Cloudyn 逐步解說訓練影片Cloudyn walk-through training videos

下列影片提供示範來引導您開始使用 Cloudyn並運用其功能。The following videos provide demonstrations to walk you through getting started with Cloudyn and using its features. Cloudyn 支援多重雲端成本追蹤和最佳化,包括 Microsoft Azure、Amazon Web Services 與 Google Cloud Platform。Cloudyn supports multi-cloud cost tracking and optimization including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.


Cloudyn 即將在 2020 年底淘汰。Cloudyn is being deprecated by the end of 2020. 現有的 Cloudyn 功能會盡可能直接整合到 Azure 入口網站中。Existing Cloudyn features are being integrated directly into the Azure portal wherever possible. 除了 CSP 客戶以外,目前沒有任何新的客戶可以上線。With the exception of CSP customers, no new customers can onboard at this time. 現有產品在完全淘汰之前將保有其支援。Support for the existing product will remain until it is fully deprecated. 若要了解如何判斷 Azure 成本管理還是 Cloudyn 較符合您的成本管理需求,請參閱選擇 Azure 成本管理和 CloudynFor information about determining whether Azure Cost Management or Cloudyn is best for your cost management needs, see Choose between Azure Cost Management and Cloudyn.

概觀影片Overview video

Cloudyn 簡介 (英文)Introduction to Cloudyn

逐步解說影片Walk-through videos

使用 Cloudyn 分析您的雲端計費資料與時間 (英文)Analyzing your cloud billing data vs. time with Cloudyn

將使用者新增至 Cloudyn (英文)Adding Users to Cloudyn

在 Cloudyn 中建立成本實體階層 (英文)Creating a Cost Entity Hierarchy in Cloudyn

在 Cloudyn 中將 VM 大小最佳化 (英文)Optimizing VM Size in Cloudyn

在 Cloudyn 中定義成本配置模型 (英文)Defining a Cost Allocation Model in Cloudyn

在 Cloudyn 中定義自訂費用 (英文)Defining Custom Charges in Cloudyn

如何尋找您的 EA 註冊識別碼和 API 金鑰以用於 Cloudyn (英文)How to Find Your EA Enrollment ID and API Key for use in Cloudyn

尋找您的 Directory GUID 與 Rate ID 以用於 Cloudyn (英文)Finding your Directory GUID and Rate ID for use in Cloudyn

在 Cloudyn 中指派帳戶與訂用帳戶給成本實體 (英文)Assigning Accounts and Subscriptions to Cost Entities in Cloudyn

使用 Cloudyn 連線至 Azure Resource Manager (英文)Connecting to Azure Resource Manager with Cloudyn

使用 Cloudyn 分析您的雲端計費資料 (英文)Analyzing your cloud billing data with Cloudyn