Contoso 移轉系列Contoso migration series

我們有一系列文章,展示了虛構的組織 Contoso 如何將本地基礎結構遷移到Microsoft Azure雲。We have a series of articles that demonstrates how the fictitious organization Contoso migrates on-premises infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

整個系列文章中包含資訊以及一些案例,用以說明如何設定基礎結構移轉,以及執行不同類型的移轉。The series includes information and scenarios that illustrate how to set up a migration of infrastructure, and run different types of migrations. 隨著方案的進展,其複雜性會增大。Scenarios grow in complexity as they progress. 這些文章將會說明 Contoso 公司如何完成移轉任務,而一般閱讀要點和具體指示則會在下文完整提供。The articles show how the Contoso company completes its migration mission, but pointers for general reading and specific instructions are provided throughout.

移轉文章Migration articles

下表摘要說明這一系列的文章。The articles in the series are summarized in the table below.

  • 由於每種移轉案例的商務目標都略有不同,因此移轉策略也會有所差異。Each migration scenario is driven by slightly different business goals that determine the migration strategy.
  • 針對每個部署案例,我們提供的相關資訊包括:商業誘因和目標、提議的架構、執行移轉的步驟,以及清理建議和移轉完成後可採取的後續步驟。For each deployment scenario, we provide information about business drivers and goals, a proposed architecture, steps to perform the migration, and recommendation for cleanup and next steps after migration is complete.
文章Article 詳細資料Details
文章 1:概觀Article 1: Overview 系列文章的概觀、Contoso 的移轉策略,以及此系列中所使用的應用程式範例。Overview of the article series, Contoso's migration strategy, and the sample apps that are used in the series.
文章 2:部署 Azure 基礎結構Article 2: Deploy Azure infrastructure Contoso 會準備其內部部署基礎結構和其 Azure 基礎結構以進行移轉。Contoso prepares its on-premises infrastructure and its Azure infrastructure for migration. 此系列中的所有移轉文章都使用相同的基礎結構。The same infrastructure is used for all migration articles in the series.
文章 3:存取內部部署資源以移轉至 AzureArticle 3: Assess on-premises resources for migration to Azure Contoso 會評估其在 VMware 上執行的內部部署 SmartHotel360 應用程式。Contoso runs an assessment of its on-premises SmartHotel360 app running on VMware. Contoso 會使用 Azure Migrate 服務來評估應用程式 VM,並使用 Database Migration Assistant 來評估應用程式 SQL Server 資料庫。Contoso assesses app VMs using the Azure Migrate service, and the app SQL Server database using Data Migration Assistant.
文章 4:在 Azure VM 和 SQL Database 受控執行個體上重新裝載應用程式Article 4: Rehost an app on an Azure VM and SQL Database Managed Instance Contoso 會為其內部部署 SmartHotel360 應用程式執行隨即移轉至 Azure 的作業。Contoso runs a lift-and-shift migration to Azure for its on-premises SmartHotel360 app. Contoso 會使用 Azure Site Recovery 來移轉應用程式的前端 VM。Contoso migrates the app front-end VM using Azure Site Recovery. Contoso 會使用 Azure 資料庫移轉服務將應用程式資料庫移轉至 Azure SQL Database 受控執行個體。Contoso migrates the app database to an Azure SQL Database Managed Instance using the Azure Database Migration Service.
文章 5:在 Azure VM 上重新裝載應用程式Article 5: Rehost an app on Azure VMs Contoso 會使用 Site Recovery 服務,將其 SmartHotel360 應用程式 VM 移轉至 Azure VM。Contoso migrates its SmartHotel360 app VMs to Azure VMs by using the Site Recovery service.
文章 6:在 Azure VM 上和 SQL Server AlwaysOn 可用性群組中重新裝載應用程式Article 6: Rehost an app on Azure VMs and in a SQL Server AlwaysOn availability group Contoso 會移轉 SmartHotel360 應用程式。Contoso migrates the SmartHotel360 app. Contoso 會使用 Site Recovery 來遷移應用程式的 VM。Contoso uses Site Recovery to migrate the app VMs. 它會使用資料庫移轉服務,將應用程式資料庫遷移至受到 SQL Server 可用性群組保護的 SQL Server 叢集。It uses the Database Migration Service to migrate the app database to a SQL Server cluster that's protected by an AlwaysOn availability group.
文章 7:將 Linux 應用程式重新裝載至 Azure VMArticle 7: Rehost a Linux app on Azure VMs Contoso 會使用 Site Recovery 服務,來完成將其 Linux osTicket 應用程式隨即移轉至 Azure VM 的作業。Contoso completes a lift-and-shift migration of its Linux osTicket app to Azure VMs, using the Site Recovery service.
文章 8:在 Azure VM 和適用於 MySQL 的 Azure 資料庫上重新裝載 Linux 應用程式Article 8: Rehost a Linux app on Azure VMs and Azure Database for MySQL Contoso 會藉由使用 Site Recovery 將其 Linux osTicket 應用程式遷移至 Azure VM。Contoso migrates its Linux osTicket app to Azure VMs by using Site Recovery. 它會使用 MySQL Workbench 將應用程式資料庫遷移至適用於 MySQL 的 Azure 資料庫。It migrates the app database to Azure Database for MySQL by using MySQL Workbench.
文章 9:在 Azure Web 應用程式和 Azure SQL Database 中重構應用程式Article 9: Refactor an app in an Azure web app and Azure SQL Database Contoso 會將其 SmartHotel360 應用程式移轉至 Azure Web 應用程式,以及使用 Database Migration Assistant 將應用程式資料庫移轉至 Azure SQL Server 執行個體。Contoso migrates its SmartHotel360 app to an Azure web app and migrates the app database to an Azure SQL Server instance with the Database Migration Assistant.
文章 10:在 Azure Web 應用程式和適用於 MySQL 的 Azure 資料庫中重構 Linux 應用程式Article 10: Refactor a Linux app in an Azure web app and Azure Database for MySQL Contoso 會使用 Azure 流量管理員,將 Linux osTicket 應用程式移轉至多個 Azure 區域的 Azure Web 應用程式,與 GitHub 整合以進行持續傳遞。Contoso migrates its Linux osTicket app to an Azure web app on multiple Azure regions using Azure Traffic Manager, integrated with GitHub for continuous delivery. Contoso 會將應用程式資料庫遷移至適用於 MySQL 的 Azure 資料庫執行個體。Contoso migrates the app database to an Azure Database for MySQL instance.
文章 11:在 Azure DevOps Services 上重構 Team Foundation ServerArticle 11: Refactor Team Foundation Server on Azure DevOps Services Contoso 會將其內部部署 Team Foundation Server 部署移轉至 Azure 中的 Azure DevOps Services。Contoso migrates its on-premises Team Foundation Server deployment to Azure DevOps Services in Azure.
文章 12:在 Azure 容器和 Azure SQL Database 中重新建構應用程式Article 12: Rearchitect an app in Azure containers and Azure SQL Database Contoso 會將其 SmartHotel 應用程式移轉至 Azure。Contoso migrates its SmartHotel app to Azure. 然後,它會重新建構應用程式 Web 層,作為在 Azure Service Fabric 中執行的 Windows 容器,以及具有 Azure SQL Database 的資料庫。Then, it rearchitects the app web tier as a Windows container running in Azure Service Fabric, and the database with Azure SQL Database.
文章 13:在 Azure 中重建應用程式Article 13: Rebuild an app in Azure Contoso 會藉由使用各種 Azure 功能和服務 (包括 Azure App Service、Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)、Azure Functions、Azure 認知服務及 Azure Cosmos DB) 重建其 SmartHotel 應用程式。Contoso rebuilds its SmartHotel app by using a range of Azure capabilities and services, including Azure App Service, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Functions, Azure Cognitive Services, and Azure Cosmos DB.
文章 14:對 Azure 進行大規模移轉Article 14: Scale a migration to Azure Contoso 在試驗完移轉組合後,準備對 Azure 進行完整規模的移轉。After trying out migration combinations, Contoso prepares to scale to a full migration to Azure.

後續步驟Next steps