DataObjectAttribute.Default 欄位


表示 DataObjectAttribute 類別的預設值,表示類別在設計階段適合繫結至 ObjectDataSource 物件。Represents the default value of the DataObjectAttribute class, which indicates that the class is suitable for binding to an ObjectDataSource object at design time. 此欄位為唯讀。This field is read-only.

public: static initonly System::ComponentModel::DataObjectAttribute ^ Default;
public static readonly System.ComponentModel.DataObjectAttribute Default;
 staticval mutable Default : System.ComponentModel.DataObjectAttribute
Public Shared ReadOnly Default As DataObjectAttribute 



[Default] 欄位會定義使用 DataObjectAttribute 的函式初始化之 DataObjectAttribute 類別的實例,這個類別會將 IsDataObject 屬性設定為 [true]。The Default field defines an instance of the DataObjectAttribute class initialized with the DataObjectAttribute constructor, which sets the IsDataObject property to true.