Microsoft.Build.Exceptions 命名空間

包含可能在建置流程期間擲回的例外狀況型別。 Contains exception types that may be thrown during the build process.



例外狀況,表示建置依照要求而中止,而不是由於其他種類的錯誤例外狀況而突然關閉的情況。An exception representing the case where the build was aborted by request, as opposed to being unceremoniously shut down due to another kind of error exception.


這個例外狀況 (Exception) 是用來包裝來自記錄器之未處理的例外狀況。This exception is used to wrap an unhandled exception from a logger. 這個例外狀況會中止建置,而且只能由 MSBuild 引擎擲回。This exception aborts the build, and it can only be thrown by the MSBuild engine.


每當使用者的 XML 專案檔發生問題時,便會擲回這個例外狀況。This exception is thrown whenever there is a problem with the user's XML project file. 可能是語意或語法方面的問題。The problem might be semantic or syntactical. 而語法方面的問題通常會藉由 XSD 驗證加以攔截 (如果是由專案寫入器所執行的話)。The latter would be of a type typically caught by XSD validation (if it was performed by the project writer).


ToolsetReaders 應該擲回的例外狀況子類別。Exception subclass that ToolsetReaders should throw.