IdentityOptions IdentityOptions IdentityOptions IdentityOptions Class


Represents all the options you can use to configure the identity system.

public ref class IdentityOptions
public class IdentityOptions
type IdentityOptions = class
Public Class IdentityOptions


IdentityOptions() IdentityOptions() IdentityOptions() IdentityOptions()


ClaimsIdentity ClaimsIdentity ClaimsIdentity ClaimsIdentity

Gets or sets the ClaimsIdentityOptions for the identity system.

Lockout Lockout Lockout Lockout

Gets or sets the LockoutOptions for the identity system.

Password Password Password Password

Gets or sets the PasswordOptions for the identity system.

SignIn SignIn SignIn SignIn

Gets or sets the SignInOptions for the identity system.

Stores Stores Stores Stores

Gets or sets the StoreOptions for the identity system.

Tokens Tokens Tokens Tokens

Gets or sets the TokenOptions for the identity system.

User User User User

Gets or sets the UserOptions for the identity system.

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