Azure Cosmos DB 資料表 .NET API:下載和版本資訊Azure Cosmos DB Table .NET API: Download and release notes

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快速入門Quickstart Azure Cosmos DB:使用 .NET 和資料表 API 建置應用程式 (英文)Azure Cosmos DB: Build an app with .NET and the Table API
教學課程Tutorial Azure Cosmos DB:在 .NET 中利用資料表 API 進行開發Azure Cosmos DB: Develop with the Table API in .NET
目前支援的架構Current supported framework Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1


.NET Framework SDK Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table 現為維護模式,且即將被取代。The .NET Framework SDK Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table is in maintenance mode and it will be deprecated soon. 請升級至新的.NET Standard 程式庫Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Table,才能繼續取得資料表 API 支援的最新功能。Please upgrade to the new .NET Standard library Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Table to continue to get the latest features supported by the Table API.

如果您在預覽期間建立了資料表 API 帳戶,請建立新表格 API 帳戶以使用正式推出的資料表 API SDK。If you created a Table API account during the preview, please create a new Table API account to work with the generally available Table API SDKs.

版本資訊Release notes

  • 錯誤修正Bug fixes

  • 已新增多區域寫入支援Added Multi-region write support
  • 已修正 Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB、Microsoft.OData.Core、Microsoft.OData.Edm、Microsoft.Spatial 上的 NuGet 套件相依性Fixed NuGet package dependencies on Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB, Microsoft.OData.Core, Microsoft.OData.Edm, Microsoft.Spatial

  • 已修正 Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Common 和 Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB 上的 NuGet 套件相依性。Fixed NuGet package dependencies on Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Common and Microsoft.Azure.DocumentDB.
  • 設定 JsonConvert.DefaultSettings 時將資料表序列化的錯誤修正。Bug fixes on table serialization when JsonConvert.DefaultSettings are configured.

  • 新增格式錯誤的 ETAG 在「直接模式」中的驗證。Added validation for malformed ETAGs in Direct Mode.
  • 修正閘道模式中 LINQ 的查詢錯誤 (bug)。Fixed LINQ query bug in Gateway Mode.
  • 同步 API 現在使用 SynchronizationContext 在執行緒集區上執行。Synchronous APIs now run on the thread pool with SynchronizationContext.

  • 將 TableQueryMaxItemCount、TableQueryEnableScan、TableQueryMaxDegreeOfParallelism 及 TableQueryContinuationTokenLimitInKb 新增至 TableRequestOptionsAdd TableQueryMaxItemCount, TableQueryEnableScan, TableQueryMaxDegreeOfParallelism, and TableQueryContinuationTokenLimitInKb to TableRequestOptions
  • 錯誤修正Bug Fixes

  • 公開上市版本General availability release


  • 初始預覽版本Initial preview release

發行和停用日期Release and Retirement dates

Microsoft 至少會在停用 SDK 的 12 個月 之前提供通知,以供順利轉換至較新/支援的版本。Microsoft provides notification at least 12 months in advance of retiring an SDK in order to smooth the transition to a newer/supported version.

Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table程式庫目前僅適用于 .NET Framework, 而且處於維護模式, 即將淘汰。The Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table library is currently available for .NET Framework only, and is in maintenance mode and will be deprecated soon. 新的特性和功能和優化只會新增至 .NET Standard 程式庫Cosmos, 因此建議您升級至Cosmos. table. 資料表New features and functionalities and optimizations are only added to the .NET Standard library Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Table, as such it is recommended that you upgrade to Microsoft.Azure.Cosmos.Table. 已淘汰預覽套件。The WindowsAzure.Storage-PremiumTable preview package has been deprecated. WindowsAzure.Storage-PremiumTable SDK 將於 2018 年 11 月 15 日淘汰,屆時不允許使用已停用 SDK 的要求。The WindowsAzure.Storage-PremiumTable SDK will be retired on November 15, 2018, at which time requests to the retired SDK will not be permitted.

服務會拒絕使用已停用 SDK 的任何 Azure Cosmos DB 要求。Any requests to Azure Cosmos DB using a retired SDK are rejected by the service.

VersionVersion 發行日期Release Date 停用日期Retirement Date 2019 年 1 月 22 日January 22, 2019 2020年4月01日April 01, 2020 2018 年 9 月 26 日September 26, 2018 2020年3月01日March 01, 2020 2018 年 7 月 17 日July 17, 2018 2019年12月01日December 01, 2019 2018 年 3 月 26 日March 26, 2018 2019年12月01日December 01, 2019 2018 年 2 月 21 日February 21, 2018 2019年12月01日December 01, 2019 2017 年 11 月 15 日November 15, 2017 2019年11月15日November 15, 2019
0.9.0-preview0.9.0-preview 2017 年 11 月 11 日November 11, 2017 2019年11月11日November 11, 2019


如果發生錯誤If you get the error

Unable to resolve dependency 'Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Common'. Source(s) used: '', 
'CliFallbackFolder', 'Microsoft Visual Studio Offline Packages', 'Microsoft Azure Service Fabric SDK'`

(在嘗試使用 Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table NuGet 套件時),有兩個選項可以修正這個問題:when attempting to use the Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table NuGet package, you have two options to fix the issue:

  • 使用套件管理器主控台安裝 Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table 套件和其相依項目。Use Package Manage Console to install the Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table package and its dependencies. 若要這樣做,請在方案的套件管理器主控台中輸入下列項目。To do this, type the following in the Package Manager Console for your solution.

    Install-Package Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table -IncludePrerelease
  • 使用慣用的 NuGet 套件管理工具,先安裝 Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Common NuGet 套件,再安裝 Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table。Using your preferred NuGet package management tool, install the Microsoft.Azure.Storage.Common NuGet package before installing Microsoft.Azure.CosmosDB.Table.


1.SDK 將要停用時,將如何通知客戶?1. How will customers be notified of the retiring SDK?

Microsoft 會在停用 SDK 支援結束的 12 個月前事先通知,以利順暢轉換至支援的 SDK。Microsoft will provide 12 month advance notification to the end of support of the retiring SDK in order to facilitate a smooth transition to a supported SDK. 此外,客戶會透過多種通訊管道收到通知,包括 Azure 管理入口網站、開發人員中心、部落格文章,以及直接連絡指派的服務管理員。Further, customers will be notified through various communication channels – Azure Management Portal, Developer Center, blog post, and direct communication to assigned service administrators.

2.在 12 個月的期間內,客戶是否可以使用「即將」停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 來撰寫應用程式?2. Can customers author applications using a "to-be" retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK during the 12 month period?

可以,在 12 個月的寬限期內,客戶可以使用「即將」停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 來完整撰寫、部署及修改應用程式。Yes, customers will have full access to author, deploy and modify applications using the "to-be" retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK during the 12 month grace period. 仍建議客戶在 12 個月的寬限期內,視情況移轉至較新的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 支援版本。During the 12 month grace period, customers are advised to migrate to a newer supported version of Azure Cosmos DB SDK as appropriate.

3.在 12 個月的通知期後,客戶是否能使用停用的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK,來撰寫及修改應用程式?3. Can customers author and modify applications using a retired Azure Cosmos DB SDK after the 12 month notification period?

SDK 在 12 個月的通知期後將會停用,After the 12 month notification period, the SDK will be retired. 屆時 Azure Cosmos DB 平台將不允許應用程式使用停用的 SDK 來存取 Azure Cosmos DB。Any access to Azure Cosmos DB by an applications using a retired SDK will not be permitted by the Azure Cosmos DB platform. 此外,Microsoft 不會為已停用的 SDK,提供客戶支援服務。Further, Microsoft will not provide customer support on the retired SDK.

4.如果客戶正在執行的應用程式使用不支援的 Azure Cosmos DB SDK 版本,會發生什麼事?4. What happens to Customer’s running applications that are using unsupported Azure Cosmos DB SDK version?

任何以停用 SDK 版本來連線 Azure Cosmos DB service 服務的嘗試都會被拒絕。Any attempts made to connect to the Azure Cosmos DB service with a retired SDK version will be rejected.

5.新特性和功能會套用到所有未停用的 SDK 嗎?5. Will new features and functionality be applied to all non-retired SDKs?

新特性和功能只會新增到新版本。New features and functionality will only be added to new versions. 如果您使用的是未停用的舊版 SDK,您的 Azure Cosmos DB 要求仍會照舊執行,但是無法存取任何新功能。If you are using an old, non-retired, version of the SDK your requests to Azure Cosmos DB will still function as previous but you will not have access to any new capabilities.

6.如果我在截止日前無法更新應用程式,該怎麼辦?6. What should I do if I cannot update my application before a cut-off date?

我們建議您盡早升級至最新的 SDK。We recommend that you upgrade to the latest SDK as early as possible. 在 SDK 標記為停用之後,您有 12 個月的時間可以更新應用程式。Once an SDK has been tagged for retirement you will have 12 months to update your application. 如果您基於任何理由,而無法在此期間內完成應用程式更新,請在截止日前連絡 Cosmos DB 團隊 並要求協助。If, for whatever reason, you cannot complete your application update within this timeframe then please contact the Cosmos DB Team and request their assistance before the cutoff date.

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