Azure Service Fabric 支援選項Azure Service Fabric support options

為了在您執行應用程式工作負載所在的 Service Fabric 叢集傳遞適當的支援,我們已經為您設定各種選項。To deliver the appropriate support for your Service Fabric clusters that you are running your application work loads on, we have set up various options for you. 依據所需的支援層級和問題的嚴重性而定,您必須挑選正確的選項。Depending on the level of support needed and the severity of the issue, you get to pick the right options.

報告實際執行問題,或要求 Azure 的付費支援Report production issues or request paid support for Azure

對於報告 Azure 上部署之 Service Fabric 叢集的問題,在 Azure 入口網站Microsoft 支援入口網站上建立支援票證。For reporting issues on your Service Fabric cluster deployed on Azure, open a ticket for support on Azure portal or Microsoft support portal.

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在銅級可靠性層或單一節點叢集上執行的叢集將可讓您僅執行測試工作負載。Clusters running on a bronze reliability tier or Single Node Cluster will allow you to run test workloads only. 如果您遇到在銅可靠性或單一節點叢集上執行之叢集的問題,Microsoft 支援小組會協助您減輕問題,但不會執行根本原因分析。If you experience issues with a cluster running on bronze reliability or Single Node Cluster, the Microsoft support team will assist you in mitigating the issue, but will not perform a Root Cause Analysis. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱叢集的可靠性特性Please refer to the reliability characteristics of the cluster for more details.

如需適用于生產環境就緒叢集的詳細資訊,請參閱生產環境就緒檢查清單For more information about what is required for a production ready cluster, please refer to the production readiness checklist.

報告實際執行問題,或要求獨立 Service Fabric 叢集的付費支援Report production issues or request paid support for standalone Service Fabric clusters

對於報告內部部署或其他雲端上部署之 Service Fabric 叢集的問題,在 Microsoft 支援入口網站上建立專業支援票證。For reporting issues on your Service Fabric cluster deployed on-premises or on other clouds, open a ticket for professional support on Microsoft support portal.

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報告 Azure Service Fabric 問題Report Azure Service Fabric issues

我們已設定 GitHub 存放庫以報告 Service Fabric 問題。We have set up a GitHub repo for reporting Service Fabric issues. 我們也會主動監視下列論壇。We are also actively monitoring the following forums.

GitHub 存放庫GitHub repo

Service-Fabric-issues git 存放庫上報告 Azure Service Fabric 問題。Report Azure Service Fabric Issues on Service-Fabric-issues git repo. 此存放庫適用於報告和追蹤 Azure Service Fabric 的問題,並進行小規模的功能要求。This repo is intended for reporting and tracking issues with Azure Service Fabric and for making small feature requests. 請勿使用此存放庫來報告即時網站問題Do not use this to report live-site issues.

StackOverflow 和 MSDN 論壇StackOverflow and MSDN forums

StackOverflow 上的 Service Fabric 標籤MSDN 上的 Service Fabric 論壇最適合用來詢問關於平台如何運作以及您如何使用它來完成特定工作的問題。The Service Fabric tag on StackOverflow and the Service Fabric forum on MSDN are best used for asking questions about how the platform works and how you might accomplish certain tasks with it.

Azure 意見反應論壇Azure Feedback forum

Service Fabric 的 Azure 意見反應論壇是您用來提交對於產品的大功能構想的最佳位置,因為檢閱最受歡迎的要求是我們中程至長程規劃的一部分。The Azure Feedback Forum for Service Fabric is the best place for submitting big feature ideas you have for the product as we review the most popular requests are part of our medium to long-term planning. 我們希望您在社群中集結您的建議的支援。We encourage you to rally support for your suggestions within the community.

Service Fabric 預覽版本 - 不支援用於生產環境Service Fabric Preview Versions - unsupported for production use

有時候,我們會以預覽形式發行包含我們想得到意見反應之重要功能的版本。From time to time, we release versions that have significant features we want feedback on, which are released as previews. 這些預覽版本只能用於測試目的。These preview versions should only be used for test purposes. 您的生產叢集應一律執行支援的穩定 Service Fabric 版本。Your production cluster should always be running a supported, stable, Service Fabric version. 預覽版本一律從 255 作為主要和次要版本號碼的開頭。A preview version always begins with a major and minor version number of 255. 例如,如果您看到 Service Fabric 版本 255.255.5703.949,該發行版本只能使用於測試叢集並處於預覽狀態。For example, if you see a Service Fabric version 255.255.5703.949, that release version is only to be used in test clusters and is in preview. 這些預覽版本也會在 Service Fabric 小組部落格上宣告,並且有內含功能的詳細資料。These preview releases are also announced on the Service Fabric team blog and will have details on the features included. 這些預覽版本沒有付費的支援選項。There is no paid support option for these preview releases. 使用報告 Azure Service Fabric 問題底下所列的其中一個選項來提出問題或提供意見反應。Use one of the options listed under Report Azure Service Fabric issues to ask questions or provide feedback.

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支援的 Service Fabric 版本Supported Service Fabric versions