Azure Blob 儲存體中的變更摘要支援(預覽)Change feed support in Azure Blob Storage (Preview)

變更摘要的目的是要為儲存體帳戶中 blob 和 blob 中繼資料所發生的所有變更提供交易記錄。The purpose of the change feed is to provide transaction logs of all the changes that occur to the blobs and the blob metadata in your storage account. 變更摘要會提供這些變更的已排序保證持久不可變唯讀記錄。The change feed provides ordered, guaranteed, durable, immutable, read-only log of these changes. 用戶端應用程式可以隨時在串流處理或批次模式中讀取這些記錄。Client applications can read these logs at any time, either in streaming or in batch mode. 變更摘要可讓您建立有效率且可調整的解決方案,以低成本處理 Blob 儲存體帳戶中發生的變更事件。The change feed enables you to build efficient and scalable solutions that process change events that occur in your Blob Storage account at a low cost.


具有階層命名空間(Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2)的帳戶尚未支援這項功能。This feature is not yet supported in accounts that have a hierarchical namespace (Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2). 若要深入瞭解,請參閱Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 中提供的 Blob 儲存體功能To learn more, see Blob storage features available in Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

變更摘要會以blob的形式儲存在儲存體帳戶的特殊容器中,以標準blob 定價成本為限。The change feed is stored as blobs in a special container in your storage account at standard blob pricing cost. 您可以根據您的需求來控制這些檔案的保留期限(請參閱目前版本的條件)。You can control the retention period of these files based on your requirements (See the conditions of the current release). 變更事件會以Apache Avro格式規格的記錄形式附加至變更摘要,這是精簡、快速的二進位格式,可使用內嵌架構提供豐富的資料結構。Change events are appended to the change feed as records in the Apache Avro format specification: a compact, fast, binary format that provides rich data structures with inline schema. 此格式廣泛運用在 Hadoop 生態系統、串流分析和 Azure Data Factory。This format is widely used in the Hadoop ecosystem, Stream Analytics, and Azure Data Factory.

您可以非同步或完整地處理這些記錄。You can process these logs asynchronously, incrementally or in-full. 任何數目的用戶端應用程式都可以依自己的步調,以平行方式獨立讀取變更摘要。Any number of client applications can independently read the change feed, in parallel, and at their own pace. Apache切入或Apache Spark之類的分析應用程式可以直接取用記錄檔(例如 Avro 檔案),讓您以低成本的方式處理這些檔案,並具有高頻寬,而不需要撰寫自訂應用程式。Analytics applications such as Apache Drill or Apache Spark can consume logs directly as Avro files, which let you process them at a low-cost, with high-bandwidth, and without having to write a custom application.

變更摘要支援非常適用于根據已變更物件來處理資料的案例。Change feed support is well-suited for scenarios that process data based on objects that have changed. 例如,應用程式可以:For example, applications can:

  • 更新次要索引、與快取、搜尋引擎或任何其他內容管理案例進行同步處理。Update a secondary index, synchronize with a cache, search-engine, or any other content-management scenarios.

  • 根據物件發生的變更,以資料流程方式或批次模式,將商務分析見解和計量解壓縮。Extract business analytics insights and metrics, based on changes that occur to your objects, either in a streaming manner or batched mode.

  • 針對安全性、合規性或企業資料管理的智慧,儲存、審查和分析物件的變更。Store, audit, and analyze changes to your objects, over any period of time, for security, compliance or intelligence for enterprise data management.

  • 建立解決方案來備份、鏡像或複寫您帳戶中的物件狀態,以進行嚴重損壞的管理或合規性。Build solutions to backup, mirror, or replicate object state in your account for disaster management or compliance.

  • 建立連接的應用程式管線,以根據所建立或變更的物件來回應變更事件或排程執行。Build connected application pipelines that react to change events or schedule executions based on created or changed object.

變更摘要是區塊 blob 的時間點還原的必要條件功能。Change feed is a prerequisite feature for Point-in-time restore for block blobs.


變更摘要為 blob 所發生的變更提供持久、已排序的記錄模型。Change feed provides a durable, ordered log model of the changes that occur to a blob. 變更會以幾分鐘的時間,在變更摘要記錄檔中寫入並提供使用。Changes are written and made available in your change feed log within an order of a few minutes of the change. 如果您的應用程式必須更快速地回應事件,請考慮改為使用Blob 儲存體事件If your application has to react to events much quicker than this, consider using Blob Storage events instead. Blob 儲存體事件會提供即時的一次性事件,讓您的 Azure Functions 或應用程式能夠快速回應 Blob 所發生的變更。Blob Storage Events provides real-time one-time events which enable your Azure Functions or applications to quickly react to changes that occur to a blob.

啟用和停用變更摘要Enable and disable the change feed

您必須啟用儲存體帳戶上的變更摘要,才能開始捕獲和記錄變更。You must enable the change feed on your storage account to begin capturing and recording changes. 停用變更摘要以停止捕獲變更。Disable the change feed to stop capturing changes. 您可以使用入口網站或 PowerShell 上 Azure Resource Manager 範本來啟用及停用變更。You can enable and disable changes by using Azure Resource Manager templates on Portal or PowerShell.

當您啟用變更摘要時,請記住以下幾點。Here's a few things to keep in mind when you enable the change feed.

  • 每個儲存體帳戶中的 blob 服務只有一個變更摘要,而且儲存在 $blobchangefeed容器中。There's only one change feed for the blob service in each storage account and is stored in the $blobchangefeed container.

  • 建立、更新和刪除變更只會在 blob 服務層級上捕捉。Create, Update, and Delete changes are captured only at the blob service level.

  • 變更摘要會針對帳戶上發生的所有可用事件,捕捉所有的變更。The change feed captures all of the changes for all of the available events that occur on the account. 用戶端應用程式可以視需要篩選掉事件種類。Client applications can filter out event types as required. (請參閱目前版本的條件)。(See the conditions of the current release).

  • 只有 GPv2 和 Blob 儲存體帳戶可以啟用變更摘要。Only GPv2 and Blob storage accounts can enable Change feed. 目前不支援 Premium BlockBlobStorage 帳戶和已啟用階層命名空間的帳戶。Premium BlockBlobStorage accounts, and hierarchical namespace enabled accounts are not currently supported. 不支援 GPv1 儲存體帳戶,但可在不停機的情況下升級至 GPv2,如需詳細資訊,請參閱升級至 GPv2 儲存體帳戶GPv1 storage accounts are not supported but can be upgraded to GPv2 with no downtime, see Upgrade to a GPv2 storage account for more information.


變更摘要處於公開預覽狀態,並可在美國中西部美國西部 2法國中部法國南部加拿大中部加拿大東部區域中取得。The change feed is in public preview, and is available in the West Central US, West US 2, France Central, France South, Canada Central, and Canada East regions. 請參閱本文的條件一節。See the conditions section of this article. 若要註冊預覽,請參閱本文的註冊您的訂用帳戶一節。To enroll in the preview, see the Register your subscription section of this article. 您必須先註冊您的訂用帳戶,才能在您的儲存體帳戶上啟用變更摘要。You must register your subscription before you can enable change feed on your storage accounts.

使用 Azure 入口網站,在您的儲存體帳戶上啟用變更摘要:Enable change feed on your storage account by using Azure portal:

  1. 在 [ Azure 入口網站中,選取您的儲存體帳戶。In the Azure portal, select your storage account.

  2. 流覽至 [ Blob 服務] 底下的 [資料保護] 選項。Navigate to the Data Protection option under Blob Service.

  3. 按一下 [ Blob 變更摘要] 底下的 [已啟用]。Click Enabled under Blob change feed.

  4. 選擇 [儲存] 按鈕以確認您的資料保護設定。Choose the Save button to confirm your Data Protection settings.

使用變更摘要Consume the change feed

變更摘要會產生數個中繼資料和記錄檔。The change feed produces several metadata and log files. 這些檔案位於儲存體帳戶的 $blobchangefeed容器中。These files are located in the $blobchangefeed container of the storage account.


在目前的版本中,Azure 儲存體總管或 Azure 入口網站中看不到 $blobchangefeed容器。In the current release, the $blobchangefeed container is not visible in Azure Storage Explorer or the Azure portal. 當您呼叫 ListContainers API 時,您目前無法看到 $blobchangefeed 容器,但您可以直接在容器上呼叫 ListBlobs API 來查看 blob。You currently cannot see the $blobchangefeed container when you call ListContainers API but you are able to call the ListBlobs API directly on the container to see the blobs.

您的用戶端應用程式可以使用變更摘要處理器 SDK 所提供的 blob 變更摘要處理器程式庫來取用變更摘要。Your client applications can consume the change feed by using the blob change feed processor library that is provided with the Change feed processor SDK.

請參閱Azure Blob 儲存體中的處理變更摘要記錄See Process change feed logs in Azure Blob Storage.

瞭解變更摘要組織Understand change feed organization


變更摘要是組織成*每小時***區段,但每隔幾分鐘就會附加和更新的變更記錄。The change feed is a log of changes that are organized into hourly segments but appended to and updated every few minutes. 只有當該小時內發生 blob 變更事件時,才會建立這些區段。These segments are created only when there are blob change events that occur in that hour. 這可讓您的用戶端應用程式取用在特定時間範圍內發生的變更,而不需要搜尋整個記錄檔。This enables your client application to consume changes that occur within specific ranges of time without having to search through the entire log. 若要深入瞭解,請參閱規格To learn more, see the Specifications.

變更摘要的可用小時區段會在指定該區段變更摘要檔案路徑的資訊清單檔中描述。An available hourly segment of the change feed is described in a manifest file that specifies the paths to the change feed files for that segment. 虛擬目錄的清單會 $blobchangefeed/idx/segments/ 顯示依時間排序的這些區段。The listing of the $blobchangefeed/idx/segments/ virtual directory shows these segments ordered by time. 區段的路徑描述區段所代表之每小時時間範圍的開始。The path of the segment describes the start of the hourly time-range that the segment represents. 您可以使用該清單來篩選出您感利率的記錄區段。You can use that list to filter out the segments of logs that are interest to you.

Name                                                                    Blob Type    Blob Tier      Length  Content Type    
----------------------------------------------------------------------  -----------  -----------  --------  ----------------
$blobchangefeed/idx/segments/1601/01/01/0000/meta.json                  BlockBlob                      584  application/json
$blobchangefeed/idx/segments/2019/02/22/1810/meta.json                  BlockBlob                      584  application/json
$blobchangefeed/idx/segments/2019/02/22/1910/meta.json                  BlockBlob                      584  application/json
$blobchangefeed/idx/segments/2019/02/23/0110/meta.json                  BlockBlob                      584  application/json


$blobchangefeed/idx/segments/1601/01/01/0000/meta.json當您啟用變更摘要時,會自動建立。The $blobchangefeed/idx/segments/1601/01/01/0000/meta.json is automatically created when you enable the change feed. 您可以放心地忽略此檔案。You can safely ignore this file. 這是一律是空的初始化檔。It is an always empty initialization file.

區段資訊清單檔案( meta.json )會顯示內容中該區段的變更摘要檔案路徑 chunkFilePathsThe segment manifest file (meta.json) shows the path of the change feed files for that segment in the chunkFilePaths property. 以下是區段資訊清單檔案的範例。Here's an example of a segment manifest file.

    "version": 0,
    "begin": "2019-02-22T18:10:00.000Z",
    "intervalSecs": 3600,
    "status": "Finalized",
    "config": {
        "version": 0,
        "configVersionEtag": "0x8d698f0fba563db",
        "numShards": 2,
        "recordsFormat": "avro",
        "formatSchemaVersion": 1,
        "shardDistFnVersion": 1
    "chunkFilePaths": [
    "storageDiagnostics": {
        "version": 0,
        "lastModifiedTime": "2019-02-22T18:11:01.187Z",
        "data": {
            "aid": "55e507bf-8006-0000-00d9-ca346706b70c"


$blobchangefeed只有在您已啟用帳戶的變更摘要功能之後,容器才會出現。The $blobchangefeed container appears only after you've enabled the change feed feature on your account. 在您啟用變更摘要之後,您必須等候幾分鐘的時間,才能列出容器中的 blob。You'll have to wait a few minutes after you enable the change feed before you can list the blobs in the container.

變更事件記錄Change event records

變更摘要檔案包含一系列的變更事件記錄。The change feed files contain a series of change event records. 每個變更事件記錄都會對應到個別 blob 的一項變更。Each change event record corresponds to one change to an individual blob. 這些記錄會使用Apache Avro格式規格進行序列化並寫入檔案。The records are serialized and written to the file using the Apache Avro format specification. 您可以使用 Avro 檔案格式規格來讀取記錄。The records can be read by using the Avro file format specification. 有數個程式庫可用來處理該格式的檔案。There are several libraries available to process files in that format.

變更摘要檔案會以 $blobchangefeed/log/ 附加 blob的形式儲存在虛擬目錄中。Change feed files are stored in the $blobchangefeed/log/ virtual directory as append blobs. 每個路徑下的第一個變更摘要檔案會包含 00000 檔案名中的(例如 00000.avro )。The first change feed file under each path will have 00000 in the file name (For example 00000.avro). 每個新增至該路徑的後續記錄檔名稱會遞增1(例如: 00001.avro )。The name of each subsequent log file added to that path will increment by 1 (For example: 00001.avro).

下列事件種類會在變更摘要記錄中捕捉:The following event types are captured in the Change feed records:

  • BlobDeletedBlobDeleted
  • BlobPropertiesUpdatedBlobPropertiesUpdated
  • BlobSnapshotCreatedBlobSnapshotCreated

以下是從變更摘要檔案轉換為 Json 的變更事件記錄範例。Here's an example of change event record from change feed file converted to Json.

     "schemaVersion": 1,
     "topic": "/subscriptions/dd40261b-437d-43d0-86cf-ef222b78fd15/resourceGroups/sadodd/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/mytestaccount",
     "subject": "/blobServices/default/containers/mytestcontainer/blobs/mytestblob",
     "eventType": "BlobCreated",
     "eventTime": "2019-02-22T18:12:01.079Z",
     "id": "55e5531f-8006-0000-00da-ca3467000000",
     "data": {
         "api": "PutBlob",
         "clientRequestId": "edf598f4-e501-4750-a3ba-9752bb22df39",
         "requestId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
         "etag": "0x8D698F13DCB47F6",
         "contentType": "application/octet-stream",
         "contentLength": 128,
         "blobType": "BlockBlob",
         "url": "",
         "sequencer": "000000000000000100000000000000060000000000006d8a",
         "storageDiagnostics": {
             "bid": "11cda41c-13d8-49c9-b7b6-bc55c41b3e75",
             "seq": "(6,5614,28042,28038)",
             "sid": "591651bd-8eb3-c864-1001-fcd187be3efd"

如需每個屬性的說明,請參閱適用于 Blob 儲存體的 Azure Event Grid 事件架構For a description of each property, see Azure Event Grid event schema for Blob Storage. BlobPropertiesUpdated 和 BlobSnapshotCreated 事件目前僅限於變更摘要,但 Blob 儲存體事件尚不支援。The BlobPropertiesUpdated and BlobSnapshotCreated events are currently exclusive to Change feed and not yet supported for Blob Storage Events.


區段的變更摘要檔案不會立即在區段建立後出現。The change feed files for a segment don't immediately appear after a segment is created. 延遲的長度是在變更摘要發佈延遲的標準間隔內,在變更摘要的幾分鐘內。The length of delay is within the normal interval of publishing latency of the change feed which is within a few minutes of the change.


  • 變更事件記錄只會附加至變更摘要。Change events records are only appended to the change feed. 一旦附加這些記錄,它們就是不可變的,且記錄位置是穩定的。Once these records are appended, they are immutable and record-position is stable. 用戶端應用程式可以在變更摘要的讀取位置維護自己的檢查點。Client applications can maintain their own checkpoint on the read position of the change feed.

  • 變更事件記錄會附加到變更幾分鐘的順序中。Change event records are appended within an order of few minutes of the change. 用戶端應用程式可以選擇取用記錄,因為它們會針對串流存取而附加,或在任何其他時間大量地使用。Client applications can choose to consume records as they are appended for streaming access or in bulk at any other time.

  • 變更事件記錄是依每個 blob的修改順序排序。Change event records are ordered by modification order per blob. 在 Azure Blob 儲存體中,未定義跨 blob 的變更順序。Order of changes across blobs is undefined in Azure Blob Storage. 先前區段中的所有變更都會在後續區段中的任何變更之前。All changes in a prior segment are before any changes in subsequent segments.

  • 變更事件記錄會使用Apache Avro 1.8.2格式規格序列化成記錄檔。Change event records are serialized into the log file by using the Apache Avro 1.8.2 format specification.

  • 變更事件記錄,其中的 eventType 值為 Control 內部系統記錄,而且不會反映您帳戶中的物件變更。Change event records where the eventType has a value of Control are internal system records and don't reflect a change to objects in your account. 您可以放心地忽略那些記錄。You can safely ignore those records.

  • 屬性包中的值 storageDiagnonstics 僅供內部使用,不適合應用程式使用。Values in the storageDiagnonstics property bag are for internal use only and not designed for use by your application. 您的應用程式不應對該資料具有合約相關性。Your applications shouldn't have a contractual dependency on that data. 您可以放心地忽略這些屬性。You can safely ignore those properties.

  • 區段所表示的時間大約為15分鐘的界限。The time represented by the segment is approximate with bounds of 15 minutes. 因此,為了確保在指定的時間內,所有記錄的耗用量,會耗用連續的上一個和下一個小時區段。So to ensure consumption of all records within a specified time, consume the consecutive previous and next hour segment.

  • chunkFilePaths由於記錄資料流程的內部資料分割可管理發佈輸送量,每個區段的數目可能會不同。Each segment can have a different number of chunkFilePaths due to internal partitioning of the log stream to manage publishing throughput. 每個中的記錄檔 chunkFilePath 保證會包含互斥的 blob,而且可以平行取用和處理,而不會違反反覆運算期間每個 blob 的修改順序。The log files in each chunkFilePath are guaranteed to contain mutually exclusive blobs, and can be consumed and processed in parallel without violating the ordering of modifications per blob during the iteration.

  • 區段會以狀態開始 PublishingThe Segments start out in Publishing status. 一旦將記錄附加至區段完成後,就會是 FinalizedOnce the appending of the records to the segment is complete, it will be Finalized. LastConsumable $blobchangefeed/meta/Segments.json 您的應用程式不應使用在檔案中的屬性日期之後的任何區段中的記錄檔。Log files in any segment that is dated after the date of the LastConsumable property in the $blobchangefeed/meta/Segments.json file, should not be consumed by your application. 以下是檔案 LastConsumable 中的屬性範例 $blobchangefeed/meta/Segments.jsonHere's an example of the LastConsumableproperty in a $blobchangefeed/meta/Segments.json file:

    "version": 0,
    "lastConsumable": "2019-02-23T01:10:00.000Z",
    "storageDiagnostics": {
        "version": 0,
        "lastModifiedTime": "2019-02-23T02:24:00.556Z",
        "data": {
            "aid": "55e551e3-8006-0000-00da-ca346706bfe4",
            "lfz": "2019-02-22T19:10:00.000Z"

註冊您的訂用帳戶(預覽)Register your subscription (Preview)

因為變更摘要僅適用于公開預覽,所以您必須註冊您的訂用帳戶才能使用此功能。Because the change feed is only in public preview, you'll need to register your subscription to use the feature.

使用 PowerShell 進行註冊Register by using PowerShell

在 PowerShell 主控台中,執行下列命令:In a PowerShell console, run these commands:

Register-AzProviderFeature -FeatureName Changefeed -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Storage
Register-AzResourceProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.Storage

使用 Azure CLI 進行註冊Register by using Azure CLI

在 Azure Cloud Shell 中,執行下列命令:In Azure Cloud Shell, run these commands:

az feature register --namespace Microsoft.Storage --name Changefeed
az provider register --namespace 'Microsoft.Storage'

條件和已知問題(預覽)Conditions and known issues (Preview)

本節說明變更摘要目前公開預覽版中的已知問題和條件。This section describes known issues and conditions in the current public preview of the change feed.

  • 針對預覽版本,您必須先註冊您的訂用帳戶,才能在美國中西部、美國西部2、法國中部、法國南部、加拿大中部和加拿大東部區域中啟用儲存體帳戶的變更摘要。For preview, you must first register your subscription before you can enable change feed for your storage account in the West Central US, West US 2, France Central, France South, Canada Central, and Canada East regions.
  • 變更摘要只會捕捉建立、更新、刪除和複製作業。The change feed captures only create, update, delete, and copy operations. 也會捕捉 Blob 屬性和中繼資料變更。Blob property and metadata changes are also captured. 不過,目前未捕捉到 [存取層] 屬性。However the access tier property is not currently captured.
  • 變更任何單一變更的事件記錄,可能會在變更摘要中出現一次以上。Change event records for any single change might appear more than once in your change feed.
  • 您還無法藉由在其上設定以時間為基礎的保留原則,而無法刪除 blob,來管理變更摘要記錄檔的存留期。You can't yet manage the lifetime of change feed log files by setting time-based retention policy on them and you cannot delete the blobs.
  • 記錄檔的 url 屬性目前一律是空的。The url property of the log file is currently always empty.
  • LastConsumable區段. json 檔案的屬性不會列出變更摘要最終完成的第一個區段。The LastConsumable property of the segments.json file does not list the very first segment that the change feed finalizes. 只有在第一個區段完成後,才會發生此問題。This issue occurs only after the first segment is finalized. 第一個小時之後的所有後續區段會正確地在 LastConsumable 屬性中捕捉。All subsequent segments after the first hour are accurately captured in the LastConsumable property.
  • 當您呼叫 ListContainers API 時,您目前無法看到 $blobchangefeed容器,而且容器不會顯示在 Azure 入口網站或儲存體總管上。You currently cannot see the $blobchangefeed container when you call ListContainers API and the container does not show up on Azure portal or Storage Explorer. 您可以直接在 $blobchangefeed 容器上呼叫 ListBlobs API 來查看內容。You can view the contents by calling the ListBlobs API on the $blobchangefeed container directly.
  • 先前已起始帳戶容錯移轉的儲存體帳戶,可能會有記錄檔未出現的問題。Storage accounts that have previously initiated an account failover may have issues with the log file not appearing. 任何未來的帳戶容錯移轉也可能會在預覽期間影響記錄檔。Any future account failovers may also impact the log file during preview.


變更摘要和儲存體分析記錄之間的差異為何?What is the difference between Change feed and Storage Analytics logging?

分析記錄具有所有讀取、寫入、列出和刪除作業的記錄,其中包含所有作業的成功和失敗要求。Analytics logs have records of all read, write, list, and delete operations with successful and failed requests across all operations. 分析記錄是最理想的做法,不保證任何順序。Analytics logs are best-effort and no ordering is guaranteed.

「變更摘要」是一種解決方案,可提供成功變化的交易式記錄,或變更您的帳戶,例如建立、修改和刪除 blob。Change feed is a solution that provides transactional log of successful mutations or changes to your account such as blob creation, modification, and deletions. 變更摘要可保證所有事件都會以每個 blob 的成功變更順序來記錄和顯示,因此您不需要從大量讀取作業或失敗的要求中篩選出雜訊。Change feed guarantees all events to be recorded and displayed in the order of successful changes per blob, thus you do not have to filter out noise from a huge volume of read operations or failed requests. 變更摘要基本上是針對需要特定保證的應用程式開發而設計和優化的。Change feed is fundamentally designed and optimized for application development that require certain guarantees.

我應該使用變更摘要或儲存體事件嗎?Should I use Change feed or Storage events?

您可以利用這兩種功能作為變更摘要和Blob 儲存體事件,以相同的傳遞可靠性保證提供相同的資訊,主要差異在於事件記錄的延遲、排序和儲存。You can leverage both features as Change feed and Blob storage events provide the same information with the same delivery reliability guarantee, with the main difference being the latency, ordering, and storage of event records. 變更摘要會在幾分鐘內將記錄發佈到記錄檔,同時也可保證每個 blob 的變更作業順序。Change feed publishes records to the log within few minutes of the change and also guarantees the order of change operations per blob. 儲存體事件會即時推送,而且可能不會進行排序。Storage events are pushed in real time and might not be ordered. 變更摘要事件會永久儲存在您的儲存體帳戶內,做為您自己定義的保留期的唯讀穩定記錄,而儲存體事件則是由事件處理常式使用的暫時性,除非您明確地儲存它們。Change feed events are durably stored inside your storage account as read-only stable logs with your own defined retention, while storage events are transient to be consumed by the event handler unless you explicitly store them. 使用變更摘要時,任何數目的應用程式都可以使用 blob Api 或 Sdk,以自己的便利性取用記錄。With Change feed, any number of your applications can consume the logs at their own convenience using blob APIs or SDKs.

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