Azure Machine Learning Studio (傳統) REST API 錯誤碼Azure Machine Learning Studio (classic) REST API Error Codes

適用於: 適用於。Machine Learning Studio (傳統版) 不適用於。Azure Machine LearningAPPLIES TO: Applies to.Machine Learning Studio (classic) Does not apply to.Azure Machine Learning

Azure Machine Learning Studio (傳統) web 服務上的作業可能會傳回下列錯誤碼。The following error codes could be returned by an operation on an Azure Machine Learning Studio (classic) web service.

BadArgument (HTTP 狀態碼 400)BadArgument (HTTP status code 400)

提供的引數無效。Invalid argument provided.

此類錯誤表示某處提供的引數無效。This class of errors means an argument provided somewhere was invalid. 對於傳遞至 web 服務的項目而言,這可能是 Azure 儲存體的認證或位置。This could be a credential or location of Azure storage to something passed to the web service. 請查看 [詳細資料] 區段中的「程式碼」欄位,以診斷哪個特定的引數無效。Please look at the error "code" field in the "details" section to diagnose which specific argument was invalid.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
BadParameterValueBadParameterValue 所提供的參數值不符合參數上的規則參數The parameter value supplied does not satisfy the parameter rule on the parameter
BadSubscriptionIdBadSubscriptionId 用來評分的訂用帳戶識別碼並不是資源中顯示的識別碼The subscription Id that is used to score is not the one present in the resource
BadVersionCallBadVersionCall 進行 API 呼叫時所傳遞的版本參數無效:{0}。Invalid version parameter was passed during the API call: {0}. 檢查 API 說明頁面,以便傳遞的正確版本並再試一次。Check the API help page for passing the correct version and try again.
BatchJobInputsNotSpecifiedBatchJobInputsNotSpecified 未在要求搭配指定下列必要輸入:{0}。The following required input(s) were not specified with the request: {0}. 請確定已指定所有的輸入資料,然後再試一次。Please ensure all input data is specified and try again.
BatchJobInputsTooManySpecifiedBatchJobInputsTooManySpecified 要求指定的輸入超過服務中所定義的輸入。The request specified more inputs than defined in the service. 接受的輸入清單︰{0}。List of accepted input(s): {0}. 請確定已正確指定所有的輸入資料,然後再試一次。Please ensure all input data is specified correctly and try again.
BlobNameTooLongBlobNameTooLong 針對診斷輸出提供的 Azure Blob 儲存體路徑太長︰{0}。Azure blob storage path provided for diagnostic output is too long: {0}. 縮短路徑並再試一次。Shorten the path and try again.
BlobNotFoundBlobNotFound 無法存取所提供的 Azure Blob - {0}。Unable to access the provided Azure blob - {0}. Azure 錯誤訊息:{1}。Azure error message: {1}.
ContainerIsEmptyContainerIsEmpty 未提供 Azure 儲存體容器名稱。No Azure storage container name was provided. 提供有效的容器名稱,然後再試一次。Provide a valid container name and try again.
ContainerSegmentInvalidContainerSegmentInvalid 容器名稱無效。Invalid container name. 提供有效的容器名稱,然後再試一次。Provide a valid container name and try again.
ContainerValidationFailedContainerValidationFailed Blob 容器驗證失敗,發生下列錯誤︰{0}。Blob container validation failed with this error: {0}.
DataTypeNotSupportedDataTypeNotSupported 提供不支援的資料類型。Unsupported data type provided. 提供有效的資料類型,然後再試一次。Provide valid data type(s) and try again.
DuplicateInputInBatchCallDuplicateInputInBatchCall 批次要求無效。The batch request is invalid. 無法同時指定單一或多個輸入。Cannot specify both single and multiple input at the same time. 從要求中移除其中一個項目,然後再試一次。Remove one of these items from the request and try again.
ExpiryTimeInThePastExpiryTimeInThePast 所提供的到期時間已經過去︰{0}。Expiry time provided is in the past: {0}. 提供未來的到期時間 (UTC),然後再試一次。Provide a future expiry time in UTC and try again. 若永遠不要到期,將到期時間設為 NULL。To never expire, set expiry time to NULL.
IncompleteSettingsIncompleteSettings 診斷設定不完整。Diagnostics settings are incomplete.
InputBlobRelativeLocationInvalidInputBlobRelativeLocationInvalid 未提供 Azure 儲存體 Blob 名稱。No Azure storage blob name provided. 提供有效的 Blob 名稱,然後再試一次。Provide a valid blob name and try again.
InvalidBlobInvalidBlob Blob 的 Blob 規格無效:{0}。Invalid blob specification for blob: {0}. 確認連接字串 / 相對路徑或 SAS 權杖規格正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify that connection string / relative path or SAS token specification is correct and try again.
InvalidBlobConnectionStringInvalidBlobConnectionString 針對其中一個輸入/輸出 Blob 指定的連接字串無效︰{0}。The connection string specified for one of the input/output blobs in invalid: {0}. 請更正此錯誤,然後再試一次。Please correct this and try again.
InvalidBlobExtensionInvalidBlobExtension Blob 參考︰{0} 的副檔名無效或遺漏。The blob reference: {0} has an invalid or missing file extension. 此輸出類型支援的副檔名為:"{1}"。Supported file extensions for this output type are: "{1}".
InvalidInputNamesInvalidInputNames 在要求中指定的服務輸入名稱無效:{0}。Invalid service input name(s) specified in the request: {0}. 請將輸入資料對應至正確的服務輸入,然後再試一次。Please map the input data to the correct service inputs and try again.
InvalidOutputOverrideNameInvalidOutputOverrideName 無效的輸出覆寫名稱︰{0}。Invalid output override name: {0}. 服務沒有使用此名稱的輸出節點。The service does not have an output node with this name. 請傳入要覆寫的正確輸出節點名稱 (需區分大小寫)。Please pass in a correct output node name to override (case sensitivity applies).
InvalidQueryParameterInvalidQueryParameter 無效的查詢參數 '{0}'。Invalid query parameter '{0}'. {1}{1}
MissingInputBlobInformationMissingInputBlobInformation Azure 儲存體 Blob 資訊遺失。Missing Azure storage blob information. 提供有效的連接字串和相對路徑或 URI,然後再試一次。Provide a valid connection string and relative path or URI and try again.
MissingJobIdMissingJobId 未提供作業識別碼。No job Id provided. 第一次提交作業時會傳回作業識別碼。A job Id is returned when a job was submitted for the first time. 確認作業識別碼正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the job Id is correct and try again.
MissingKeysMissingKeys 未提供任何金鑰,或未提供其中一個主要或次要金鑰。No Keys provided or one of Primary or Secondary Key is not provided.
MissingModelPackageMissingModelPackage 未提供模型套件識別碼或模型套件。No model package Id or model package provided. 提供有效的模型套件識別碼或模型套件,然後再試一次。Provide a valid model package Id or model package and try again.
MissingOutputOverrideSpecificationMissingOutputOverrideSpecification 要求遺漏輸出覆寫 {0} 的 Blob 規格。The request is missing the blob specification for output override {0}. 請透過要求指定有效的 Blob 位置,或移除輸出規格 (如果不想要位置覆寫)。Please specify a valid blob location with the request, or remove the output specification if no location override is desired.
MissingRequestInputMissingRequestInput Web 服務預期會有輸入,但未提供任何輸入。The web service expects an input, but no input was provided. 確定根據模型中發佈的輸入連接埠提供有效的輸入,然後再試一次。Ensure valid inputs are provided based on the published input ports in the model and try again.
MissingRequiredGlobalParametersMissingRequiredGlobalParameters 未提供所有必要的 Web 服務參數。Not all required web service parameter(s) provided. 確認模組所預期的參數正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the parameter(s) expected for the module(s) are correct and try again.
MissingRequiredOutputOverridesMissingRequiredOutputOverrides 呼叫已加密的服務端點時,強制針對服務的所有輸出傳入輸出覆寫。When calling an encrypted service endpoint it is mandatory to pass in output overrides for all the service's outputs. 目前遺漏下列輸出的覆寫︰{0}Missing overrides at this time for these outputs: {0}
MissingWebServiceGroupIdMissingWebServiceGroupId 未提供 Web 服務群組識別碼。No web service group Id provided. 提供有效的 Web 服務群組識別碼,然後再試一次。Provide a valid web service group Id and try again.
MissingWebServiceIdMissingWebServiceId 未提供 Web 服務識別碼。No web service Id provided. 提供有效的 Web 服務識別碼,然後再試一次。Provide a valid web service Id and try again.
MissingWebServicePackageMissingWebServicePackage 未提供 Web 服務套件。No web Service package provided. 提供有效的 Web 服務套件,然後再試一次。Provide a valid web service package and try again.
MissingWorkspaceIdMissingWorkspaceId 未提供工作區識別碼。No workspace Id provided. 提供有效的工作區識別碼,然後再試一次。Provide a valid workspace Id and try again.
ModelConfigurationInvalidModelConfigurationInvalid 模型套件中的模型組態無效。Invalid model configuration in the model package. 確定模型組態包含輸出端點定義、標準錯誤端點和標準輸出端點,然後再試一次。Ensure the model configuration contains output endpoint(s) definition, std error endpoint, and std out endpoint and try again.
ModelPackageIdInvalidModelPackageIdInvalid 模型封裝識別碼無效。請確認模型封裝識別碼是否正確,然後再試一次。Invalid model package Id. Verify that the model package Id is correct and try again.
RequestBodyInvalidRequestBodyInvalid 未提供要求本文,或在還原序列化要求本文時發生錯誤。No request body provided or error in deserializing the request body.
RequestIsEmptyRequestIsEmpty 未提供要求。No request provided. 提供有效的要求,然後再試一次。Provide a valid request and try again.
UnexpectedParameterUnexpectedParameter 提供的參數並非預期。Unexpected parameters provided. 確認所有參數名稱的拼寫都正確無誤,只傳遞預期的參數,然後再試一次。Verify all parameter names are spelled correctly, only expected parameters are passed, and try again.
UnknownErrorUnknownError 未知的錯誤。Unknown error.
UserParameterInvalidUserParameterInvalid {0}
WebServiceConcurrentRequestRequirementInvalidWebServiceConcurrentRequestRequirementInvalid 無法變更 {0} Web 服務的並行要求需求。Cannot change concurrent requests requirements for {0} web service.
WebServiceIdInvalidWebServiceIdInvalid 提供的 Web 服務識別碼無效。Invalid web service id provided. Web 服務識別碼應該是有效的 guid。Web service id should be a valid guid.
WebServiceTooManyConcurrentRequestRequirementWebServiceTooManyConcurrentRequestRequirement 無法將並行要求需求設定為 {0} 以上。Cannot set concurrent request requirement to more than {0}.
WebServiceTypeInvalidWebServiceTypeInvalid 提供的 Web 服務類型無效。Invalid web service type provided. 確認有效的 Web 服務類型正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the valid web service type is correct and try again. 有效的 Web 服務類型:{0}。Valid web service types: {0}.

BadArgument (HTTP 狀態碼 400)BadUserArgument (HTTP status code 400)

提供的使用者引數無效。Invalid user argument provided.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
InputMismatchErrorInputMismatchError 輸入資料不符合輸入連接埠結構描述。Input data does not match input port schema.
InputParseErrorInputParseError 剖析輸入向量失敗。Parsing of input vector failed. 確認輸入向量具有正確的資料行數目和資料類型。Verify the input vector has the correct number of columns and data types. 其他詳細資料:{0}。Additional details: {0}.
MissingRequiredGlobalParametersMissingRequiredGlobalParameters 遺漏 Web 服務所預期的參數。Parameter(s) expected by the web service are missing. 確認 Web 服務預期的所有必要參數都正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify all the required parameters expected by the web service are correct and try again.
UnexpectedParameterUnexpectedParameter 確認只傳遞 Web 服務所預期的必要參數,然後再試一次。Verify only the required parameters expected by the web service are passed and try again.
UserParameterInvalidUserParameterInvalid {0}

InvalidOperation (HTTP 狀態碼 400)InvalidOperation (HTTP status code 400)

此要求在目前內容中無效。The request is invalid in the current context.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
CannotStartJobCannotStartJob 無法啟動作業,因為它處於 {0} 狀態。The job cannot be started because it is in {0} state.
IncompatibleModelIncompatibleModel 模型與要求版本不相容。The model is incompatible with the request version. 要求版本僅支援單一資料表輸出模型。The request version only supports single datatable output models.
MultipleInputsNotAllowedMultipleInputsNotAllowed 模型不允許多個輸入。The model does not allow multiple inputs.

LibraryExecutionError (HTTP 狀態碼 400)LibraryExecutionError (HTTP status code 400)

模組執行發生內部程式庫錯誤。Module execution encountered an internal library error.

ModuleExecutionError (HTTP 狀態碼 400)ModuleExecutionError (HTTP status code 400)

模組執行發生錯誤。Module execution encountered an error.

WebServicePackageError (HTTP狀態碼 400)WebServicePackageError (HTTP status code 400)

Web 服務套件無效。Invalid web service package. 確認所提供的 Web 服務套件正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the web service package provided is correct and try again.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
FormatErrorFormatError Web 服務套件的格式不正確。The web service package is malformed. 詳細資料:{0}Details: {0}
RuntimesErrorRuntimesError Web 服務套件圖形無效。The web service package graph is invalid. 詳細資料:{0}Details: {0}
ValidationErrorValidationError Web 服務套件圖形無效。The web service package graph is invalid. 詳細資料:{0}Details: {0}

未經授權 (HTTP 狀態碼 401)Unauthorized (HTTP status code 401)

要求未經授權存取資源。Request is unauthorized to access resource.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
AdminRequestUnauthorizedAdminRequestUnauthorized 未經授權Unauthorized
ManagementRequestUnauthorizedManagementRequestUnauthorized 未經授權Unauthorized
ScoreRequestUnauthorizedScoreRequestUnauthorized 提供的認證無效。Invalid credentials provided.

NotFound (HTTP 狀態碼 404)NotFound (HTTP status code 404)

找不到資源。Resource not found.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
ModelPackageNotFoundModelPackageNotFound 找不到模型套件。Model package not found. 確認模型套件識別碼正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the model package Id is correct and try again.
WebServiceIdNotFoundInWorkspaceWebServiceIdNotFoundInWorkspace 在此工作區下找不到 Web 服務。Web service under this workspace not found. webServiceId 與 workspaceId 不相符。There is a mismatch between the webServiceId and the workspaceId. 確認所提供的 Web 服務是工作區的一部分,然後再試一次。Verify the web service provided is part of the workspace and try again.
WebServiceNotFoundWebServiceNotFound 找不到 Web 服務。Web service not found. 確認 Web 服務識別碼正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the web service Id is correct and try again.
WorkspaceNotFoundWorkspaceNotFound 找不到工作區。Workspace not found. 確認工作區識別碼正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the workspace Id is correct and try again.

RequestTimeout (HTTP 狀態碼 408)RequestTimeout (HTTP status code 408)

無法在允許的時間內完成作業。The operation could not be completed within the permitted time.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
RequestCanceledRequestCanceled 用戶端已取消要求。Request was canceled by the client.
ScoreRequestTimeoutScoreRequestTimeout 執行要求已逾時。Execution request timed out.

衝突 (HTTP 狀態碼 409)Conflict (HTTP status code 409)

資源已經存在。Resource already exists.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
ModelOutputMetadataMismatchModelOutputMetadataMismatch 輸出參數名稱無效。Invalid output parameter name. 嘗試使用中繼資料編輯器模組來重新命名資料行,然後再試一次。Try using the metadata editor module to rename columns and try again.

MemoryQuotaViolation (HTTP 狀態碼 413)MemoryQuotaViolation (HTTP status code 413)

模型已超出指派給它的記憶體配額。The model had exceeded the memory quota assigned to it.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
OutOfMemoryLimitOutOfMemoryLimit 模型消耗超出其適用的記憶體。The model consumed more memory than was appropriated for it. 模型允許的最大記憶體為 {0} MB。Maximum allowed memory for the model is {0} MB. 請檢查您的模型是否有問題。Please check your model for issues.

InternalError (HTTP 狀態碼 500)InternalError (HTTP status code 500)

執行發生內部錯誤。Execution encountered an internal error.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
ContainerProcessTerminatedWithSystemErrorContainerProcessTerminatedWithSystemError 容器程序因系統錯誤而當機The container process crashed with system error
ContainerProcessTerminatedWithUnknownErrorContainerProcessTerminatedWithUnknownError 容器程序因不明錯誤而當機The container process crashed with unknown error
ContainerValidationFailedContainerValidationFailed Blob 容器驗證失敗,發生下列錯誤︰{0}。Blob container validation failed with this error: {0}.
InvalidMemoryConfigurationInvalidMemoryConfiguration InvalidMemoryConfiguration,ConfigValue:{0}InvalidMemoryConfiguration, ConfigValue: {0}
MissingTaskInstanceMissingTaskInstance 未提供引數。No arguments provided. 確認已傳遞有效的引數,然後再試一次。Verify that valid arguments are passed and try again.
PortDataTypeNotSupportedPortDataTypeNotSupported 連接埠識別碼={0} 具有不支援的資料類型:{1}。Port id={0} has an unsupported data type: {1}.
SwaggerGenerationSwaggerGeneration Swagger 產生失敗,詳細資料︰{0}Swagger generation failed, Details: {0}
UnknownJobStatusCodeUnknownJobStatusCode 未知的作業狀態碼 {0}。Unknown job status code {0}.
WebServicePackageInvalidWebServicePackageInvalid InvalidWebServicePackage,詳細資料︰{0}InvalidWebServicePackage, Details: {0}

InternalErrorSystemLowOnMemory (HTTP 狀態碼 500)InternalErrorSystemLowOnMemory (HTTP status code 500)

執行發生內部錯誤。Execution encountered an internal error. 系統記憶體不足。System low on memory. 請再試一次。Please try again.

ModelPackageFormatError (HTTP 狀態碼 500)ModelPackageFormatError (HTTP status code 500)

模型套件無效。Invalid model package. 確認所提供的模型套件正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the model package provided is correct and try again.

WebServicePackageInternalError (HTTP 狀態碼 500)WebServicePackageInternalError (HTTP status code 500)

Web 服務套件無效。Invalid web service package. 確認所提供的 Web 套件正確無誤,然後再試一次。Verify the web package provided is correct and try again.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
ModuleErrorModuleError Web 服務套件圖形無效。The web service package graph is invalid. 詳細資料:{0}Details: {0}

InitializingContainers (HTTP 狀態碼 503)InitializingContainers (HTTP status code 503)

因為容器正在初始化,所以無法執行要求。The request cannot execute as the containers are being initialized.

ServiceUnavailable (HTTP 狀態碼 503)ServiceUnavailable (HTTP status code 503)

服務暫時無法使用。Service is temporarily unavailable.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
NoMoreResourcesNoMoreResources 要求沒有可用的資源。No resources available for request.
RequestThrottledRequestThrottled 要求已針對 {0} 端點進行節流處理。Request was throttled for {0} endpoint. 端點的並行處理上限是 {1}。The maximum concurrency for the endpoint is {1}.
TooManyConcurrentRequestsTooManyConcurrentRequests 傳送的並行要求太多。Too many concurrent requests sent.
TooManyHostsBeingInitializedTooManyHostsBeingInitialized 同時初始化太多的主機。Too many hosts being initialized at the same time. 考慮節流 / 重試。Consider throttling / retrying.
TooManyHostsBeingInitializedPerModelTooManyHostsBeingInitializedPerModel 同時初始化太多的主機。Too many hosts being initialized at the same time. 考慮節流 / 重試。Consider throttling / retrying.

GatewayTimeout (HTTP 狀態碼 504)GatewayTimeout (HTTP status code 504)

無法在允許的時間內完成作業。The operation could not be completed within the permitted time.

錯誤碼Error code 使用者訊息User message
BackendInitializationTimeoutBackendInitializationTimeout 無法在允許的時間內完成 Web 服務初始化。The web service initialization could not be completed within the permitted time.
BackendScoreTimeoutBackendScoreTimeout 無法在允許的時間內完成 Web 服務要求執行。The web service request execution could not be completed within the permitted time.