LockoutOptions LockoutOptions LockoutOptions LockoutOptions Class


Options for configuring user lockout.

public ref class LockoutOptions
public class LockoutOptions
type LockoutOptions = class
Public Class LockoutOptions


LockoutOptions() LockoutOptions() LockoutOptions() LockoutOptions()


AllowedForNewUsers AllowedForNewUsers AllowedForNewUsers AllowedForNewUsers

Gets or sets a flag indicating whether a new user can be locked out. Defaults to true.

DefaultLockoutTimeSpan DefaultLockoutTimeSpan DefaultLockoutTimeSpan DefaultLockoutTimeSpan

Gets or sets the TimeSpan a user is locked out for when a lockout occurs. Defaults to 5 minutes.

MaxFailedAccessAttempts MaxFailedAccessAttempts MaxFailedAccessAttempts MaxFailedAccessAttempts

Gets or sets the number of failed access attempts allowed before a user is locked out, assuming lock out is enabled. Defaults to 5.

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