Azure 資訊保護部署藍圖Azure Information Protection deployment roadmap

*適用于Azure 資訊保護Office 365**Applies to: Azure Information Protection, Office 365*

*適用于AIP 統一標籤用戶端和傳統用戶端**Relevant for: AIP unified labeling client and classic client*


為了提供一致且簡化的客戶體驗,在 2021 年3月 31 日起,Azure 入口網站中 Azure 資訊保護傳統用戶端標籤管理 即將 淘汰To provide a unified and streamlined customer experience, Azure Information Protection classic client and Label Management in the Azure Portal are being deprecated as of March 31, 2021. 此時間範圍可讓所有目前的 Azure 資訊保護客戶使用 Microsoft 資訊保護統一標籤平台轉換至我們統一的標籤解決方案。This time-frame allows all current Azure Information Protection customers to transition to our unified labeling solution using the Microsoft Information Protection Unified Labeling platform. 在正式的淘汰通知 (英文) 中深入了解。Learn more in the official deprecation notice.


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您可以使用下列藍圖頁面中的步驟作為建議,協助您為組織準備、執行和管理 Azure 資訊保護。Use the steps in the following roadmap pages as recommendations to help you prepare for, implement, and manage Azure Information Protection for your organization.

識別您的部署藍圖Identify your deployment roadmap

部署 AIP 之前,請先參閱 AIP 系統需求Before deploying AIP, review the AIP system requirements.

然後,根據您組織的需求和 用帳戶,選擇下列其中一個藍圖:Then, choose one of the following roadmaps, depending on your organization's needs and subscription:

  • 使用分類、標記和保護Use classification, labeling, and protection:

    建議支援訂用帳戶的所有客戶使用。Recommended for any customers with a supporting subscription. 其他功能包括探索敏感性資訊,以及標記檔和電子郵件以進行分類。Additional capabilities include both discovering sensitive information and labeling documents and emails for classification.

    標籤也可以套用保護,為您的使用者簡化此步驟。Labels can also apply protection, simplifying this step for your users.

    使用傳統用戶端所建立的 AIP 標籤和使用 統一標籤平臺的敏感度標籤,都支援此藍圖。This roadmap is supported for both AIP labels created with the classic client, and sensitivity labels that use the unified labeling platform.

    如需詳細資訊,請參閱 AIP 藍圖以分類、標記及保護您的資料For more information, see AIP roadmap to classify, label, and protect your data.

  • 僅使用保護Use protection only:

    如果客戶的訂用帳戶不支援分類和標籤,但支援不含標籤的保護,則建議使用此選項。Recommended for customers with a subscription that doesn't support both classification and labels, but does support protection without labels. 您必須安裝傳統用戶端。You must have the classic client installed.

    如需詳細資訊,請參閱 僅限資料保護的 AIP 藍圖For more information, see AIP roadmap for data protection only.

後續步驟Next steps

當您部署 Azure 資訊保護時,您可能會發現檢查 常見問題的實用,以及其他資源的 [ 資訊與支援 ] 頁面。As you deploy Azure Information Protection, you might find it helpful to check the frequently asked questions, and the information and support page for additional resources.