Azure CLI (az) 和 Azure Service Fabric CLI (sfctl) 範例Azure CLI (az) and Azure Service Fabric CLI (sfctl) Samples

下表包含範例的連結,其中說明如何管理 Service Fabric 叢集、應用程式和服務。The following table includes links to samples on how to manage Service Fabric clusters, applications, and services.


有兩個 CLI 公用程式用來與 Service Fabric 互動。There are two CLI utilities used to interact with Service Fabric. Azure CLI 用來管理 Azure 資源,例如 Azure 託管的 Service Fabric 叢集。Azure CLI is used to manage Azure resources, such as an Azure-hosted Service Fabric cluster. Service Fabric CLI 用來直接連線到 Service Fabric 叢集 (不論裝載於何處) 及管理叢集、應用程式和服務。Service Fabric CLI is used to directly connect to the Service Fabric cluster (regardless of where it's hosted) and manage the cluster, applications, and services.

建立叢集 (使用 Azure CLI)Create cluster (with Azure CLI)
建立安全的 Linux 叢集Create a secure Linux cluster 建立 Azure Service Fabric 叢集。Creates an Azure Service Fabric cluster.
管理應用程式 (使用 Service Fabric CLI)Manage applications (with Service Fabric CLI)
列出應用程式List applications 列出佈建到叢集的應用程式。List applications provisioned to a cluster.
部署應用程式Deploy an application 將應用程式部署到叢集。Deploy an application to a cluster.
移除應用程式Remove an application 從叢集移除應用程式。Remove an application from a cluster.
升級應用程式Upgrade an application 升級已部署的應用程式。Upgrade an already deployed application.