Rule.GetPropertiesByCategory 方法


傳回分成不同類別之所有屬性的字典。Returns a dictionary of all properties partitioned into categories.

 System::Collections::Specialized::OrderedDictionary ^ GetPropertiesByCategory();
public System.Collections.Specialized.OrderedDictionary GetPropertiesByCategory ();
member this.GetPropertiesByCategory : unit -> System.Collections.Specialized.OrderedDictionary
Public Function GetPropertiesByCategory () As OrderedDictionary


傳回字典,這個字典的索引鍵是 Category 名稱,而值是該類別中的屬性清單。Returns a dictionary whose keys are the Category names and whose values are the list of properties in that category. 傳回的值絕對不會是 nullThe returned value is never null.


傳回的清單可能包含自動產生的分類。The returned list may contain auto-generated categories. BaseProperty如果(或其衍生的類別)參考未指定的屬性,則會為它產生新的類別。If a BaseProperty (or its derived classes) refer to a property that is not specified, then an new Category is generated for it. 如果沒有指定屬性的分類,則屬性會放在「一般」分類中。If no category is specified for the property, then the property is put in the "General" category.

類別目錄的清單與 XAML 檔案中所指定的完全相同。The list of categories is exactly as specified in the XAML file. 自動產生的分類會出現在指定的分類之後,但不會有嚴格的順序。The auto-generated categories come after the specified categories but in no strict order.