當做 COM 類別 (Class) 之全域唯一識別項 (GUID) 的包裝函式。Serves as a wrapper for a globally unique identifier (GUID) for a COM class.

此 API 支援此產品基礎結構,但無法直接用於程式碼之中。

public value class CLSID
public struct CLSID
type CLSID = struct
Public Structure CLSID


CLSID 結構會包裝 COM 類別識別碼 (CLSID) 結構, 這會作為特定 COM 類別的唯一識別碼。The CLSID structure wraps the COM class identifier (CLSID) structure, which serves as a unique identifier for a specific COM class.

CLSID 是類別識別碼的縮寫, 其方式與 GUID 是全域唯一識別碼的縮寫相同。CLSID is an abbreviation for class identifier, in the same way that GUID is an abbreviation for globally unique identifier. 這兩種縮寫都指的是128位整數, 其具有較低的統計可能性, 因此可在電腦和網路上用來做為唯一識別碼。Both abbreviations refer to a 128-bit integer with a low statistical likelihood of being duplicated so that it can be used as a unique identifier across computers and networks. 通常, 此識別碼會表示為16位成員的位元組陣列, 或是十六進位數位的特殊格式化字串 (其中, 字元 a-f 或 A-f 代表十進位數 10-15)。Typically, this identifier is represented either as a 16-member array of bytes or as a specially formatted string of hexadecimal digits (where the characters a-f, or A-F, represent the decimal numbers 10-15). 這個字串表示包含32連續的十六進位數位, 或是8、4、4、4和12個十六進位數位的群組, 並以連字號分隔。This string representation consists of either 32 contiguous hexadecimal digits or of groups of 8, 4, 4, 4, and 12 hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens. 可選擇性地以括弧或大括弧 ({}) 括住帶字元的字串標記法。The hyphenated string representation optionally can be enclosed in parentheses or braces ({}).

如需詳細資訊:For more information:

  • 關於唯一識別碼及其格式, 請參閱GuidAbout unique identifiers and their format, see Guid.

  • 使用 CLSID 結構和 Microsoft Management Console (MMC) 進行程式設計, 請參閱MMC 程式設計人員指南Programming with the CLSID structure and the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), see the MMC Programmer's Guide.