StackFrame2.Locals2[Boolean] StackFrame2.Locals2[Boolean] StackFrame2.Locals2[Boolean] StackFrame2.Locals2[Boolean] Property


Gets a collection of expressions that represent the locals currently known by this frame. Similar to Locals, but allows the caller to specify whether automatic evaluation of properties and implicit function calls should be performed.

 property EnvDTE::Expressions ^ Locals2[bool] { EnvDTE::Expressions ^ get(bool AllowAutoFuncEval); };
[get: System.Runtime.InteropServices.DispId(108)]
public EnvDTE.Expressions Locals2[bool AllowAutoFuncEval] { get; }
member this.Locals2(bool) : EnvDTE.Expressions
Public ReadOnly Property Locals2(AllowAutoFuncEval As Boolean) As Expressions
Boolean Boolean Boolean Boolean

Determines whether properties and implicit function calls should be automatically evaluated. true means that automatic evaluation will be performed. false means automatic evaluation will not be performed. This parameter affects the returned expressions and any children of those expressions.

Property Value


See Locals.

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