2020 年 2 月February 2020

這些功能和 Azure Databricks 平臺改進已于2020年2月發行。These features and Azure Databricks platform improvements were released in February 2020.


發行是暫存的。Releases are staged. 在初始發行日期之後,您的 Azure Databricks 帳戶可能不會更新到一周。Your Azure Databricks account may not be updated until up to a week after the initial release date.

適用於 Genomics GA 的 Databricks Runtime 6.4Databricks Runtime 6.4 for Genomics GA

2020年2月26日February 26, 2020

Genomics 的 Databricks Runtime 6.4 是以 Databricks Runtime 6.4 為基礎。Databricks Runtime 6.4 for Genomics is built on top of Databricks Runtime 6.4. 它包含從 Databricks Runtime 6.3 Genomics 的許多增強功能和升級。It includes many improvements and upgrades from Databricks Runtime 6.3 for Genomics.

主要功能包括:The key features are:

  • 您現在可以自訂 DNASeqYou can now customize DNASeq. 管線使用者可以選擇性地停用讀取對齊、變化呼叫和變異批註階段的任何合法組合。Pipeline users can selectively disable any legitimate combination of the read alignment, variant calling, and variant annotation stages. 使用者也可以執行單一端點的讀取對齊。Users can also perform single-end read alignment.
  • 適用于 Genomics 的 Databricks Runtime 6.4 中包含的 發光 版本現在會針對先前透過 SQL 運算式公開的函式,提供 Python 和 Scala api。The version of Glow included in Databricks Runtime 6.4 for Genomics now provides Python and Scala APIs for functions previously exposed only via SQL expressions. 這些函式適用于資料框架作業,可提供更佳的編譯時間安全性。These functions are available for DataFrame operations, providing improved compile-time safety.

如需詳細資訊,請參閱完整的 Databricks Runtime 6.4 Genomics 版本資訊。For details, see the complete Databricks Runtime 6.4 for Genomics release notes.

Databricks Runtime 6.4 ML GADatabricks Runtime 6.4 ML GA

2020年2月26日February 26, 2020

Databricks Runtime 6.4 ML GA 提供程式庫升級,包括:Databricks Runtime 6.4 ML GA brings library upgrades, including:

  • PyTorch:1.3.1 至1.4。0PyTorch: 1.3.1 to 1.4.0
  • Horovod:0.18.2 至1.19。0Horovod: 0.18.2 to 1.19.0

如需詳細資訊,請參閱 Machine Learning 版本資訊的完整 Databricks Runtime 6.4For details, see the complete Databricks Runtime 6.4 for Machine Learning release notes.

Databricks Runtime 6.4 GADatabricks Runtime 6.4 GA

2020年2月26日February 26, 2020

Databricks Runtime 6.4 GA 引進了新功能、增強功能以及許多 bug 修正。Databricks Runtime 6.4 GA brings new features, improvements, and many bug fixes.

  • 使用自動載入器以累加方式處理新的資料檔案 (公開預覽) 。Process new data files incrementally with Auto Loader (Public Preview). 自動載入器可讓您更有效率地以累加方式處理新的資料檔案,因為它們會在 ETL 期間抵達雲端 blob 存放區。Auto Loader gives you a more efficient way to process new data files incrementally as they arrive on a cloud blob store during ETL. 這是超越以檔案為基礎之結構化串流的改進,其會藉由重複列出雲端目錄並追蹤已看到的檔案,來識別新檔案,而且在目錄成長時可能會非常有效率。This is an improvement over file-based structured streaming, which identifies new files by repeatedly listing the cloud directory and tracking the files that have been seen, and can be very inefficient as the directory grows.
  • 使用等冪重試將資料載入 Delta Lake (公開預覽) 。Load data into Delta Lake with idempotent retries (Public Preview). COPY INTOSQL 命令可讓您將資料載入 Delta Lake, (公開預覽) 的等冪重試。The COPY INTO SQL command lets you load data into Delta Lake with idempotent retries (Public Preview). 若要立即將資料載入 Delta Lake,您必須使用 Apache Spark 資料框架 Api。To load data into Delta Lake today you have to use Apache Spark DataFrame APIs. 如果載入期間發生失敗,您必須有效地處理它們。If there are failures during loads, you have to handle them effectively.
  • 差異資料表上所有寫入、更新和刪除作業的度量現在會顯示在資料表歷程記錄中。Operation metrics for all writes, updates, and deletes on a Delta table now shown in table history.
  • 現在 Azure Databricks 筆記本中預設會啟用內嵌 Matplotlib 圖 (公開預覽) 。Inline Matplotlib figures now enabled by default in Azure Databricks notebooks (Public Preview).

如需詳細資訊,請參閱完整的 Databricks Runtime 6.4 版本資訊。For details, see the complete Databricks Runtime 6.4 release notes.

新的互動式圖表提供豐富的用戶端互動New interactive charts offer rich client-side interactions

2019年2月25日-3 月3日:3.14 版Feb 25 - March 3, 2019: Version 3.14

此版本引進了兩種新的互動式圖表類型,可取代橫條圖和折線圖的實作為。This release introduces two new interactive chart types that replace the bar chart and line chart implementations. 除了現有的圖表功能,折線圖也有一些新的自訂繪圖選項:設定 Y 軸範圍、顯示或隱藏標記,以及將記錄刻度套用至 Y 軸。In addition to existing chart functionality, the line chart has a few new custom plot options: setting a Y-axis range, showing or hiding markers, and applying log scale to the Y-axis. 這兩個圖表都有內建的工具列,可支援一組豐富的用戶端互動。Both charts have a built-in toolbar that supports a rich set of client-side interactions.

圖表工具列Chart toolbar

如果您想要使用現有的圖表執行,您可以從 [ 舊版圖表 ] 下拉式功能表中選取它們。If you want to use the existing chart implementations, you can select them from the Legacy Charts drop-down menu. 現有的圖表將繼續使用先前可用的執行。Existing charts will continue to use the previously available implementations.

舊版圖表類型Legacy chart types

新的資料內嵌網路會新增與 Delta Lake 的合作夥伴整合 (公開預覽)New data ingestion network adds partner integrations with Delta Lake (Public Preview)

2020年2月24日February 24, 2020

現在您可以輕鬆地將您的「lakehouse」(data lake)提供給資料倉儲所提供的資料結構和資料管理功能類型,從數百個數據源到 Delta Lake。Now you can easily populate your “lakehouse”—your data lake empowered by the kinds of data structures and data management features you typically get with a data warehouse—from hundreds of data sources into Delta Lake. 此網路的核心是新的合作夥伴整合資源庫,可從您的工作區存取,並透過我們的合作夥伴 Fivetran、Qlik sense、Infoworks、StreamSets 和 Syncsort,提供大量資料來源網路的存取權。At the heart of this network is the new Partner Integrations gallery, accessible from your workspace and providing access to a huge network of data sources via our partners Fivetran, Qlik, Infoworks, StreamSets, and Syncsort.

合作夥伴整合入口網站Partner integrations portal

如需總覽,請參閱我們的 blogFor an overview, see our blog. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 合作夥伴資料整合。For details, see Partner data integrations.

已自動將工作區建立者新增為 Azure Databricks 系統管理員Workspace creator automatically added as an Azure Databricks admin

2020年2月24日February 24, 2020

2月24日之前2020,如果使用者在 Azure 入口網站中按一下 [ 啟動工作區 ] 按鈕,或已新增為工作區中已有系統管理員使用者的使用者新增為工作區的系統管理員,則建立 Azure Databricks 工作區的使用者,只會新增為工作區的系統管理員使用者, (按一下 [ 啟動工作區 ] 按鈕之訂用) Before February 24, 2020, the user who created an Azure Databricks workspace would only be added as an admin user for the workspace if she also clicked the Launch Workspace button in the Azure Portal or was added as an admin by a user who was already an admin user in the workspace (any Azure Contributor for the subscription who clicked the Launch Workspace button would be created as an admin user in the workspace). 現在會自動將建立工作區的使用者新增為工作區系統管理員。Now the user who creates the workspace will be added automatically as a workspace admin.

如需建立和啟動工作區的詳細資訊,請參閱管理您的訂用帳戶For details about creating and launching workspaces, see Manage your subscription

用來管理工作區安全性和筆記本功能的旗標現已開放下載Flags to manage workspace security and notebook features now available

2020年2月4-11 日:版本3.12February 4-11, 2020: Version 3.12

此版本引進新的旗標來管理傳送的安全性標頭,以防止您的工作區遭到攻擊,以及存取筆記本結果下載和 Git 版本控制。This release introduces new flags for managing the security headers that are sent to prevent attacks on your workspace, as well as access to notebook results downloads and Git versioning. 請參閱 管理工作區安全性標頭管理筆記本功能的存取權See Manage workspace security headers and Manage access to notebook features. 預設會啟用這些系統管理選項。All of these administrative options are enabled by default.