IDesignerFilter.PostFilterProperties(IDictionary) IDesignerFilter.PostFilterProperties(IDictionary) IDesignerFilter.PostFilterProperties(IDictionary) IDesignerFilter.PostFilterProperties(IDictionary) Method


在衍生類別中覆寫時,允許設計工具可以變更或移除透過 TypeDescriptor 所公開之屬性集中的項目。When overridden in a derived class, allows a designer to change or remove items from the set of properties that it exposes through a TypeDescriptor.

 void PostFilterProperties(System::Collections::IDictionary ^ properties);
public void PostFilterProperties (System.Collections.IDictionary properties);
abstract member PostFilterProperties : System.Collections.IDictionary -> unit
Public Sub PostFilterProperties (properties As IDictionary)


IDictionary IDictionary IDictionary IDictionary

PropertyDescriptor 物件,表示元件類別的屬性。The PropertyDescriptor objects that represent the properties of the class of the component. 屬性字典中的索引鍵是屬性名稱。The keys in the dictionary of properties are property names.


這個方法可讓您變更或移除透過TypeDescriptor公開的屬性字典中的專案。This method provides a way to change or remove items within the dictionary of properties that are exposed through a TypeDescriptor.

屬性字典中的索引鍵是屬性的名稱。The keys in the dictionary of properties are the names of the properties. 物件的類型PropertyDescriptor為。The objects are of type PropertyDescriptor. 這個方法會在之後PreFilterProperties立即呼叫。This method is called immediately after PreFilterProperties.


您可以直接篩選可透過properties參數存取的字典, 也可以讓它保持不變。You can directly filter the dictionary that is accessible through the properties parameter, or you can leave it unchanged. 如果您要覆寫這個方法, 請在執行自己的篩選後呼叫基底執行。If you are overriding this method, call the base implementation after you perform your own filtering.