Get Cortana's channel data

Cortana and skills use the message's channelData property to pass Cortana-specific data. The channelData property is an object that contains the following properties:

| Name | Type | Description | |-|-|-| | skillId | string | An ID that uniquely identifies the skill. This is regenerated for each deployment. For example, the ID may be 123 when the skill is deployed to self, and 656 when it's deployed to group. | | skillProductId | string | An ID that uniquely identifies the skill. | | isDebug | Boolean | Specifies whether Cortana is in debug mode. If true, debugging is enabled and messages are written to her canvas. For more information, see Enable debugging in Cortana. | <<<<<<< HEAD | currentAudioInfo | CurrentAudioInfo | A CurrentAudioInfo object that contains information about the audio stream that's playing. The channel data includes this property only if your skill is playing audio on a speaker-only device. For more information, see Add audio streaming to your skill.


Here's an example of the channelData object that Cortana sends.

  "skillId": "3253-fsafa-32522-afa3a",
  "skillProductId": "A7CDE-5DD1-42EA-A436-49D7365",
  "isDebug": true

In addition to using channelData to receive Cortana-specific information, you can include it in your skill's outgoing message to have Cortana launch an app or a website. For information, see Launching apps or websites from a Cortana skill.

Next steps

These are some additional types of data that Cortana can send to your skill.

Entity Purpose Refer to
DeviceInfo Determine the type of device that Cortana is running on. Determine Cortana's device type
AuthorizationToken Get the access token for secured skills. Adding Authentication to Your Cortana Skill

Cortana messages can also include user profile information. For information, see Get the user's profile and contextual information.