UndoState 列舉


UndoState 列舉描述復原管理員中的復原狀態UndoState enumeration describes state of Undo in the Undo Manager

public enum class UndoState
public enum UndoState
type UndoState = 
Public Enum UndoState


Disabled 1

已啟用復原Undo is enabled

DisabledNoFlush 2

復原: mattcur:在您自己的危險中使用此值。UNDONE: mattcur: Use this value at your own peril. 停用不進行清除的復原堆疊相當危險,而且可能會讓內部模型保持不一致。Disabling the undo stack without flushing it is extremely dangerous and can leave the internal model inconsistent. 不過,沒有真正的替代方式可保留 dirtying 的檔案,以回應影響 UI 和內部狀態,但不會影響檔檔案的變更。However, there is no real alternative for keeping files from dirtying in response to changes that affect the UI and internal state but not the document files. DisabledNoFlush 會儘快標示為過時。DisabledNoFlush will be marked as obsolete as soon as possible.

Enabled 0

已啟用復原Undo is enabled