TokenOptions TokenOptions TokenOptions TokenOptions Class


Options for user tokens.

public ref class TokenOptions
public class TokenOptions
type TokenOptions = class
Public Class TokenOptions


TokenOptions() TokenOptions() TokenOptions() TokenOptions()


DefaultAuthenticatorProvider DefaultAuthenticatorProvider DefaultAuthenticatorProvider DefaultAuthenticatorProvider

Default token provider name used by the AuthenticatorTokenProvider.

DefaultEmailProvider DefaultEmailProvider DefaultEmailProvider DefaultEmailProvider

Default token provider name used by the email provider. />.

DefaultPhoneProvider DefaultPhoneProvider DefaultPhoneProvider DefaultPhoneProvider

Default token provider name used by the phone provider. />.

DefaultProvider DefaultProvider DefaultProvider DefaultProvider

Default token provider name used by email confirmation, password reset, and change email.


AuthenticatorIssuer AuthenticatorIssuer AuthenticatorIssuer AuthenticatorIssuer

Gets or sets the issuer used for the authenticator issuer.

AuthenticatorTokenProvider AuthenticatorTokenProvider AuthenticatorTokenProvider AuthenticatorTokenProvider

Gets or sets the AuthenticatorTokenProvider used to validate two factor sign ins with an authenticator.

ChangeEmailTokenProvider ChangeEmailTokenProvider ChangeEmailTokenProvider ChangeEmailTokenProvider

Gets or sets the ChangeEmailTokenProvider used to generate tokens used in email change confirmation emails.

ChangePhoneNumberTokenProvider ChangePhoneNumberTokenProvider ChangePhoneNumberTokenProvider ChangePhoneNumberTokenProvider

Gets or sets the ChangePhoneNumberTokenProvider used to generate tokens used when changing phone numbers.

EmailConfirmationTokenProvider EmailConfirmationTokenProvider EmailConfirmationTokenProvider EmailConfirmationTokenProvider

Gets or sets the token provider used to generate tokens used in account confirmation emails.

PasswordResetTokenProvider PasswordResetTokenProvider PasswordResetTokenProvider PasswordResetTokenProvider

Gets or sets the IUserTwoFactorTokenProvider<TUser> used to generate tokens used in password reset emails.

ProviderMap ProviderMap ProviderMap ProviderMap

Will be used to construct UserTokenProviders with the key used as the providerName.

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