ClaimsIdentityOptions ClaimsIdentityOptions ClaimsIdentityOptions ClaimsIdentityOptions Class


Options used to configure the claim types used for well known claims.

public ref class ClaimsIdentityOptions
public class ClaimsIdentityOptions
type ClaimsIdentityOptions = class
Public Class ClaimsIdentityOptions


ClaimsIdentityOptions() ClaimsIdentityOptions() ClaimsIdentityOptions() ClaimsIdentityOptions()


RoleClaimType RoleClaimType RoleClaimType RoleClaimType

Gets or sets the ClaimType used for a Role claim. Defaults to Role.

SecurityStampClaimType SecurityStampClaimType SecurityStampClaimType SecurityStampClaimType

Gets or sets the ClaimType used for the security stamp claim. Defaults to "AspNet.Identity.SecurityStamp".

UserIdClaimType UserIdClaimType UserIdClaimType UserIdClaimType

Gets or sets the ClaimType used for the user identifier claim. Defaults to NameIdentifier.

UserNameClaimType UserNameClaimType UserNameClaimType UserNameClaimType

Gets or sets the ClaimType used for the user name claim. Defaults to Name.

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