設定及管理您的 Azure Boards 專案Configure settings and manage your Azure Boards project

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您可以開始使用 Azure Boards 和設定資源。You can start using Azure Boards and configure resources as you go. 不需要事先工作。No up-front work is required. 大部分設定會定義預設值。Most settings define defaults.

如果您是組織擁有者或專案系統管理員,您可能會想要在一開始就有幾個專案,以確保順暢的操作體驗。As an organization owner or a project admin, there are a few items you might want to attend to at the start, to ensure a smooth operational experience. 如果您擁有大型組織,您會想要考慮其他工作來結構您的專案,以支援多個小組或軟體發展應用程式。If you own a large organization, you'll want to consider additional tasks to structure your projects to support multiple teams or software development apps.

具體來說,請考慮執行下列一項或多項工作:Specifically, consider performing one or more of the following tasks:

將使用者新增至您的專案Add users to your project

第一個工作是確保您組織或群組的所有成員都已加入至您的組織和專案。The first task is to ensure that all members of your organization or group are added to your organization and projects. 針對較小的群組,使用 Microsoft 帳戶 將使用者新增至您的組織和專案會正常運作。For small groups, using Microsoft Accounts to add users to your organization and projects works fine. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱 新增使用者For details, see Add users.

分享您的專案願景並支援共同作業Share your project vision and support collaboration

每個專案都有一個摘要頁面,您可以在其中透過 自述 檔或指向專案 Wiki 來共用資訊。Each project has a summary page where you can share information through README files or by pointing to a project Wiki. 若要為您的專案和共用已建立的進程和程式的使用者提供方向,建議您 設定專案摘要頁面 或布建 WikiTo orient users who are new to your project and share established processes and procedures, we recommend that you set up your project summary page or provision a Wiki.

定義工作追蹤的區域和反復專案路徑Define area and iteration paths for work tracking

如果您支援數個產品或功能區,您可以藉由定義 區域路徑,將問題和工作指派 (基本流程) 或使用者案例和工作, (Agile 程式) 至功能區。If you support several products or feature areas, you can assign issues and tasks (Basic process) or user stories and tasks (Agile process) to a feature area by defining Area Paths. 若要將工作專案指派給特定時間間隔(也稱為短期衝刺),您需要設定 反復專案路徑To assign work items to specific time intervals, also known as sprints, you'll want to configure Iteration Paths. 若要使用 Scrum 工具 — 衝刺待處理專案(backlog)、工作面板和小組容量, — 您必須設定數個短期衝刺。To use the Scrum tools—sprint backlogs, taskboards, and team capacity—you need to configure several sprints. 如需總覽,請參閱 關於區域和反復專案路徑For an overview, see About areas and iteration paths.

反覆運算次數Iterations Areas
預設反覆運算,基本進程 一組範例區域路徑

自訂您的工作專案類型Customize your work item types

您和您的小組可以在建立專案之後立即開始使用所有的工作追蹤工具。You and your team can start using all work-tracking tools immediately after you create a project. 但通常,一或多個使用者想要自訂體驗以符合一或多個商務需求。But often, one or more users want to customize the experience to meet one or more business needs. 雖然您可以透過使用者介面輕鬆地自訂程式,但您會想要建立管理更新和評估要求的方法。Although you can customize the process easily through the user interface, you'll want to establish a methodology for who will manage the updates and evaluate requests.


依預設,加入至 Project Collection Administrators 安全性群組的組織擁有者和使用者會被授與許可權,以建立、編輯和管理用來自訂工作追蹤體驗的流程。By default, organization owners and users added to the Project Collection Administrators security group are granted permission to create, edit, and manage processes used to customize the work-tracking experience. 如果您想要鎖定誰可以執行這些工作,您可以將組織層級的許可權設定為 [ 拒絕]。If you want to lock down who is able to perform these tasks, you can set permissions at the organization-level to Deny.

若要深入了解,請參閱下列文章:To learn more, see these articles:

審核和更新通知Review and update notifications

針對每個專案預先定義一些通知。A number of notifications are predefined for each project. 通知會以訂用帳戶規則為基礎。Notifications are based on subscription rules. 訂用帳戶會從下欄區域發生:Subscriptions arise from the following areas:

如果使用者認為他們收到太多通知,他們可以 退出宣告訂用帳戶。If users believe they're getting too many notifications, they can opt out of a subscription.

個人通知Personal notifications

安裝和管理擴充功能Install and manage extensions

若要將新功能新增至 Azure Boards,請從 Azure DevOps Marketplace安裝擴充功能。To add new features and capabilities to Azure Boards, install extensions from the Azure DevOps Marketplace. 您可以安裝 免費、預覽或付費You can install free, preview, or paid

若要深入瞭解,請參閱 安裝適用于 Azure DevOps 的免費延伸模組。To learn more, see Install free extensions for Azure DevOps. 若要瞭解如何建立您自己的 Azure DevOps 擴充功能,請參閱 開發發行 延伸模組。To learn about building your own Azure DevOps extensions, see developing and publishing extensions.

從使用者介面啟用或移除服務Enable or remove services from the user interface

若要簡化入口網站使用者介面,您可以停用 [選取服務]。To simplify the web portal user interface, you can disable select services. 如果您只使用專案來記錄錯誤,則可以移除面板 以外的所有服務。If you use a project only to log bugs, then you can remove all services except for Boards.

此範例顯示已停用 Test PlansThis example shows that Test Plans has been disabled:

停用服務Disable a service