Azure 命令列介面 (CLI)Azure Command-Line Interface (CLI)

Azure 命令列介面 (CLI) 是用來管理 Azure 資源的 Microsoft 跨平台命令列體驗。The Azure command-line interface (CLI) is Microsoft's cross-platform command-line experience for managing Azure resources. Azure CLI 易於學習,是建置可與 Azure 資源搭配使用之自訂自動化的最佳工具。The Azure CLI is easy to learn and the perfect tool for building custom automation that works with Azure resources.

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下載 MSI 安裝程式Download the MSI installer Ubuntu 安裝指示Ubuntu install instructions macOS 安裝指示macOS install instructions 在 Azure Cloud Shell 的瀏覽器中執行Run in your browser on Azure Cloud Shell

查看所有支援的安裝平台。See all of the supported installation platforms.

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在指令碼及 Microsoft 文件網站中,Azure CLI 範例均以 bash 殼層適用的方式撰寫。In scripts and on the Microsoft documentation site, Azure CLI examples are written for the bash shell. 單行範例可在任何平台上執行。One-line examples will run on any platform. 包含以行接續 (\) 的較長範例,或變數指派則要加以修改,以便在包括 PowerShell 等其他殼層中使用。Longer examples which include line continuations (\) or variable assignment need to be modified to work on other shells, including PowerShell.

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開始使用 Azure CLIGet Started with the Azure CLI 使用 Azure CLI 管理虛擬機器Manage virtual machines with the Azure CLI 要求功能Request features
從 GitHub 部署 Web 應用程式Deploy a web application from GitHub 使用 CLI 控制 Azure 服務Control Azure services with the CLI 請在 StackOverflow 上取得協助Get help on StackOverflow
建立 Postgres 資料庫Create a Postgres database 將應用程式連線到 Azure 儲存體Connect an application to Azure Storage 報告問題Report issues
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