Azure SQL Database 受控實例資源限制的總覽Overview Azure SQL Database managed instance resource limits

本文概述 Azure SQL Database 受控實例的資源限制, 並提供如何要求增加至這些限制的相關資訊。This article provides an overview of the resource limits for Azure SQL Database managed instance, and provides information about how to request an increase to these limits.


若想了解支援的功能和 T-SQL 陳述式的差異,請參閱功能差異T-SQL 陳述式支援For differences in supported features and T-SQL statements see Feature differences and T-SQL statement support.

執行個體層級的資源限制Instance-level resource limits

受控實例具有相依于基礎結構和架構的特性和資源限制。Managed instance has characteristics and resource limits that depend on the underlying infrastructure and architecture. 這些限制取決於硬體世代和服務層級。Limits depend on hardware generation and service tier.

硬體世代特性Hardware generation characteristics

Azure SQL Database 受控實例可以部署在兩個硬體層代上:第4代和第5代。Azure SQL Database managed instance can be deployed on two hardware generations: Gen4 and Gen5. 硬體世代具有不同的特性, 如下表所述:Hardware generations have different characteristics, as described in the following table:

Gen4Gen4 Gen5Gen5
硬體Hardware Intel E5 2673 v3 (Haswell) 2.4-GHz 處理器,附加 SSD 虛擬核心 = 1 PP (實體核心)Intel E5-2673 v3 (Haswell) 2.4-GHz processors, attached SSD vCore = 1 PP (physical core) Intel E5 2673 v4 (Broadwell) 2.3-GHz 處理器,快速 NVMe SSD,虛擬核心 = 1 LP (超執行緒)Intel E5-2673 v4 (Broadwell) 2.3-GHz processors, fast NVMe SSD, vCore=1 LP (hyper-thread)
虛擬核心數目Number of vCores 8 個、16 個、24 個虛擬核心8, 16, 24 vCores 4、8、16、24、32、40、64、80虛擬核心4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 64, 80 vCores
最大記憶體 (記憶體/核心比率)Max memory (memory/core ratio) 每個虛擬核心 7GB7 GB per vCore
新增更多虛擬核心以取得更多記憶體。Add more vCores to get more memory.
每個虛擬核心 5.1 GB5.1 GB per vCore
新增更多虛擬核心以取得更多記憶體。Add more vCores to get more memory.
記憶體內部 OLTP 記憶體上限Max In-Memory OLTP memory 實例限制:每個虛擬核心 3 GBInstance limit: 3 GB per vCore
資料庫限制:Database limits:
-8-核心:每個資料庫 8 GB- 8-core: 8 GB per database
-16-核心:每個資料庫 20 GB- 16-core: 20 GB per database
-24 核心:每個資料庫 36 GB- 24-core: 36 GB per database
實例限制:每個 vCore 2.5 GBInstance limit: 2.5 GB per vCore
資料庫限制:Database limits:
-8-核心:每個資料庫 13 GB- 8-core: 13 GB per database
-16-核心:每個資料庫 32 GB- 16-core: 32 GB per database
實例保留的最大儲存體Max instance reserved storage 一般用途: 8 TBGeneral Purpose:8 TB
業務關鍵:1TBBusiness Critical: 1TB
一般用途:8 TBGeneral Purpose: 8 TB
商務關鍵性 1 TB、2 TB 或 4 TB, 視核心數目而定Business Critical 1 TB, 2 TB, or 4 TB depending on the number of cores


AustraliaEast 區域已不再支援新的第4代資料庫。New Gen4 databases are no longer supported in the AustraliaEast region.

服務層的特性Service tier characteristics

受控實例有兩個服務層級:一般用途與業務關鍵。Managed instance has two service tiers: General Purpose and Business Critical. 這些層會提供不同的功能,如下表所述:These tiers provide different capabilities, as described in the table below:

功能Feature 一般用途General Purpose 商務關鍵性Business Critical
虛擬核心數目*Number of vCores* 第 4 代:8、16、24Gen4: 8, 16, 24
第 5 代:4、8、16、24、32、40、64、80Gen5: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 64, 80
第 4 代:8、16、24、32Gen4: 8, 16, 24, 32
第 5 代:4、8、16、24、32、40、64、80Gen5: 4, 8, 16, 24, 32, 40, 64, 80
最大記憶體Max memory 第 4 代:56 GB-168 GB (7GB/vCore)Gen4: 56 GB - 168 GB (7GB/vCore)
第 5 代:40.8 GB-408 GB (5.1 GB/vCore)Gen5: 40.8 GB - 408 GB (5.1GB/vCore)
新增更多虛擬核心以取得更多記憶體。Add more vCores to get more memory.
第 4 代:56 GB-168 GB (7GB/vCore)Gen4: 56 GB - 168 GB (7GB/vCore)
第 5 代:40.8 GB-408 GB (5.1 GB/vCore)Gen5: 40.8 GB - 408 GB (5.1GB/vCore)
新增更多虛擬核心以取得更多記憶體。Add more vCores to get more memory.
實例保留的儲存體大小上限Max instance reserved storage size -2 TB 適用于4虛擬核心 (僅限第5代)- 2 TB for 4 vCores (Gen5 only)
-適用于其他大小的 8 TB- 8 TB for other sizes
第 4 代:1 TBGen4: 1 TB
第 5 代:Gen5:
-1 TB 適用于4、8、16虛擬核心- 1 TB for 4, 8, 16 vCores
- 2 TB (適用於 24 個虛擬核心)- 2 TB for 24 vCores
- 4 TB (適用於 32、40、64、80 個虛擬核心)- 4 TB for 32, 40, 64, 80 vCores
資料庫大小上限Max database size 取決於每個執行個體的最大儲存體大小Determined by the max storage size per instance 取決於每個執行個體的最大儲存體大小Determined by the max storage size per instance
每個執行個體的資料庫數目上限Max number of databases per instance 100100 100100
每個實例的資料庫檔案數目上限Max number of database files per instance 最多 280 個Up to 280 每個資料庫 32,767 個檔案32,767 files per database
資料/記錄 IOPS (大約)Data/Log IOPS (approximate) 每個檔案 500 - 7,500500 - 7,500 per file
*增加檔案大小以取得更多 IOPS*Increase file size to get more IOPS
11 k-110 K (1375/vCore)11 K - 110 K (1375/vCore)
新增更多虛擬核心, 以取得更佳的 IO 效能。Add more vCores to get better IO performance.
記錄寫入輸送量限制Log write throughput limit 每個虛擬核心 3 MB/秒3 MB/s per vCore
每個實例最大每秒 22 MBMax 22 MB/s per instance
每個 vCore 4 MB/秒4 MB/s per vCore
每個實例最大 48 MB/秒Max 48 MB/s per instance
資料輸送量 (大約)Data throughput (approximate) 每個檔案 100 - 250 MB/秒100 - 250 MB/s per file
*增加檔案大小以取得更佳的 IO 效能*Increase the file size to get better IO performance
儲存 IO 延遲 (近似)Storage IO latency (approximate) 5-10 毫秒5-10 ms 1-2 毫秒1-2 ms
最大 tempDB 大小Max tempDB size 192 - 1920 GB (每個虛擬核心 24 GB)192 - 1,920 GB (24 GB per vCore)
新增更多虛擬核心以取得更多 TempDB 空間。Add more vCores to get more TempDB space.
受限於實例儲存體大小上限。Limited by the max instance storage size. TempDB 記錄檔大小目前僅限於 24GB/vCore。TempDB log file size is currently limited to 24GB/vCore.
會話數上限Max sessions 3000030000 3000030000


  • 使用者和系統資料庫中的資料和記錄檔大小都會計入執行個體儲存體大小,並與儲存體大小上限相比較。Both data and log file size in the user and system databases are included in the instance storage size that is compared with the Max storage size limit. 使用 sys.master_files 系統檢視來判斷資料庫所使用的總空間。Use sys.master_files system view to determine the total used space by databases. 錯誤記錄不會持續留存,也不計入大小。Error logs are not persisted and not included in the size. 備份並未計入儲存體大小。Backups are not included in storage size.
  • 輸送量和 IOPS 也取決於受控實例未明確限制的頁面大小。Throughput and IOPS also depend on the page size that is not explicitly limited by managed instance.

支援區域Supported regions

受控實例只能在支援的區域中建立。Managed instances can be created only in supported regions. 若要在目前不支援的區域中建立受控實例, 您可以透過Azure 入口網站傳送支援要求To create a managed instance in a region that is currently not supported, you can send a support request via the Azure portal.

支援的訂用帳戶類型Supported subscription types

受控實例目前僅支援下列訂閱類型的部署:Managed instance currently supports deployment only on the following types of subscriptions:

區域資源限制Regional resource limitations

支援的訂用帳戶類型可包含有限的每一區域資源數目。Supported subscription types can contain a limited number of resources per region. 受控實例根據訂用帳戶類型的類型, 每個 Azure 區域有兩個預設限制:Managed instance has two default limits per Azure region depending on a type of subscription type:

  • 子網路限制:在單一區域中部署受控執行個體的子網路數目上限。Subnet limit: The maximum number of subnets where managed instances are deployed in a single region.
  • vCore 限制:可以在單一區域中的所有實例間部署的虛擬核心數目上限。vCore limit: The maximum number of vCores that can be deployed across all instances in a single region.


這些限制是預設設定, 而不是技術限制。These limits are default settings and not technical limitations. 如果您在目前的區域中需要更多受控實例, 您可以在 Azure 入口網站中建立特殊的支援要求, 以增加視需要的限制。The limits can be increased on-demand by creating a special support request in the Azure portal if you need more managed instances in the current region. 或者, 您可以在另一個 Azure 區域中建立新的受控實例, 而不需要傳送支援要求。As an alternative, you can create new managed instances in another Azure region without sending support requests.

下表顯示支援的訂用帳戶的預設區域限制:The following table shows the default regional limits for supported subscriptions:

訂閱類型Subscription type 受控實例子網的最大數目Max number of managed instance subnets VCore 單位數目上限 *Max number of vCore units*
隨用隨付Pay-as-you-go 33 320320
CSPCSP 8 (在某些區域中為 15 * *)8 (15 in some regions**) 960 (在某些區域中為 1440 * *)960 (1440 in some regions**)
隨用隨付開發/測試Pay-as-you-go Dev/Test 33 320320
Enterprise 開發/測試Enterprise Dev/Test 33 320320
EAEA 8 (在某些區域中為 15 * *)8 (15 in some regions**) 960 (在某些區域中為 1440 * *)960 (1440 in some regions**)
Visual Studio 企業版Visual Studio Enterprise 22 6464
Visual Studio Professional 和 MSDN 平臺Visual Studio Professional and MSDN Platforms 22 3232

*當您規劃部署時, 請考慮商務關鍵性 (BC) vCore (因為新增的冗余) 會耗用4倍以上的容量, 而不是一般用途 (GP) vCore。* When you plan your deployments, consider that a Business Critical (BC) vCore (due to added redundancy) consumes 4x more capacity than a General Purpose (GP) vCore. 因此, 針對您的計算, 1 個 GP vCore = 1 個 vCore unit 和1個 BC vCore = 4 個 vCore 單位。So, for your calculations, 1 GP vCore = 1 vCore unit and 1 BC vCore = 4 vCore units. 若要簡化您對預設限制的耗用量分析, 請摘要說明部署受控實例之區域中所有子網的 vCore 單位, 並將結果與訂用帳戶類型的實例單位限制進行比較。To simplify your consumption analysis against the default limits, summarize the vCore units across all subnets in the region where managed instances are deployed and compare the results with the instance unit limits for your subscription type. VCore 單位限制的最大數目適用于區域中的每個訂用帳戶。Max number of vCore units limit applies to each subscription in a region. 每個個別子網沒有限制, 不同之處在于跨多個子網部署的所有虛擬核心總和必須小於或等於vCore 單位的最大數目There is no limit per individual subnets except that the sum of all vCores deployed across multiple subnets must be lower or equal to max number of vCore units.

**較大的子網和 vCore 限制適用于下欄區域:澳大利亞東部、美國東部、美國東部2、歐洲北部、美國中南部、東南亞、英國南部、西歐、美國西部2。** Larger subnet and vCore limits are available in the following regions: Australia East, East US, East US 2, North Europe, South Central US, Southeast Asia, UK South, West Europe, West US 2.

取得較大的 SQL 受控實例配額Obtaining a larger quota for SQL managed instance

如果您在目前的區域中需要更多受控實例, 請使用 Azure 入口網站來傳送支援要求以擴充配額。If you need more managed instances in your current regions, send a support request to extend the quota using the Azure portal. 若要起始取得較大配額的程序:To initiate the process of obtaining a larger quota:

  1. 開啟 [說明 + 支援],然後按一下 [新增支援要求]。Open Help + support, and click New support request.


  2. 在新支援要求的 [基本] 索引標籤上:On the Basics tab for the new support request:

    • 針對 [問題類型],選取 [服務與訂用帳戶限制 (配額)]。For Issue type, select Service and subscription limits (quotas).

    • 在 [訂用帳戶] 中,選取您的訂用帳戶。For Subscription, select your subscription.

    • 針對 [配額類型],選取 [SQL Database 受控執行個體]。For Quota type, select SQL Database Managed Instance.

    • 針對 [支援方案],選取您的支援方案。For Support plan, select your support plan.


  3. 按一下 [下一步]。Click Next.

  4. 在新支援要求的 [問題] 索引標籤上:On the Problem tab for the new support request:

    • 針對 [嚴重性],選取問題的嚴重性層級。For Severity, select the severity level of the problem.

    • 針對 [詳細資料],提供關於問題的其他資訊,包括錯誤訊息在內。For Details, provide additional information about your issue, including error messages.

    • 針對 [檔案上傳],附加內含更多資訊的檔案 (最多 4 MB)。For File upload, attach a file with more information (up to 4 MB).



      有效的要求應包含:A valid request should include:

      • 需要增加訂用帳戶限制的區域。Region in which subscription limit needs to be increased.
      • 在配額增加之後, 現有子網中的每個服務層級所需的虛擬核心數目 (如果需要擴充任何現有的子網)。Required number of vCores, per service tier in existing subnets after the quota increase (if any of the existing subnets needs to be expanded.
      • 新子網中的每個服務層級所需的新子網數和虛擬核心總數 (如果您需要在新的子網中部署受控實例)。Required number of new subnets and total number of vCores per service tier within the new subnets (if you need to deploy managed instances in new subnets).
  5. 按一下 [下一步]。Click Next.

  6. 在新支援要求的 [連絡資訊] 索引標籤上,輸入慣用的連絡方法 (電子郵件或電話) 和連絡人詳細資料。On the Contact Information tab for the new support request, enter preferred contact method (email or phone) and the contact details.

  7. 按一下 [建立]。Click Create.

後續步驟Next steps