Azure 突觸分析中資料倉儲的設計決策和編碼技術Design decisions and coding techniques for a data warehouse in Azure Synapse Analytics

在本文中,您將找到其他資源,以説明您更好地瞭解 Azure Synapse 中資料倉儲的關鍵設計決策、建議和編碼技術。In this article, you'll find additional resources to help you better understand key design decisions, recommendations, and coding techniques for a data warehouse in Azure Synapse.

主要的設計決策Key design decisions

以下文章重點介紹了使用 Azure Synaps 中的 SQL 分析功能開發分散式資料倉儲的概念和設計決策:The following articles highlight concepts and design decisions for developing a distributed data warehouse using the SQL Analytics capability in Azure Synapse:

開發建議和程式碼撰寫技術Development recommendations and coding techniques

以下文章介紹使用 SQL Analytics 開發資料倉儲的特定編碼技術、提示和建議:The following articles feature specific coding techniques, tips, and recommendations for developing a data warehouse with SQL Analytics:

後續步驟Next steps

有關詳細資訊參考,請參閱T-SQL 語句For more reference information, see T-SQL statements.