節省 Azure SQL Database 保留容量 SQL Database 計算資源的成本Save costs for SQL Database compute resources with Azure SQL Database reserved capacity

藉由認可與隨用隨付價格相比的計算資源保留,來節省 Azure SQL Database 的成本。Save money with Azure SQL Database by committing to a reservation for compute resources compared to pay-as-you-go prices. 有了 Azure SQL Database 保留容量,您就可以在一或三年期間內,SQL Database 使用的承諾,取得計算成本的大量折扣。With Azure SQL Database reserved capacity, you make a commitment for SQL Database use for a period of one or three years to get a significant discount on the compute costs. 若要購買 SQL Database 保留容量,您必須指定 Azure 區域、部署類型、效能層級與期間。To purchase SQL Database reserved capacity, you need to specify the Azure region, deployment type, performance tier, and term.

您不需將保留指派給特定的 SQL Database 執行個體 (單一資料庫、彈性集區或受控執行個體)。You do not need to assign the reservation to specific SQL Database instances (single databases, elastic pools, or managed instances). 只要符合已執行或新部署的 SQL Database 執行個體,就會自動獲得好處。Matching SQL Database instances, that are already running or ones that are newly deployed, will automatically get the benefit. 藉由購買保留,您會承諾使用一或三年期的計算成本。By purchasing a reservation, you are commit to usage for the compute costs for a period of one or three years. 購買保留容量後,符合保留屬性的 SQL Database 計算費用就不會再按照預付型方案的費率來收費。As soon as you buy a reservation, the SQL Database compute charges that match the reservation attributes are no longer charged at the pay-as-you go rates. 保留容量並未涵蓋與 SQL Database 執行個體相關聯的軟體、網路或儲存體費用。A reservation does not cover software, networking, or storage charges associated with the SQL Database instance. 在保留期限結束時,計費好處會到期,隨後 SQL Database 便會按照預付型方案的費率來計費。At the end of the reservation term, the billing benefit expires and the SQL Databases are billed at the pay-as-you go price. 保留不會自動更新。Reservations do not auto-renew. 如需定價資訊,請參閱 SQL Database 保留容量供應項目For pricing information, see the SQL Database reserved capacity offering.

您可以在 Azure 入口網站購買 Azure SQL Database 保留容量。You can buy Azure SQL Database reserved capacity in the Azure portal. 預先支付保留期,或按月付款Pay for the reservation up front or with monthly payments. 若要購買 SQL Database 保留容量:To buy SQL Database reserved capacity:

  • 您至少必須是一個企業或個別訂用帳戶的擁有者角色,且具有隨用隨付費率。You must be in the owner role for at least one Enterprise or individual subscription with pay-as-you-go rates.
  • 針對企業訂用帳戶,必須在 EA 入口網站中啟用新增保留執行個體For Enterprise subscriptions, Add Reserved Instances must be enabled in the EA portal. 或者,如果該設定已停用,則您必須是訂用帳戶上的 EA 系統管理員。Or, if that setting is disabled, you must be an EA Admin on the subscription.
  • 若為雲端解決方案提供者 (CSP) 方案,則只有系統管理員代理人或銷售人員可以購買 SQL Database 保留容量。For Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program, only the admin agents or sales agents can purchase SQL Database reserved capacity.

如需如何向企業客戶和隨用隨付客戶收取購買保留費用的詳細資料,請參閱了解 Enterprise 註冊的 Azure 保留使用量了解隨用隨付訂用帳戶的 Azure 保留使用量The details on how enterprise customers and Pay-As-You-Go customers are charged for reservation purchases, see understand Azure reservation usage for your Enterprise enrollment and understand Azure reservation usage for your Pay-As-You-Go subscription.

先決定正確的 SQL 大小再購買Determine the right SQL size before purchase

保留的大小應根據特定區域內現有或即將部署的單一資料庫、彈性集區或受控執行個體所使用的總計算量,並使用相同效能層級和硬體世代來決定。The size of reservation should be based on the total amount of compute used by the existing or soon-to-be-deployed single databases, elastic pools, or managed instances within a specific region and using the same performance tier and hardware generation.

例如,假設您要執行一個一般用途 Gen5 – 16 個虛擬核心的彈性集區,以及兩個商務關鍵性 Gen5 – 4 個虛擬核心的單一資料庫。For example, let's suppose that you are running one general purpose, Gen5 – 16 vCore elastic pool, and two business critical, Gen5 – 4 vCore single databases. 此外,假設您打算在下個月再部署一個一般用途 Gen5 – 16 個虛擬核心的彈性集區,以及一個商務關鍵性 Gen5 – 32 個虛擬核心的彈性集區。Further, let's supposed that you plan to deploy within the next month an additional general purpose, Gen5 – 16 vCore elastic pool, and one business critical, Gen5 – 32 vCore elastic pool. 還有,假設您知道您需要使用這些資源至少 1 年的時間。Also, let's suppose that you know that you will need these resources for at least 1 year. 在此情況下,您應該針對單一/彈性集區一般用途 - Gen5 購買 32 (2x16) 虛擬核心、為期 1 年的保留,以及針對單一/彈性集區商務關鍵性 - Gen5 購買 40 (2x4 + 32) 虛擬核心、為期 1 年的保留。In this case, you should purchase a 32 (2x16) vCores, 1 year reservation for single database/elastic pool general purpose - Gen5 and a 40 (2x4 + 32) vCore 1 year reservation for single database/elastic pool business critical - Gen5.

購買 SQL Database 保留容量Buy SQL Database reserved capacity

  1. 登入 Azure 入口網站Sign in to the Azure portal.
  2. 選取 [所有服務] > [保留]。Select All services > Reservations.
  3. 選取 [新增],然後在 [購買保留] 窗格中,選取 [ SQL Database ] 以購買 SQL Database 的新保留。Select Add and then in the Purchase reservations pane, select SQL Database to purchase a new reservation for SQL Database.
  4. 填寫必要欄位。Fill-in the required fields. 符合所選屬性的現有或全新單一資料庫、彈性集區或受控執行個體,就有資格獲得保留容量折扣。Existing or new single databases, elastic pools, or managed instances that match the attributes you select qualify to get the reserved capacity discount. 取得折扣的 SQL Database 執行個體實際數目取決於選取的範圍和數量。The actual number of your SQL Database instances that get the discount depend on the scope and quantity selected. 提交 SQL Database 保留容量購買之前,請先 螢幕擷取畫面Screenshot before submitting the SQL Database reserved capacity purchase

下表描述必要的欄位。The following table describes required fields.

欄位Field 說明Description
訂用帳戶Subscription 用來支付 SQL Database 保留容量費用的訂用帳戶。The subscription used to pay for the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation. SQL Database 保留容量的預付費用會透過訂用帳戶的付款方式收取。The payment method on the subscription is charged the upfront costs for the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation. 訂用帳戶類型必須是 enterprise 合約(供應專案號碼: MS-AZR-0017P-Ms-azr-0017p 或 MS-MS-AZR-0017P-Ms-azr-0148p)或具有隨用隨付定價的個別合約(供應專案號碼: MS-MS-AZR-0017P-Ms-azr-0003p 或 MS-MS-AZR-0017P-Ms-azr-0023p)。The subscription type must be an enterprise agreement (offer numbers: MS-AZR-0017P or MS-AZR-0148P) or an individual agreement with pay-as-you-go pricing (offer numbers: MS-AZR-0003P or MS-AZR-0023P). 針對企業訂用帳戶,費用會從註冊的承諾用量金額餘額扣除或作為超額部分收費。For an enterprise subscription, the charges are deducted from the enrollment's monetary commitment balance or charged as overage. 針對使用隨用隨付定價的個別訂用帳戶,費用會依訂用帳戶的信用卡或發票付款方法計費。For an individual subscription with pay-as-you-go pricing, the charges are billed to the credit card or invoice payment method on the subscription.
ScopeScope 虛擬核心保留容量範圍可以涵蓋一個訂用帳戶或多個訂用帳戶 (共用範圍)。The vCore reservation’s scope can cover one subscription or multiple subscriptions (shared scope). 如果您選取:If you select:

共用的 vCore 保留折扣會套用至計費內容內任何訂用帳戶中執行的 SQL Database 實例。Shared, the vCore reservation discount is applied to SQL Database instances running in any subscriptions within your billing context. 針對企業客戶,共用範圍是註冊,並包含註冊中的所有訂用帳戶。For enterprise customers, the shared scope is the enrollment and includes all subscriptions within the enrollment. 針對隨用隨付客戶,共用範圍是帳戶系統管理員所建立的所有隨用隨付訂用帳戶。For Pay-As-You-Go customers, the shared scope is all Pay-As-You-Go subscriptions created by the account administrator.

單一訂用帳戶,vCore 保留折扣會套用到此訂用帳戶中的 SQL Database 實例。Single subscription, the vCore reservation discount is applied to SQL Database instances in this subscription.

單一資源群組,保留折扣會套用至所選訂用帳戶中的 SQL Database 實例,以及該訂用帳戶內選取的資源群組。Single resource group, the reservation discount is applied to SQL Database instances in the selected subscription and the selected resource group within that subscription.
區域Region SQL Database 保留容量所涵蓋的 Azure 區域。The Azure region that’s covered by the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation.
部署類型Deployment Type 您要為其購買保留容量的 SQL 資源類型。The SQL resource type that you want to buy the reservation for.
效能層級Performance Tier SQL Database 執行個體的服務層級。The service tier for the SQL Database instances.
詞彙Term 一年或三年。One year or three years.
數量Quantity 在 SQL Database 保留容量保留內購買的計算資源量。The amount of compute resources being purchased within the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation. 數量是所選 Azure 區域中的數個虛擬核心,以及要保留的效能層級,將會獲得計費折扣。The quantity is a number of vCores in the selected Azure region and Performance tier that are being reserved and will get the billing discount. 例如,如果您正在執行或計畫在美國東部區域的第5代16虛擬核心總計算容量中執行 SQL Database 實例,則您會將數量指定為16,以將所有實例的權益最大化。For example, if you are running or planning to run SQL Database instances with the total compute capacity of Gen5 16 vCores in the East US region, then you would specify quantity as 16 to maximize the benefit for all instances.
  1. 檢閱 [成本] 區段中 SQL Database 保留容量的成本。Review the cost of the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation in the Costs section.
  2. 選取 [購買]。Select Purchase.
  3. 選取 [檢視此保留] 以查看您的購買狀態。Select View this Reservation to see the status of your purchase.

取消、交換或退款保留Cancel, exchange, or refund reservations

您可以取消、交換或退款保留,但有某些限制。You can cancel, exchange, or refund reservations with certain limitations. 如需詳細資訊,請參閱Azure 保留的自助交換和退款For more information, see Self-service exchanges and refunds for Azure Reservations.

vCore 大小彈性vCore size flexibility

vCore 大小彈性可協助您在效能層級和區域內相應增加或相應減少,而不會失去保留容量優勢。vCore size flexibility helps you scale up or down within a performance tier and region, without losing the reserved capacity benefit. SQL Database 保留容量為您提供彈性地在集區與單一資料庫之間暫時移動最忙碌的資料庫,作為一般作業 (在相同的區域和效能層級) 的一部分,而不會失去保留容量優勢。SQL Database reserved capacity also provides you with the flexibility to temporarily move your hot databases between pools and single databases as part of your normal operations (within the same region and performance tier) without losing the reserved capacity benefit. 透過在保留區中保留未套用的緩衝區,您可以在不超出您預算的情況下有效地管理效能高峰。By keeping an un-applied buffer in your reservation, you can effectively manage the performance spikes without exceeding your budget.


您不能保留以 DTU 為基礎的(basic、standard 或 premium) SQL 資料庫。You cannot reserve DTU-based (basic, standard, or premium) SQL databases.

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後續步驟Next steps

虛擬核心保留容量折扣會自動套用至符合 SQL Database 保留容量範圍和屬性的 SQL Database 執行個體數目。The vCore reservation discount is applied automatically to the number of SQL Database instances that match the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation scope and attributes. 您可以透過 Azure 入口網站、PowerShell、CLI 或 API 來更新 SQL Database 保留容量的範圍。You can update the scope of the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation through Azure portal, PowerShell, CLI or through the API.

若要了解如何管理 SQL Database 保留的容量保留,請參閱管理 SQL Database 保留容量To learn how to manage the SQL Database reserved capacity reservation, see manage SQL Database reserved capacity.

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