Azure 網路安全性Azure network security


Azure 網路服務具有可將彈性、可用性、復原、安全性和完整性最大化的設計。Azure network services maximize flexibility, availability, resiliency, security, and integrity by design. 此白皮書提供有關 Azure 網路功能的詳細資料。This white paper provides details on the networking functions of Azure. 它也描述客戶能如何使用 Azure 中的原生安全性功能來協助保護其資訊資產。It also describes how customers can use the native security features in Azure to help protect their information assets. 此白皮書的預定對象包括:The intended audiences for this white paper include:

  • 尋求由 Azure 所提供及支援之安全性解決方案的技術管理員、網路系統管理員和開發人員。Technical managers, network administrators, and developers who are looking for security solutions that are available and supported in Azure.
  • 想要取得與 Azure 公用雲端網路安全性相關之 Azure 技術和服務高階概觀的 SME 或商務程序主管。SMEs or business process executives who want a high-level overview of the Azure technologies and services that relate to network security in the Azure public cloud.

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