區域,並可享有達 99.999%的可用性。By using etcd API, Azure Cosmos DB guarantees 99.99% availability for data reads and writes in a single region, and 99.999% availability across multiple regions.

彈性延展性Elastic scalability

Azure Cosmos DB 會提供彈性的延展性進行讀取和寫入要求跨不同區域。Azure Cosmos DB offers elastic scalability for read and write requests across different regions. Kubernetes 叢集中增加時,Azure Cosmos DB 中的 etcd API 帳戶彈性會調整而不需要停機。As the Kubernetes cluster grows, the etcd API account in Azure Cosmos DB elastically scales without any downtime. 在 Azure Cosmos DB 中,儲存 etcd 資料,而不 Kubernetes 的主要節點也可讓更有彈性調整的主要節點。Storing etcd data in Azure Cosmos DB, instead of the Kubernetes master nodes also enables more flexible master node scaling.

安全性與企業整備Security & enterprise readiness

當 etcd 資料會儲存在 Azure Cosmos DB 中時,Kubernetes 開發人員會自動獲得內建的加密在靜止認證與合規性,和備份與還原功能Azure Cosmos DB 所支援。When etcd data is stored in Azure Cosmos DB, Kubernetes developers automatically get the built-in encryption at rest, certifications and compliance, and backup and restore capabilities supported by Azure Cosmos DB.

後續步驟Next steps