Rights Management Services SDK 2.1Rights Management Services SDK 2.1


Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 平台可讓開發人員建置利用 Rights Management Services (RMS) 或 Azure Rights Management 以提供資訊保護的應用程式。The Rights Management Services SDK 2.1 platform enables developers to build applications that leverage Rights Management Services (RMS) or Azure Rights Management to provide information protection. RMS SDK 2.1 處理複雜的安全性做法 (例如金鑰管理、加密和解密處理),並提供一個簡化的 API 以輕鬆開發應用程式。The RMS SDK 2.1 handles complex security practices such as key management, encryption and decryption processing and offers a simplified API for easy application development.

開發人員對象Developer audience

RMS SDK 2.1 可從 Microsoft 下載中心的 RMS SDK 2.1 下載頁面取得,可用來建立自訂應用程式以啟用數位資產的版權管理,並實施這些資產的使用規定。The RMS SDK 2.1, available from the RMS SDK 2.1 download page on the Microsoft download center, is used to create custom applications that enable rights management on digital assets and enforce terms-of-use for those assets. 需要 C++ 程式語言的知識。Knowledge of the C++ programming language is required.

如需常見問題的解答,請參閱我們的 RMS 常見問題集的開發人員節For answers to frequently asked questions, see the developers section of our RMS FAQ

執行階段需求求Run-time requirements

如需特定程式設計元素的執行階段需求的詳細資訊,請參閱該元素的參考主題的<需求>一節。For information about the run-time requirements for a particular programming element, see the Requirements section of the reference topic for that element.

主題Topic 描述Description
概觀Overview Rights Management Services (RMS) 是可協助保護數位資訊免於未經授權使用的資訊保護技術。Rights Management Services (RMS) is an information protection technology that helps safeguard digital information from unauthorized use.
快速入門Getting started RMS SDK 2.1 平台可讓開發人員建置利用 RMS 資訊保護的應用程式。The RMS SDK 2.1 platform enables developers to build applications that leverage RMS information protection.
版本資訊Release notes 本主題包含此版本和舊版 RMS SDK 2.1 的相關重要資訊。This topic contains important information about this and previous releases of the RMS SDK 2.1.
開發人員備註Developer notes 本節涵蓋數個重要開發案例的特定指引。This section covers specific guidance for several important development scenarios.
API 參考API reference 本節包含所有 API 元素的參考資料主題。This section contains topics covering reference material for all of the API elements.