什麼是 Azure 檔案服務?What is Azure Files?

Azure 檔案儲存體提供雲端中完全受控的檔案共用,可透過業界標準伺服器訊息區 (SMB) 通訊協定網路檔案系統 (NFS) 通訊協定來存取。Azure Files offers fully managed file shares in the cloud that are accessible via the industry standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol or Network File System (NFS) protocol. 雲端部署或內部部署可同時掛接 Azure 檔案共用。Azure file shares can be mounted concurrently by cloud or on-premises deployments. 您可以從 Windows、Linux 和 macOS 用戶端存取 Azure 檔案儲存體 SMB 檔案共用。Azure Files SMB file shares are accessible from Windows, Linux, and macOS clients. 也可以從 Linux 或 macOS 用戶端存取 Azure 檔案儲存體 NFS 檔案共用。Azure Files NFS file shares are accessible from Linux or macOS clients. 此外,透過 Azure 檔案儲存體 SMB 檔案共用可以在 Windows Server 上快取 Azure 檔案同步,以便在資料的使用位置附近快速存取。Additionally, Azure Files SMB file shares can be cached on Windows Servers with Azure File Sync for fast access near where the data is being used.


Azure 檔案同步簡介Introducing Azure File Sync 同步的 Azure 檔案儲存體 (Ignite 2019)Azure Files with Sync (Ignite 2019)
介紹 Azure 檔案同步影片的螢幕錄製影片 - 按一下以播放!Screencast of the Introducing Azure File Sync video - click to play! Azure 檔案同步簡報的螢幕錄製影片 - 按一下以播放!Screencast of the Azure Files with Sync presentation - click to play!

以下是一些 Azure 檔案儲存體常見的使用案例影片:Here are some videos on the common use cases of Azure Files:

Azure 檔案服務為何很實用Why Azure Files is useful

Azure 檔案共用可以用來:Azure file shares can be used to:

  • 取代或補充內部部署檔案伺服器Replace or supplement on-premises file servers:
    Azure 檔案服務可用來完全取代或補充傳統內部部署檔案伺服器或 NAS 裝置。Azure Files can be used to completely replace or supplement traditional on-premises file servers or NAS devices. 無論身在何處,熱門作業系統 (例如 Windows、macOS 和 Linux) 都可以直接掛接 Azure 檔案共用。Popular operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux can directly mount Azure file shares wherever they are in the world. 透過 Azure 檔案 SMB 檔案共用,也可以將 Azure 檔案同步複寫到 Windows Server (在內部部署環境或雲端),從而在資料的使用位置進行高效能和分散式快取。Azure File SMB file shares can also be replicated with Azure File Sync to Windows Servers, either on-premises or in the cloud, for performance and distributed caching of the data where it's being used. 使用最新版本的 Azure 檔案儲存體 AD 驗證,Azure 檔案 SMB 檔案共用可以繼續使用已裝載 AD 的內部部署進行存取控制。With the recent release of Azure Files AD Authentication, Azure File SMB file shares can continue to work with AD hosted on-premises for access control.

  • 「原形移轉」應用程式"Lift and shift" applications:
    Azure 檔案服務可讓您輕易將預期檔案共用會儲存檔案應用程式或使用者資料的應用程式「原形移轉」到雲端。Azure Files makes it easy to "lift and shift" applications to the cloud that expect a file share to store file application or user data. Azure 檔案服務可支援「傳統」原形移轉案例 (其中的應用程式及其資料會移至 Azure),和「混合式」原形移轉案例 (其中的應用程式資料會移至 Azure 檔案服務,而應用程式會繼續在內部部署環境執行)。Azure Files enables both the "classic" lift and shift scenario, where both the application and its data are moved to Azure, and the "hybrid" lift and shift scenario, where the application data is moved to Azure Files, and the application continues to run on-premises.

  • 簡化雲端開發Simplify cloud development:
    Azure 檔案服務也可透過數種使用方式來簡化新的雲端開發專案。Azure Files can also be used in numerous ways to simplify new cloud development projects. 例如:For example:

    • 共用的應用程式設定Shared application settings:
      分散式應用程式的常見模式是將組態檔放在一個集中的位置,這些應用程式可從許多應用程式執行個體進行存取。A common pattern for distributed applications is to have configuration files in a centralized location where they can be accessed from many application instances. 應用程式執行個體可透過 File REST API 載入其組態,而使用者可藉由在本機掛接 SMB 共用來視需要進行存取。Application instances can load their configuration through the File REST API, and humans can access them as needed by mounting the SMB share locally.

    • 診斷共用Diagnostic share:
      Azure 檔案共用是便於雲端應用程式寫入其記錄、計量和損毀傾印的地方。An Azure file share is a convenient place for cloud applications to write their logs, metrics, and crash dumps. 應用程式執行個體可以透過 File REST API 寫入記錄,而開發人員可藉由在其本機電腦上掛接檔案共用來存取記錄。Logs can be written by the application instances via the File REST API, and developers can access them by mounting the file share on their local machine. 這可提供更多的彈性,因為開發人員可以採用雲端開發,而不必放棄任何其熟悉且喜愛的現有工具。This enables great flexibility, as developers can embrace cloud development without having to abandon any existing tooling they know and love.

    • 開發/測試/偵錯Dev/Test/Debug:
      當開發人員或系統管理員在雲端的 VM 上執行作業時,他們通常需要一組工具或公用程式。When developers or administrators are working on VMs in the cloud, they often need a set of tools or utilities. 將這類公用程式和工具複製到每個 VM,可能是費時的練習。Copying such utilities and tools to each VM can be a time consuming exercise. 開發人員和系統管理員可藉由在 VM 本機掛接 Azure 檔案共用,快速存取其工具和公用程式 (不需要複製)。By mounting an Azure file share locally on the VMs, a developer and administrator can quickly access their tools and utilities, no copying required.

  • 容器化Containerization:
    Azure 檔案共用可以用作具狀態容器的永久性磁碟區。Azure file shares can be used as persistent volumes for stateful containers. 容器提供「組建一次,隨處執行」功能,可讓開發人員加速創新。Containers deliver "build once, run anywhere" capabilities that enable developers to accelerate innovation. 對於在每次啟動時存取原始資料的容器,需有共用檔案系統,才能讓這些容器存取檔案系統,不論其執行所在的執行個體為何。For the containers that access raw data at every start, a shared file system is required to allow these containers to access the file system no matter which instance they run on.

主要權益Key benefits

  • 共用存取Shared access. Azure 檔案共用支援業界標準 SMB 及 NFS 通訊協定,這表示您可以順暢地使用 Azure 檔案共用取代內部檔案共用,而不需擔心應用程式相容性。Azure file shares support the industry standard SMB and NFS protocols, meaning you can seamlessly replace your on-premises file shares with Azure file shares without worrying about application compatibility. 能夠跨多部電腦和應用程式/執行個體共用檔案系統,是 Azure 檔案服務的重大優勢,尤其是針對需要共用能力的應用程式。Being able to share a file system across multiple machines, applications/instances is a significant advantage with Azure Files for applications that need shareability.
  • 完全受控Fully managed. 不需要管理硬體或作業系統就可以建立 Azure 檔案共用。Azure file shares can be created without the need to manage hardware or an OS. 這表示您不必透過重大安全性升級或替換故障硬碟來處理修補伺服器作業系統。This means you don't have to deal with patching the server OS with critical security upgrades or replacing faulty hard disks.
  • 指令碼和工具Scripting and tooling. 管理 Azure 應用程式時,可以使用 PowerShell Cmdlet 和 Azure CLI 來建立、掛接和管理 Azure 檔案共用。PowerShell cmdlets and Azure CLI can be used to create, mount, and manage Azure file shares as part of the administration of Azure applications. 您可以使用 Azure 入口網站和 Azure 儲存體總管來建立和管理 Azure 檔案共用。You can create and manage Azure file shares using Azure portal and Azure Storage Explorer.
  • 復原功能Resiliency. Azure 檔案服務已從頭建置,可讓您隨時使用。Azure Files has been built from the ground up to be always available. 使用 Azure 檔案服務取代內部部署檔案共用,表示您不再需要被吵醒去處理本機電源中斷或網路問題。Replacing on-premises file shares with Azure Files means you no longer have to wake up to deal with local power outages or network issues.
  • 熟悉的可程式性Familiar programmability. Azure 中執行的應用程式可透過檔案系統 I/O API 來存取共用中的資料。Applications running in Azure can access data in the share via file system I/O APIs. 因此,開發人員可利用現有的程式碼和技能來移轉現有的應用程式。Developers can therefore leverage their existing code and skills to migrate existing applications. 除了系統 IO API,您也可以使用 Azure 儲存體用戶端程式庫Azure 儲存體的 REST APIIn addition to System IO APIs, you can use Azure Storage Client Libraries or the Azure Storage REST API.

後續步驟Next Steps